• APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Hyper-V\xxxxxxx, - Reason: Backup to device failed.

    Backing up a hyper-v cluster with NW and NMM I have about 40 vm's  on this cluster that backup successfully. I have 15 vm's that fail every night give the error: Reason: Backup to device failed. If I...
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  • Recover image from VADP backup without VADP

    ... is there a way to get the VMDK or snapshot files from a save set and just save them local to the machine running a Networker Client?  With no VADP system?   This would be very useful.
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  • Deleted Policy in Monitoring screen

    Hello Guys,   When i delete a policy the name of the policy remains in the monitoring screen, is there any way of removing it from the monitoring screen ?   Using Networker in Windows.   Than...
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  • Netwoker Client Direct Backup not Working

    Hi,   We have the NW 9.1 deployed on a VM. OS is Win 2012 R2. We are expecting backup slowness on our DB client. It contains ~1.4 TB data. We are use the client direct for backup the data to DD. To investigate t...
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  • Networker with DD CCR to remote DD. Moving few clients to remote DD, need advice

    We are migrating a data center to a new one. The current one then will become DR. There is two DD and networker does CCR from primary to secondary. We are planning to move the second DD to the new datacenter and star...
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  • NetWorker 18.x mminfo undocumented report/query specs.

    Hi all,   Not sure if someone has come across this, I searched and couldn't find anything.   In NW 18.1.x, 'policy', 'workflow' and 'action' used as report or query specs is not documented, however they ca...
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  • Problems with EMC Networker 9.2 and Hyper-V

    Hello,   I am running EMC Networker 9.2 and am constantly having trouble when running Hyper-V backups.   My topology is as follows:   - storage node FC attached to DD, using DD Boost - Hyper-V stand...
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  • VNXe NAS Server Backup via Networker

    Dear Team,   We have Networker Server and VNXe3200 NAS Server. We want to configure Backup of this NAS server via Networker and we donot want to use NDMP option. Please share the steps how to configure NAs serve...
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  • Can you tell me what are the Best Practices for maintaining and carrying out house-keeping on the Index files ?

    Hi, The Networker Index file folder is growing near to the capacity of the drive that it is stored on. Can you tell me what are the Best Practices for maintaining and carrying out house-keeping on the Index files ?
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  • Slice bounds out of range

    Hello,   We are using Networker with vproxy 2.1.1-41. Another backups on the same host work fine. They're on the same network, I've also checked through the firewall. They don't have access problems. Wha...
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  • Backup Failure error

    I have the following error on an backup. nsrvproxy_save SYSTEM The size of proxied data written has not been set. I require some assistance to what the error is about? This is an VMWare Policy job
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  • EMC Networker 9.1 - Monitoring of the failed backup

    Hi Everyone   I'm new in the Networker world and I would like our IT Operation team be notified when a backup job is failing immediatelly from Networker. In Avamar, you can customize a profile and select which...
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  • FLR fails for vProxy and Data Domain with NAT

    Hi All   We are running a trial on Networker and are attempting to do a file level restore from VM that was backed up up to a Data Domain. The Data Domain is on a different network behind firewalls and NAT is us...
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  • Exchange Backup fails on Certain DBs after Upgrading to NMM9

    Need some advice here. We have one DAGs that worked fine previously on NMM8.2.4.11. After I upgrade to NMM, the backup fails on specific databases with the below error. The DAG consists of 24 DBs. There are 2...
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  • NetApp snapshot backup

    Hello guys,   I have a little problem.   I have the following environment:   - Networker Server version 18.1 (Windows 2012) - DataDomain 6.0.x (DDBoost) - NetApp 8.2.x (mode 7)   Problem:   I ...
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  • NetWorker: How to backup using NMDA 18.1 Orchestrated Application Protection.

    Open video

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  • NetWorker: How to backup a MySQL Database configured on Linux Clusters.

    Open video

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  • NetWorker: Top Services Topics

    This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for NetWorker, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of September 2018: It is recommended that you also check for important info...
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  • Store encryption key on client

    Hello   Is it possible to create and store an encryption key for networker on a Linux client? Or is it only possible to create encryption keys with lockboxes on the server side?   I have not been able to f...
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  • Networker doesn't save Postgresql backup_label file

    Hi All, We do "physical" backup of our Postgres databases using Networker.   Physical backup or online backup or base backup is simply copy of the data directory of Postgres (PGDATA)   The process is simp...
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