• Isilon - Pool Protection level change and the job that controls this

    Community,     When you change the protection level on a pool is there a job that runs that performs the changes within the pool to accomidate the changes for the protection level?  If so what job is t...
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  • Tracking failure syslog events

    what is the format of the failure delete,write,read syslog events? how do i track them? please reply
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  • Isilon question regarding compliance mode

    Hi,   Can someone please help to find correct answerout of 4 options.   An Isilon cluster has been configured with an autocommit period of 3o minute for all compliance Smartlock directories. However, the sto...
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  • Isilon - NFS Export Wiped Out After Code Upgrade

    Community,We had 3 different clusters with code upgrades we had to perform this past weekend. Code upgrades from OneFS to on all 3 clusters. I wanted to know is this might have been a undocumented know...
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  • Isilon - Study Materials

    Community,   Where can I find study notes for this?   Isilon Technical Certification Program - EMC       Thank you,
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  • Pre-requisites for Isilon learning

    I am looking for the following modules. I managed to get a PDF copy of the Fundamentals e-learning module . Anyone know where the second one is located? Is it a free module?   Isilon Fundamentals (e-learning) I...
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  • InsightIQ - Analyzing IOPS

    Community,     We have a script that is running on the cluster that sends us a email when the disk on the Isilon NAS are experiencing High Disk IOPS.  I am trying to use InsightIQ to analyze the IOPS a...
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  • Unofficial Isilon capacity calculator (Python script)

    Hi, I am an Isilon instructor, during most admin classes I usually get questions around how to size the capacity of data that will be migrated onto an Isilon cluster and how much Isilon disk capacity is needed/will th...
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  • Can we back up some snapshot from /ifs/.snapshot as per the schedule to some back up device

    Hi,   we have been facing some issues regarding capacity, now the customer wants to delete some snapshot which were monthly snapshots   some 5 monthly snapshots are consuming almost 70 TB of cluster space ...
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  • adding cluster in data center says cannot find session. did you register IsilonSD Plugin

    hello,      I have registered the vcenter on the management server but while adding the cluster int he datacenter says cannot find session on the server for x.x.x.x. did you register isilonsd plug...
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  • Authentication problem

    I have installed the management server of emc isilon sd edge for non production use.  I have reset my password during the installation process. but when i access the server using the port 9443 it always says inco...
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  • License for smartconnect

    I have installed a isilon simulator. I want to add more zones but i couldnot create an IP pool it asks for smartconnect license.  How do i get that? please help
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  • Replicating a NFS DATASTORE ON ISILON using SYNCIQ

    Hi Folks,   Presently We Created a NFS Mounts on 2 different Islon's and Presented as Datastores to 2 different Vsphere's Clusters and we have Moved one Virtual Machine to the Primary NFS Datastore and replicati...
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  • Isilon Info Hubs

    Isilon Info Hubs organize Isilon documentation, videos, blogs, and user-contributed content into topic areas, making it easy to find content about subjects that interest you.   Topics covered in Isilon Info Hubs...
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  • Isilon - smartconnect best practices

    Community,   I am working for a customer that has Isilon clusters that have multiple smartconnect pools configured under one subnet.  The problem is that there is only one smart connect service IP that can ...
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  • Isilon Hadoop administration

    Community,   what is a great Hadoop learning resource and how does hadoop work on Isilon?
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  • Routing and Isilon, how to get from A to B and back again

    Assumptions The information is based on OneFS v7.2.0.0.  It will likely apply to later versions but new features and functions will impact the information presented.  Click on the network diagrams to get a c...
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  • how to delete smb share user

    hi guys, I am using Isilon 7.2 where I have shares with duplicate users as shown below   Sharename1 Account             Account Type  Run as Root&n...
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  • Isilon 8 Simulator // Smart Connect // DNS Validation

    Hi Guys,   I just deployed a Windows 2012 R2 DC with running DNS Server on it and also a Isilon One FS 8 Cluster with 3 Nodes.     The Isilon is completely configured and i successfully have joined my...
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  • how many IB switches can we have in one isilon cluster ?

    Hey guys,   Can some one help me to understand how nodes are interconnected using IB switches in an Isilon cluster if the cluster is fully populated with 144 nodes? Does any of the Mellanox IB switches comes wi...
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