• Branch Cache

    Does Isilon support Branch Cache? More specifically if we have users from branch offices accessing files on Isilon in main office can we configure their Windows 7 workstations for BranchCache Distributed Cache mode? T...
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  • InsightIQ Migration

    We have a need to migrate our InsightIQ VM from a CentOS VM to RHEL OS VM.. Our current InsightIQ instance runs on centOS with datastore  on NFS mount from one of our Isilon clusters. In order to migrate it to th...
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  • Editing sudoers file in Compliance Mode

    Hello All.   Is there any way to edit sudoers file when the ISILON is in compliance Mode ??   Thank you.
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  • proof of DARE ( data at rest encyption )

    hello,   isilon has this data at rest encryption feature but is there any command or within UI where i can see it. we have to show this to auditors as a proof
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  • Best practice for multiple zone names each with distinct shares

    Hi all,   I'm setting up a new cluster.  I will be migrating our existing file systems to this cluster.  Our environment consists of multiple different Windows and NFS file servers.  We will want ...
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  • Cluster network configuration best practices

    Hi all,   I am setting up a new cluster with 3 x X410's.  Each node has 2 x 1GbE and 2 x 10GbE connections.  I've setup a one subnet and two pools.  One pool contains the 1GbE connections and I've...
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  • ssh version 8

    IHAC asking the question from PEN testing results:   They are running OneFS and they have identified that the embedded SSH is version 7 or lower, and the recommendation should be Version 8.   The q...
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  • Isilon Infiband Switch replacement on different model / Vendor

    Hi ALL,   Appreciate if anyone of Isilon HW expert can advise me for the doubt I am facing as below, Currently Customer existing cluster nodes are using the IB Swtich Model Mellanox IS5025 Model 36 QDR port typ...
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  • Isilon 7.2 Simulator config wizard: No prompt to Configure interface ext-1

    Hello ALL,   I am working on creating Isilon 7.2 imulator cluster. I was able to configure netmask and int-1 IP ranges. The wizard prompts you.   However, when configuring interface ext-1, there is no prom...
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  • how to list machines with a specific cifs share mounted

    I'm trying to identify machines using a specifics cifs share.  Our isilon has a dozen or so shares, but I'm only interested in one of them.   isi smb sessions list  # shows me hosts connected to all sh...
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  • how to do?can not work normal

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  • Anyone out there Using WebDAV for file access on the Isilon?

    I haven't been able to find much in the way of helpful documentation on how to use WebDAV on the Isilon.  I have some users who are looking to use HTTP DELETE as part of one of their processes.  I am trying ...
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  • Is Isilon Model X410-SAS-E07 Hardware Only?

    Does anyone know if the Isilon Model X410-SAS-E07 is Hardware Only? (not bundled with software and hardware).   If I look up the Model X410-SAS-E07 in Propel I see the below 2 entries and I was wondering the -HO...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • Multiple groupnets using the same subnet

    Hello,   Could someone advise with onefs 8.x, we can setup multiple groupnets from the same network subnet ?   Our Customer intends to accommodate 2 AD domains using 2 groupnets on their isilon from the sa...
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  • SnapshotIQ expiration error/question

    When we create a SnapshotIQ schedule with a specific duration, OneFS adds 1 to the duration. For example, if we create a expiration of 3 hours, after creation of the schedule, reveals a expiration time of 4 hours. Whe...
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  • Failed to connect to isi_boot_d: Operation timed out

    Getting this error when trying to create an ads auth: isi auth ads create TEST.com administrator.  Running OneFS  I can resolve the domain and I know I am using the correct username/password.  ...
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  • Dir/File Protection

    hello,   i know there are lot of posts in community around this but its great if someone clarify this protection below based on size.   Number of Nodes:  7 protection level +2d:1n folder name: ztes...
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  • Filesystem access API

    I've started digging more into the filesystem access API for managing our space and I have a serious question about it's viability.   The primary one that I ran into is that it has no support for anything other t...
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  • Mac OS X 5.7 samba problem with 3-4 letter usernames

    Hello, everyone.   I have a very weird problem.  I already opened a ticket with Isilon and they pretty much told me that they realize it's a bug, but we are on our own because Mac OS X 5.7 is no longer supp...
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  • ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT Creating File on SMB Share

    Can anyone think of a reason that one application would receive ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT when trying to create a file or folder via CreateFile start at the root of a share?  I've tested Windows Explorer and CMD (using...
    Adam Marcionek
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