• How to find all  NW clients OS version and NW modules details

    Is there any way we can get a detailed report of all networker clients  OS versions and networker modules details on a given networker server ? I tried this but it is only reporting weather it is windows or linu...
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  • Folder recovery from a File server (Configured as an Image backup)

    Hello everyone,   We have configured File server as Image backup. The daily backup size is around 4TB. We have a restore request where the user wants to restore one of his folder. We tried mounting the backup an...
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  • NetWorker: Top Services Topics

    This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for NetWorker, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of July 2018: It is recommended that you also check for important informati...
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  • Networker server status

    Hi, Is there any way to check Networker server status from client server before run backup jobs? We're getting quite often error that Networker server is busy and at the end backup jobs fail with below information: ...
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  • Networker 8.2 to 9.2 Upgrade

    Dear team,   We would like to upgrade the EMC networker from 8.2 to 9.2 .. how can i proceed without data lose   We have the below configuration   1. EMC Networker 8.2 2. Data Domain 2500 series ...
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  • Networker 9.2.1 client installation problem on RH linux 5.7v

    Hi Everyone,   I'm trying to install networker client on RHEL 5.6 version (virtual Machine).   After installing the package using rpm -ivh lgtoclnt-   I cannot see nsrexecd servic...
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  • Troubleshooting Tape Library Drive Ordering Problems in NetWorker

                   Article Number:     516730                 ...
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  • NetWorker: The clone operation hangs with error message "volume xxx ineligible for this operation"

                   Article Number:     499321                 ...
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  • vProxy: FLR is failing for all clients with error "Unable to create datastore"

                   Article Number:     497222                 ...
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  • vProxy: Backups fail with "Unable to backup virtual disk "Hard disk 1"

                   Article Number:     500904                 ...
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  • NVP - VProxy - Failed to lock Virtual Machine for backup: Another vProxy operation is active on VM

                   Article Number:     499889                 ...
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  • NetWorker 9.1 : Error message "License file corrupted"

                   Article Number:     499193                 ...
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  • Networker Uptime

    In Networker, what is the command to find the networker up time. I know in nsrwatch it shows. But from where it is fetching that information. Please let me know.
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  • Hyper-V backup failing after upgrade

    Hello everyone,   I have upgraded a NW Linux Server to It's been "ok" so far. We upgraded the server and Storage Nodes, and all backup jobs ran well during the night. However, the next day we up...
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  • NMC shows nothing, except clients

    Hi All,   I have two NetWorker servers v9.2.1 running under Windows. Both have the NMC installed.   I connect from my local workstation to one of the servers NMC. Both NetWorker servers are configured in t...
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  • NetWorker release management

    NetWorker 8.1.0,5 has been released  - see NetWorker patch has been released for details.  This primary applies to folks already running 8.1 (not 8.0.w.z and 8.1SP1).
    Hrvoje Crvelin
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  • Number of restore streams

    Hi, The number of simultaneous streams available for backups (save streams) is managed by the  server parallelism setting, does this also apply to the number of streams used for restores? The 9.x performance an...
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  • Backup failing on Networker 9 with below error "Exited with exit code: 5, completion severity: ERROR(50), completion status: failed(1)"

    Backup failing on Networker 9 with below error "Exited with exit code: 5, completion severity: ERROR(50), completion status: failed(1)"   Networker version: Client version: OS version...
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  • How to configure Networker for SQL AAGs?

    Hi all, I have SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups: - sql14-01.lab.vn, sql14-02.lab.vn, cluster.lab.vn (cluster failover), AG Listener, availability  database (SQLDB-01) And Networker server, AD I want to backup...
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  • FLR fails for vProxy and Data Domain with NAT

    Hi All   We are running a trial on Networker and are attempting to do a file level restore from VM that was backed up up to a Data Domain. The Data Domain is on a different network behind firewalls and NAT is us...
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