• vProxy backup only on Data Domain?

    Hello everybody,   unfortunately I did not find an answer for this by using the search function.   The question is simple: Does a NetWorker vProxy backup require a Data Domain or can a backup reside on a ...
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  • Inconsistent Shadow Copy with System Writer

    Hey guys,   I'm having a problem with one Windows 2012 R2 client running on VMware, backing up with Networker 8.2.3.  I'm hoping you guys will be able to straighten me out, I'm about ready to format the ser...
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  • NMM 9.2 DAG doesn´t find all mailboxdatabases

    Hello,   we´re running Networker Server on W2K12R2 and upgraded our Exchange Clients to NMM 9.2. Since that Networker DAG Client isn´t able to find all MailboxDatabases and backup doesn&acut...
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  • Upgrade to NMM 9.2. DAG cannot find Mailbox Databases

    Hello,   we´re running a W2K12R2 Networker Server with Networker 9.2.1 and tried to upgrade our Exchange Node from NMM 8.2 to NMM9.2. - 1 DAG, 6 physical Exchange Nodes, several databases - DAG federated...
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  • How to get a list of all vm's backed up by networker?

    Hi All, I need the above mentioned list for reporting purposes. Has anyone idea to to extract the list, preferable with any useful attributes. I need the list in some text format in order to convert it to csv
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  • Errors in all HYPERV's registration of snapshot set failed

    For clients we seem to ge the same error message nsrsnap_vss_save:nmm.. registration of snapshot set failed -- nmm .. operation unit failed with error. Error encountered in remote agent for unit id: 256, Errorhandler...
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  • Physical or virtual NW server at DR site?

    Hi all,   Is there any requirement where you would advise a physical Networker server over a virtual?   It is for implementing a DR site and having a standby NW server in place that will be powered up in D...
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  • SQL Cluster with FCI can't backup with DDboost

    Hi all,        Can you help me, i can backup SQL Database in SQL Cluster with FCI name but it can't run with DDboost, it make backup slowly and effect to customer ?   Client OS: Windows ...
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  • Networker 8.2 Linux backup failing as file "changed during save"

    Folks   We have a backup running on an RHEL7.1 server which consistently fails with the warnings below,   -- Job Indications --- Unable to close the save session: Authentication error; why = Failed (unspe...
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  • What is the equivalent of VBA proxy appliances with vProxy?

    I am upgrading Networker to version 9.2 from version 9. As part of this I am upgrading installing vProxy as well and then will be migrating VBA policies to vProxy.   I have couple of questions about this: 1. F...
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  • db2 restore error,SQL2062N

    backup server:nw7.4.3 OS:aix 5.3 Database:db2 fixpack4 restore error message: SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media "/usr/lib/libnsrdb2.o". Reason code: "11". debug file information: 1197078#0 Sun...
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  • Can I have two different version of VBA in a single Vcenter?

    In a migration plan I have the necessity to mantain for a few months two different versione of VBA, one for NetWorker  8.2 Server and one for a NetWorker 9.0 Server.   Is this possible?
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  • Clients in VBA

    Is there a way to get a count of clients in each VBA?
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  • After Networker upgrade to 9.2.1 from 9.0.1 getting error about license

    After upgrading to Networker 9.2.1 we get error:- CLP/ELMS server for basic license information found the following: 'CLP API returned the following error code -2: associated message is 'License file corrupted". Plea...
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  • CPU Architecture PPC64-IBM Power Server with Suse Linux Installed-Networker Client.

    Dear Community,   Hope you are doing well !   Need your expertise and help on the below case where in we have SUSE Linux installed on IBM Power Server which is essentially a PPC64 Architecture. Could you p...
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  • vProxy connection fails

    Hello, In networker with v Proxy 2.0.2-36_1, sometimes (every few days/weeks) we encounter strange problem when backing up VMs from VMWare environment. The backup suddenly fails - sometimes during backup, som...
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  • Networker AlwaysON backup failure

    I was able to add the SQLCluster which has 3 nodes.   Backup is failing with Stopping Federated backup=====user does not has sufficient permissions to run the job.     I need help urgently on same. &n...
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  • savegrp doesn't honor retention settings on group definition

    I have a group defined for only one client with both Browse Policy and Retention Policy set to Month. But when I launch the command   savegrp -G groupname  it saves the saveset with the client's retention o...
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  • Oracle, NMDA and incremental forever ?

    Hello group,   I'm in need of some clarifications here, can you tell me if there is a way to implement a "forever incremental" strategy on Networker 8 (could be upgraded to 9) for Oracle 11g ? Target is a Data ...
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  • DB2 NMC recover wizard

    Dear Experts! We are backup several DB2 (version 10) databases with NW 9.1. We experienced the following: We have many databases which is configured already.(old db-s) We configured new databases on another ...
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