• emcopy - access time not getting copied

    I'm using EMCopy with /sdd flag to copy files from a Netapp volume to Isilon share and it is not copying the file "accessed" time value. The access time inherits the modified time values, create time is OK. Did anyone...
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  • InsightIQ Multiple File Extensions

    I'm trying to build a report with multiple file extensions but when I try to add additional filters I'm only able to add one extension.  Am I missing something?
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  • Restricting management interface access

    I've got separate zones for my NFS access, but have hit a problem - to do ftp, it needs to work through the System zone. And I'd really like to have a dedicated IP and VLAN for ftp traffic (on a separate subnet). &n...
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  • Hardware installation - Isilon

    Hey,   Dumb question that I am sure I know the answer to but I wanted to be sure.   QUESTION: When your installing an Isilon for the first time you don't have to worry about installing the hard drives in ...
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  • Isilon drive replacement usually requires drive firmware upgrade and the node reboot.

    To avoid the node reboot is there an option to upgrade the firmware of the new drive in none production Isilon and then use it as a replacement for one that failed in production box?
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  • Onefs 8.0 Maximum Alert Limit

    HI there ... Does anybody knows what is Maximum Alert Limit means ... I am bit confused ..   As I found below in event ref guide  Page 18 ``For the New events condition, in the Maximum Alert Limit field...
    created by ayas
  • Isilon SmartLock Retention API?

    Is it possible to perform Isilon SmartLock retention/hold related operation via an API? Something like Retention Centera API?
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  • Isilon test system?

    Hi,   By any chance is there an online Isilon test system, similar to the EMC-provided Centera and Atmos test systems?  (My management wants to test how our software performs when something we've created ha...
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  • Snapcount high on Isilon cluster

    We are seeing high number for snapcount on Isilon clusters which may due to to replication policies which is around 40K.  We don't have any scheduled snapshots.  Can we verify the snap count by per policy ?
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  • eDiscover and Isilon/OneFS

    I've been thinking about the issue of eDiscovery and Isilon, specifically, whether Windows-based eDiscovery of data contained in files stored in an Isilon cluster would be more or less efficient that treating the clus...
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  • SMB share/permissions for /ifs

    I've seen this mentioned is a couple of blogs and older posts but wanted to get any updated opinions people may have on the subject.  We're starting to set our Isilon up and was curious if there was any way bette...
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  • What is the best practice to secure the ifs share and filesystem?

    I have a brand new Isilon that I will be migrating several Windows file servers to and will need to keep their UNC paths intact. So far, I've figured out the best place to put them is under /ifs/data for example... &n...
    Sean Fuller
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  • Can we turn on LED when network cable unplugged?

    Hello,   Can we turn on Isilon box LED when network cable unplugged? How can we do that?   Best regards, Hiroki
    Hiroki K.
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  • Multiple access zones on /ifs?

    Onefs -   Until now we have system access zone being used for all the traffic on Isilon. We want to create a new access zone on base directory /ifs, the authentication provider is same for both the acces...
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  • IP's limit per NFS export

    Is there a limit on the number IP's that can be added NFS export ?
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  • Storage transport issues - Isilon

    We got a alert Storage transport issues on one of the node.  There is not much description in the alert what exactly is the error and next steps to resolve.   Can some one explain, cause of the error and re...
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  • OneFS v8.0:Active upgrade

    My ISSP shows I have an "Active Upgrade": "Active Upgrade:  isi_upgrade_agent_d is running, but no upgrade process is found in PS_Full"   What is the procedure to stop this?  I checked the WebUI, and ...
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  • Intermittent issue that I faced on cluster beacuse of two nodes recently

    Hi, I had this intermittent issue twice on the same cluster, where for the 1st time one of the node which is node 5 wasn't responding to smb request and second time node 2 wasn't responding to the smb request,this ha...
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  • List sub-folder sizes in Isilon directory (export or share)

    Hello all,   We here are trying to list the sizes of all the sub-folders in an export or a share in Isilon. We used du -Ash command, but its way too slower. Does anybody has idea about alternate command? Please ...
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  • Cluster stand up issues

    We received a 3 Node NL400.  Powered on first node, let it come up and was able to completely configure the node and create a cluster.  Powered on a second node, let it come up, and configured it to add to t...
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