• why data size of isilon smb response not same as request,how to modify?

    I'm trying to implement an smb client to access smb server. When testing with isilon smb server,read an file from a share,I found the data size of smb response is not same with the request, Below is what I oberseved: ...
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  • Isilon share for both NFS and SMB

    Can we export same Isilon folder for both NFS and SMB ?  If yes, Is there any precautions to consider.   Please provide any relevant documents. Appreciate your help.
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  • EMC recommeded settings for HPC running SuSE Linux 11 for Isilon X410 cluster

    Hi Team,      Do we have any recommended setting specific to HPC running with operating system -  SuSE Linux11 for Isilon [7 * X410 and 1*A100] cluster in order to achieve best throughput. I ...
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  • Source based routing status

    It seems that something has changed as far as routing goes in my last upgrade from to (as is typical for Isilon, please, yes, make changes in config with a upgrade, thanks). I need to know whet...
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  • Migrating from VNX to Isilon

    We're migrating from a VNX to Isilon and was wanting to get some feedback/tips if possible.  Our current VNX has three DataMovers, one for CIFS, one for NFS and one for failover.  Within those DM's we have (...
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  • IsilonSD Edge Appliance VM OVAs (Default SCSI Controller Selection)

    Hello, We've recently deployed an SD Cluster but I noticed that the Management server has configured the SD nodes with a VMware Paravirtual SCSI adapter.  My understanding is that these OVA's are built on FreeBS...
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  • Question about Isilon Patch -169835

    Part of this patch, NFS and SMB services needs to be restarted and which cause impact to the clients.   Any idea, how long it takes for the services to restart so that, We can plan the patch update during the ma...
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  • ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 15

    Welcome to Episode 15, Perils of Popularity   Chris explains how Wikipedia handles massive traffic spikes when celebrities die, then reports on “Smart Nation” initiatives. Guest Mitko Blazeski explai...
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  • Cluster stand up issues

    We received a 3 Node NL400.  Powered on first node, let it come up and was able to completely configure the node and create a cluster.  Powered on a second node, let it come up, and configured it to add to t...
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  • IsilonSD Cluster Creation fails

    Hello guys,   testing the package EMC_IsilonSD_Edge, the creation of an IsilonSD Cluster fails. The error message: ------------------------- Error: Cluster Creation. Details: Error in vOneFS VM creation, che...
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  • Isilon’s Self-Service Platform (SSP) V1.5.6, a troubleshooting and prevention utility is now available for customer use!

    Take advantage of the same utility that EMC Isilon Technical Support Engineers and EMC Isilon Field representatives use to troubleshoot and prevent a wide range of known issues that commonly occur on your Isilon clust...
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  • ESA 2016-061 - EMC Isilon OneFS SMB Signing Vulnerability

    I am running OneFS  so i downloaded the patch README file and i am shocked.   INSTALLATION/REMOVAL IMPACTS     During installation or removal of this patch, the service that manages SMB, ...
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  • IsilonSD Edge Management Appliance Does Not Sanitize Boot Volume Size

    Hi, I'm just providing some feedback here on the Management Appliance Deployment Wizard. I created a scenario caused a failure in the management appliance deployment wizard.  This failure left the wizard in a...
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  • IsilonSD Management Server not deleting datastores

    Hi -   I noticed when deleting an IsilonSD Cluster from vCenter using the Management Appliance, that all of the VM's are removed, and the VMDK's are removed from datastores, however the datastores themselves ar...
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  • ESA-2016-061: EMC Isilon OneFS SMB Signing Vulnerability

    Hi Experts, What this ESA meaning, I mean what's he effect of the ESA-2016-061. Please explain it for me. Also, we are running OneFS v7.1.1.2 for our Isilon frames. What we need to do to get rid of this ESA vulnerab...
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  • Knowledge on NTP chimer nodes

    Query: How many nodes will be  chimer nodes in a cluster and what if one of the chimer nodes goes down  how it affects cluster.   Answer:   There are 3 NTP Chimers on the cluster by default (If t...
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  • Isilon Command help

    I am trying to schedule a policy which run every 4 hours starting 12 AM to 11.59 PM.  I tried to use the examples from document but not succeeded.   Could any one help the syntax   Appreciate your help
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  • isi_netlogger syntax

    I've looked through the CLI guide for 7.2 and cannot find this command listed at all. There is no man page either. When I run this on our NL400  it doesn't capture anything in or out of the 10gig interfaces, only...
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  • Mount request errors: STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND

    Hi all,   sometimes we got the following error messages at the OneFS event log: Mount request from xx.xx.xx.xx for /xxx/xxx xxx/xxx failed with error: STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND   The last time the erro...
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  • Cisco SPF's for Isilon cliuters

    Does anybody know if the Cisco SFP-10G-SR optics will work in a Isilon cluster?
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