• Set retention for nsrclone from CLI in v18.1

    Hello together,   I need to clone some save sets from the CLI. I am running NetWorker v18.1 on a Windows Server 2012 R2. The cloning target is a LTO8 IBM tape. Source would be a Data Domain.   I use the sy...
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  • Have you read some of the blogs on New NetWorker?

    Just curious, have you guys read any of the blogs on NetWorker?   CTO Stephen Manly recently submitting a piece, http://thebackupwindow.emc.com/stephen_manley/networker-8-a-mover-and-a-shaker-of-backup-transform...
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  • Can't access Networker

    Hi there,   I've recently started work a new company, and I'm trying to access Networker (NMC), but I can't make it. The following error occurred (print below):     How can I fix this? I think it ha...
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  • Connection Error

    Hi my Dear friends, I use EMC NETWORKER I lost the connection to my storage node , I can not mount the devices I get this error :
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  • Failed save group and blank messages

      I am hoping someone has run into this before. I am using Networker 8.2.4. I created a new save group and added several servers to the group to be backed up. I am backing up all the savesets of each server. &nb...
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  • How to integrate networker with solarwinds or HP openview?

    Currently we use NWR 9.2, wish to use  solarwinds or HP openview to monitor failed job and generate ticket? but I don't find related document online. Wish someone could guide me on it? or please let me know which...
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  • Obtaining media database information

    Hello all,   I have encountered strange behavior when trying to clone to LTO tapes. Command I used is "nsrclone -b Name_of _ Media_pool -y "1 year" -d Storage_Node -v -S savesets". I used around 80+ savesets an...
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  • Networker 9.1.1 with vproxy Release: '2.0.2-11_1',  and Vcenter 6.7 compability

    Hi,   We are running networker 9.1.1 with vproxy release 2.0.2-11_1 with vcenter 6.5. We are planning to upgrade our vcenter to 6.7  (deploy a new vcenter and move all cluster etc).   Will our networ...
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  • NMC not showing latest group status or success

    hi all,   since I upgraded from NW 8.2.1 to I cannot see the latest status of the backup policies in the monitoring tab of the backupserver. the behaviour is quite identic with the one in KB https://sup...
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  • NetWorker v18.1 won't start with systemctl

    Hello guys,   I just installed NetWorker Server v18.2 on a freshly installed SLES 12 SP3. But after the installation the startup crashes with the message:   0 12/10/18 13:26:41  1 5 0 370726720 17146 0...
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  • How to get a list of all vm's backed up by networker?

    Hi All, I need the above mentioned list for reporting purposes. Has anyone idea to to extract the list, preferable with any useful attributes. I need the list in some text format in order to convert it to csv
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  • Networker with backup/clone to AWS Storage Gateway

    Hi, We try to make backups on-prem data to AWS S3 via AWS Storage Gateway and then archive on AWS Glacier. Everything was fine until we configure new pool into Networker and label tapes. When we try start bac...
  • NetWorker release management

    NetWorker 8.1.0,5 has been released  - see NetWorker patch has been released for details.  This primary applies to folks already running 8.1 (not 8.0.w.z and 8.1SP1).
    Hrvoje Crvelin
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  • Upgrade to 18.1

    Hi   We have to upgrade from Networker 8.2.4.  We have read that Networker 9.2 support finish on Decembre 2019.   So we are thinking of upgrading to Networker 18.1 directly.  Do you recommend thi...
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  • Hi Team, can any one provide the Networker installation on HP-unix server student guide

    Hi Team, can any one provide the Networker installation on HP-unix server student guide
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  • two servers with same hostname but different IP

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a possibility to have 2 servers (different IP) with same hostname in one Networker zone.  The background on this : 1. My SAP guy does have SAP servers with same hostname that 1 lo...
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  • Networker 9.2 vCenter plugin (VM Backup and Recovery Interface)

    Hi   We are trying to login to the vCenter Plugin for VM Backup and Recovery Interface as administrator   We cannot login . The message we get is:   Unable to connect to the Requested Networker Serve...
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  • taking FULL backup everyday

    Backup is not comparing the last backup happened and taking full backup everyday.   Error:   138851:save: 'client server:F:\XXXXXXXXXXX' is being reset/promoted to level 'Full' as no backup is found.
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  • Retrieve user account information of Networker

    Can anyone share how to retrieve information of user account has been created in the networker server, NMC, storage node? I would like to print out the user account name and password expiry to text file from the linu...
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  • Networker 8-9 Upgrade & Migration Issues

    Hi,   I have a Networker 8.2.4 server with Data Domain and i am planning to upgrade it to v9.2 since the extended support is about to end. For the upgrade, i don't want to risk my production, i have set up a par...
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