• Isilon and CEE issues (routing/receiving).

    Does anyone have any issues with CEE receivers and Isilon OneFS  Right now I went through the logs because we have a couple issues:   1.  We have two CEE receivers, one for an internal applica...
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  • Isilon 36000x / directory full

    In model 36000x the / directory is full and its showing more than 100%, I have completely checked the files inside it, all are config files no user files are there. I do see an KB article stating "On older Isilon IQ X...
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  • Isilon - Can you have 2 NFS export for the same directory, But different permissions?

    Community,   Is it possible to have 2 different exports for the same directory i.e. "/ifs/data", and have 2 different sets of permissions associated with them and not cause any conflicts with access to that dire...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Routing and Isilon, how to get from A to B and back again

    Assumptions The information is based on OneFS v7.2.0.0.  It will likely apply to later versions but new features and functions will impact the information presented.  Click on the network diagrams to get a c...
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  • OneFS and mounting NFS export

    Community,     I am having a hard time getting a NFS export to mount from a cluster with OneFS installed.  The stipulation was that the export has to be READ-ONLY and "No root squash."  He...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Isilon Mgmt pool configuration

    Hi,   Can some one help me to configure new Mgmt pool under different subnet.   I want to release the IP's from the existing MGMT pool and move the IP's to NFS pool, so that I can configure Dynamic failov...
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  • How and Where can you change the number of allowable open files?

    I'd like to change the maximum number of open files per node. How and where can I do that?   Thanks   - Jim
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  • Isilon - Which node(s) are the master nodes?

    Community,     Can someone please tell me how I will be to identify which nodes in the cluster are the master node(s)?  Is there a command that I can run the discover which node(s) these are?  Let...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Isilon Snapshot destination.

    Greetings all, I was wondering the where all the snapshots would get saved once I scheduled snapshots for a particular directory. for eg: /ifs/myworld/unixdata/world I am aware that we can list complete list of sn...
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  • Disk size

    Want to check the physical disk size of Isilon Node. Howwe check ?
    Pulkit Kaul
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  • Unofficial Isilon capacity calculator (Python script)

    Hi, I am an Isilon instructor, during most admin classes I usually get questions around how to size the capacity of data that will be migrated onto an Isilon cluster and how much Isilon disk capacity is needed/will th...
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  • Isilon - How to tell what version Drive and Node Firmware is installed on cluster/nodes

    Community,     Is there a way to figure out what drive firmware is installed on the cluster?  The same with Node Firmware?  I know  you can run the following but it does not say its drive fir...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Infiniband Serial Numbers

    What is the command to verify Infini band Serial numbers
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  • Isilon - Rename a file with special (Unrecognizable) characters, unicode

    Community,   I have a problem were we are trying to archive an entire directory worth of data and the archive keeps failing on one file that appears to have special characters that cant be deciphered with the cu...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Isilon Info Hubs

    Isilon Info Hubs organize Isilon documentation, videos, blogs, and user-contributed content into topic areas, making it easy to find content about subjects that interest you.   Topics covered in Isilon Info Hubs...
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  • unable give share permission to external incoming domain

    Hi Guys,   I have been facing problem to give share level permission to  1 particular userid, the user belongs to a domain which is mentioned as external incoming,Could some one help with that and is it som...
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  • Internal Boot Drive replacement

    Community,   Any chance anyone would have the written procedures for how to replace the boot disk?  I believe the nodes are 108NL.  I know its a simple replacement but just want to make sure I have the...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Emcopy Migartion

    I am doing windows migration from VNX 5700 to Isilon cluster using emcopy and I found those errors   This is the initial full copy, i didn't do any incremental copies yet   ERROR (1728) : Lookup account si...
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  • Need some help in configuring NFS pools to use Dynamic IP allocation method

    Hi Guys,   I need some help in setting up Dynamic IP allocation method for our NFS pool, currently our NFS pools are configured with static and we have exchange using those NFS Data stores which are mounted on V...
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  • Intermittent issue after adding 2 nodes

    Hi All, Recently we added two nodes, after adding the nodes I did not see clients falling over to those nodes. Though both the nodes were serving SMB requests, customer faced lots of issues after nodes were added ...
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