• Block Based backup mount during recovery

    Hello,   We are running Networker on Windows 2012R2 and a Data Domain as backup device. One of the systems we backup is a Windows 2012R2 file server cluster. The backups are block based backups and gener...
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  • Recovering with no client

    Hello,   I am brand new to using Networker, and inherited a v. 8 server with a bunch of expired tapes. With a lot of reading, I was able to make the expired savesets browseable (yay!), but am getting this error...
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  • Alternative for Networker9 Console Configuration Wizard

    Hello colleagues,   There's well know Console Configuration Wizard that require to fill mandatory parameters at first GUI run.   Couldn't you please suggest alternative way to perform this configuring? ...
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  • NDMP DSA restore is not working as expected

    Hi All,   I have a setup with a central server managing NDMP Isilon DSA backups for multiple sites. Problem I am facing with this setup is DSA is working very well when doing backups. But during restore it compl...
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  • After Patching Windows 12r2 Not Abel To Add It Within Networker

    Hi there,   We are not able to define a the client for the server Windows 12r2 server (PTFLX-T-SQL01). This machine is configured wihin a DMZ, like some other servers who are working fine within networker 8.2.1...
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  • Networker Authentication Service Error

    Hi! I have disabled firewalld on my centos7.   I have one problem How can I solve it?:   [root@localhost ~]# /opt/lgtonmc/bin/nmc_config     For optimum security, the NMC server must run the e...
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  • Hyperv issues

    Hi all,   I'm installing and configuring a networker clients and nmm for hyperv. I still hace issues.I could start a backup from clients, but from servers didn't work! some times i have the internal errors, or...
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  • Can not create synthetic full due to problem with saveset index attribute

    Hi everybody,   We use EMC Networker Server and I have a problem with creation of synthetic full saveset. The problem is that for one incr saveset required for synthetic full creation, nsrconsolidate co...
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    Dear Experts! Our customer is using a quite older networker It is working fine (no plan to upgrade), however we met an error yesterday. Vmware backup is running fine, however once a day it...
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  • docu87411_NetWorker-Data-Protection-for-Microsoft-Exchange-Server-White-Paper.pdf

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  • With EMC Is Bare metal recovery possible for Netware physical server

    From the documentation it seems that BMR is possible only for windows VMs. Can someone please advise if it can also be done for Netware server? And what are the steps for it or the documentation to refer?
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  • Policy Hung, Will not stop without stopping services

    I recently upgraded my backup servers to Networker from Since the upgrade I have noticed that sometimes the policy completes but does not automatically stop itself, kinda like it is hung. This happens...
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  • Migration from Netbackup to Networker

    I'm trying to find out a way to preserve historic data. (mandated 10yr retention) Our company has just merged with another that uses netbackup and I would like to bring it under one solution.   Is it possible to...
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  • Cannot run nsrvadp_save: No such file or directory

    Hi.   I used to Networker 8.2.3 and VADP proxy (same server as networker server).  I migrated to new version Networker (upgrade mode). Now I have a problem, old VADP proxy don't work: Cannot run nsr...
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  • NetWorker client compatibility information (reverse) for different windows versions ?

    Looking for a reverse compatibility matrix for Networker client software: (I mean: starting from the windows client version)   I have a number of different windows systems to backup and I need to find the correc...
    Marc Van den Eynden
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  • How to use the NetWorker nsrpolicy command?

    Open video

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  • NetWorker release management

    NetWorker 8.1.0,5 has been released  - see NetWorker patch has been released for details.  This primary applies to folks already running 8.1 (not 8.0.w.z and 8.1SP1).
    Hrvoje Crvelin
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  • Emc networker : No node/client name in the backup failure email

    Dear Experts,   We receive the below email content from the emc networker but there is not no name in this email ,   Is there a possible way to get the node name in the email from emc networker .   [...
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  • Networker 9.1 AuthC error

    I am trying to configure the new Authc authentication for a Networker 9.1 env. The AD (LDAP) configuration part succeeds ,whereas the nsrlogin test fails every time, I try authenticating with an appropriate user ID an...
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  • Tapes are getting unlabeled frequentli in Networker

    the tapes in jb are getting unlabeled very frequently, now i have more than 4o tapes which are unlabeld at the moment and i am not able to label them.. tried inventory, force load , scanner cmds, checked connectivity ...
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