• Networker NVP / ESXi DUAL IP / Dedicated IP to backup.

    Hello,   trying to File level restore to a VM. We got two IP for each ESXi.   One is dedicated to Management (1Gbps), and the other network/vmkernel is dedicated for backup (10gbps). When we are doing ba...
    Jacques Marengo
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  • Reusing Tapes - Expiration

    Just looking to confirm some logic here...   If some (not all) savesets and dependencies have expired on a tape that doesn't mean that space can be reused for some backup job looking for media? Correct?   ...
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  • NetWorker global directive problems

    Hi there,   we've got a fresh installed NetWorker environment running on CentOS 7.5 Linux. We have five database servers running Oracle 10g on it. The database files are stored in the following folders: ...
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  • CIF copy from DataDomain to tape with Networker?

    Networker 8214 Windows Server 2012r2 (NMC, Nodes, server) DataDomain DD7200 OS 5443     Hello all.   Im trying to configure something to write to tape, but not quite sure how to. Here's what I have...
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  • Backup failures for Domain Controller Servers

    Hi Guys,   I have issue for quite sometimes with backup for my domain controller servers. This is traditional filesystem backup. And everytime running a full backup i have this error. I have problem with 3 serve...
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  • Networker SQL Backup Only Failing 1 Database

    Hey all, We are having an issue with one of our SQL servers, where every database except MSDB is successfully backing up. Whether using the scheduled backup jobs managed by our company's Infrastructure Team, or ma...
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  • Unable to configure MSSQL Always On DB via Client Wizard

    Hi folks,   I need to backup a MSSQL Always On Database on my NetWorker server running v9.2.   There are two hostnames of the Windows server and one listener name which has a DNS entry and is supposed to f...
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  • NetWorker release management

    NetWorker 8.1.0,5 has been released  - see NetWorker patch has been released for details.  This primary applies to folks already running 8.1 (not 8.0.w.z and 8.1SP1).
    Hrvoje Crvelin
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  • NMM 8.2.3

    Hi,   I have a little question, are the logs from Monitor tab in NMM saved anywhere? The issue I have is that anytime when I perform a database recovery, and then  restore and export into .pst file, I woul...
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  • RMAN recovery throws error :'NSR_CLIENT' was not specified

    Oracle DB: Networker: v9.2.1.0   RMAN>  show channel; RMAN configuration parameters for database with db_unique_name TEST are: CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS  'ENV=(NSR_S...
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  • Scripting level 0/1 (full/incr) networker backups in oracle

    I've... had a reasonable pick through the documentation.   Pretty sure with some scripting we have for backups and a cronjob I could probably make this work (check backups, days since last 0/1, have some output,...
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  • How do I remove a duplicate clone?

    I have a job in NetWorker that unintentionally cloned twice, each with different retention times. A backup was run and then two clones to tape were made. One clone tape was made with a retention of 10 years an...
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  • Networker 9.2 and SQL Backups

    Does anybody have any real-world experience using Networker 9.2 to backup SQL databases?  We are trying to decide between the Networker Module for Microsoft SQL and DD Boost for Enterprise Applications.  &n...
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  • Recovery a file from a EMC networker saveset that has expired and no longer browsable

    I need to recover some files from a EMC networker (version 7.5) backup taken on 03/05/17(mm/dd/yy) for a linux client. The browse policy is set to 1 month and the retention policy is also 1 year. As a result I was n...
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  • Client creation - Multiple version of Oracle 11g+12c on same server

    Is there anyone out there able to create client with multiple version of Oracle on same server?  We can create a client for 11g but when creating client for 12c we get "out of memory" error.  We tried both O...
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  • Time to Time DB2 Backup Faliure

    Hi,   We have Networker 9.1 that deployed on a Win 2012 R2. We are schedule a DB2 full backup on every day 3 am. Past few months we are facing the backup failure in time to time. In the every time when the backu...
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  • why Networker can't not automatically delete save set

    Hi   why Networker can't not automatically delete saveset?   when i run the command nsrim -X said: No space was recovered from device....  
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  • HotFix Installation Issue

    Hi ,   I am trying to install the hotfix - NW 7.5.x. install NW 7.5.4.x hotfix binary available at: ftp://ftp.legato.com:/pub/NetWorker/Cumulative_Hotfixes/7.5 . But while installing I am getting the error mes...
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  • please help : Filesystem for /nsr/nmc/nmcdb is 91.2% full, with 4566732 kB avail.

    The backup platform had been working steadily and in recent days additional clients were included. A few days ago we detected that the NETWORKER VIRTUAL APP was filled in the FILESYSTEM / data01 and as of that moment ...
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  • Clear old indexes in EMC Networker

    I have EMC Networker version 7.5 which backup to data domain. We backup each server with 2 backup jobs (one for full once a week and the other one for level 3 ). The disk space where indexes are stored is filling up...
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