• syslog forwarding onefs not working

    We just installed our new Isilon-Cluster and we would like to forward our syslog messages (auditing) to our rsyslog-server. The rsyslog-server is reachable by pinging and all ports (514) are opened. The local auditing...
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  • when unix permissions give false sense of security

    Hi,   I have an issue where users under unix when looking at file permissions cannot see the windows ACLs, so get a false sense of security of file.   There are two options I believe   1. ssh to isil...
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  • Can I script the creation of snapshots from a list of specific directories?

    I work for a hospital and we have just been given a large list of users networks drives, and department shares that need to be saved for a litigation hold. I have the list of all of the locations.Is there a way to scr...
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  • how to avoid embedding password in REST script ?

    I want to use the Isilon REST API from a python script in unix. However example scripts show username and password in script. This does not fly from a compliance view point, so I am trying to figure out is there a way...
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  • DoD 5220.22-M Secure Wipe on an shared folder on Isilon ?

    I have a user that is requesting a DoD 5220.22-M standard secure wipe of a network folder on a share on an Isilon. Is this possible? From my knowledge this type of wipe is for an entire drive. If it is not possible, w...
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  • DNS issue with SmartConnect

    Hello,   We setup SmartConnect with a delegated DNS zone with the NAS as the Name Server, and use CNAME DNS records to reference the old Windows file servers that were replaced. Sometimes pinging the CNAME value...
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  • Flexprotect - what are the phases and which take the most time?

    Hello everyone,   So just like the title says, I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding what does each phase of flexprotect do and maybe the time each phase takes in relation to other phases. Like ...
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  • ISILON Data read and writes the flow process with steps i am looking for.

    Hello Team,   I am new to ISILON, thanks in advance. kindly help me to get ISILON Data read and writes the flow steps. i started reading the basic architectural documents. if i know how the data will read and...
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  • Celerra Migration to Isilon

    Hi, Posted in the Google Group Isilon-users also but no response.     I'm migrating my Celerra content to Isilon and need to support moving the existing Celerra IP's to Isilon, due to time constraints in t...
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  • USB port status on Isilon nodes

    How can we verify and disable usb port status on Isilon nodes ?
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  • Getting protocol/config audit events from CEE

    Hi,   I could see there are 2 approaches for getting audit events from Isilon. 1. Common Event Enabler (CEE) 2. Syslog forwarding   a) What are the pros and cons between these 2 approaches? (Like any per...
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  • LDAP authentication for Isilon

    We have Isilon storage (2 clusters ) with mixed node types - NL400, NL410,  X400 and new a40 nodes on which we are planning to migrate entire data. One issue, we are still using root logins and no administrator...
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  • Isilon cache upgrade and node upgrade with 3 nodes

    Hi guys,   i have a customer with 3* NL400 nodes and i need to upgrade it with 2* new NL410 Nodes with more cache.   to be able to add them with compatibility mode i will need upgrade the cache on the "old...
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  • Is there an API call for checking boot drive status or percentage life remaining on all the nodes in a cluster

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  • Isilon: Failed to join domain: LW_ERROR_LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX

    Hi,   i try to join the Isilon (Onefs 8.0.1) to our Active Directory, bur got this Error: The Active directory provider did not create due to the following error: Failed to join domain 'ADS.DOMAIN.DE' account ...
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  • EMC Isilon AD authentication for FTP

    Have issues with having authentication to Isilon cluster over AD to send files to a share using FTP. Running 7.1.1 onefs on cluster FTP to local works fine independently AD authentication to cluster works fine indep...
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  • Enterprise SmartLock Directories on Isilon and Superna Eyeglass

    We have an environment of Isilon Gen6 nodes. One for production and another for DR. SyncIQ is running Active Passive, Prod >> DR We are planning to install Superna Eyeglass for Failover and DR readiness. I have...
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  • Nodes insertion OneFS 8

    Hello everybody, Can we insert several nodes simultaneously in an isilon cluster in OneFS 8 or it must be done sequentially. Regards
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  • Isilon Permissions and ls -led behavior

    Isilon OneFS v8.0.0.4 Windows AD with RFC2307 enabled CIFS share issue with permissions NOTE:   We recently just enabled RFC2307 for NFS4 w/ kerberos support.  We are NOT doing multi-protocol.  ...
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  • Isilon 8.1 and Microsoft DFS

    Hello, a customer likes to use shares on an Isilon Cluster as leaf in a MS DFS.   When he tries to setup the DFS leaf with the wizard he get an error when trying to browse the Isilon Shares   "It is not p...
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