• EMC Isilon OneFS

    Hi,   i have installed the EMC_Isilon_OneFS_8.0.0.0_Simulator on my ESXi 5.5 Server. Now i have created a NFS Share on it and added the Share to the Datastore of the ESX Server.   Now i want to create a v...
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  • ambari-agent on isilon

    I want to connect an Isilon cluster to existing HDP2.4 cluster with ambari, but my cluster cannot detect Isilon's ambari-agent and says 'Cannot register host with non compatible agent version'.   Can I u...
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  • Setup user quotas for CIFS share

    Hi All, We are creating CIFS share from ISILON and then uses our GPO to create profiles + folder redirection. This redirected folder then mounted to the end users as a home drive. Currently everything works find fro...
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  • Auditing Isilon with CEE falling behind

    I have a customer running OneFS and has enabled auditing.  They are using Stealthbits to collect the audit data.   After some earlier issues, we were given a script which shows us how "current" each...
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  • File Auditing in isilon

    Hello Folks,   I got a request from business asking that one of the user "read / write" activity on isilon SMB share.   We have 9 node cluster in our environment with Auditing Capability.  Can some ge...
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  • Where can I download mapsid from?

    Hi,   Where can I download the mapsid utility to fix the SIDs of the users once they are migrated to a new AD domain?   Thanks!
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  • how to change node's ip

    hello,   i'm new on isilon, we have a 4 nodes cluster isilon, and my question is: can we change the admin node's ip after installation?   regards
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  • Isilon shares are not visible in MMC due to error

    All,   Recently we have tried to connect to our Isilon cluster using MMC Shared Folders and when clicking on the Shares in MMC the error "Error 67: The network name cannot be found" is shown.  Clicking on S...
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  • Creating CIFS mounts from AIX to the Isilon

    We have just installed and configured a new Isilon and I'm try to create some CIFS shares from AIX to the Isilon.  I can't figure out if the problem is with AIX or the Isilon.  I have other CIFS mount set up...
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  • How to check if drive is HDD or SSD

    I have Isilon8 simulator installed and have HDD on my virtual machine. I tried to emulate SSD on this machine by editing  vm config as : scsi0:8.virtualSSD = 1   the config was made OK, i reboot the VM a...
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  • Monitoring Isilon latency using Splunk

    Hi, I'm seeking for a good way to monitor Isilon cluster and notify in case of need. specifically looking for being able to monitor Latency in real time, and report (Email) in case of slowness event.   i know ...
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  • Backup Operator Permission within Access Zones

    Hello,   does anyone know how to use Backup Operator Permissions (Priv_Backup) within a Access Zone that is not the System Zone in Order to be able to have this Permissions over a few Domains without Trusts? &nb...
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  • Syslog configuration for Isilon

    We are configuring Isilon to send syslog information to splunk servers. Could any one suggest how can I perform this or any document refering to this.   Thanks
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  • Migrating CIFS share from VNX to Isilon

    Hello,   We bought new isilon for our CIFS. Currently we have vnx5700. Can anyone suggest how to migrate CIFS share from VNX to Isilon array. It would be great if it can also migrate the security permission on t...
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  • No generated GIDs for groups on the OneFS

    Hello dear Isiloners,   can anybody help! we use for access zone as auth. provider ADS and RFC2307 for UID/GIDs. We have some new groups, which don't have any Unix attributes over AD Scheme yet, but OneFS shou...
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  • Retiring IQ 36NL Nodes

    We are currently working on retiring our Isilon IQ 36NL Nodes and replacing them with NL400 108TB nodes. I need all the data currently on those nodes to vacant and move to the other nodes. From reading about this, it ...
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  • EX12000

    I'm planning on buying two used Isilon EX12000 to connect to my Linux server. My question is, considering that there's FOUR SAS ports at the back of the EX12000, how many of these do you need to connect? All four, two...
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  • ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 14

    Welcome to Episode 14, Are We There Yet?   Biochemical engineer Sasha Paegle explains how Harvard stored 700 TB of data in a single gram, then Chris reports from Virtual Reality. In Hadoop Roundup, Bill Crew exp...
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  • ESRS for Isilon Cluster

    Question about ESRS setup on Isilon cluster.   What is the difference in advantages if we use the System subnet static pool  vs dedicating a separate subnet for ESRS remote services ?   Is there any d...
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  • isilon default IPs

    Hello i have an isilon with 1gb for management and 10gb for data.   When i make an isi status i can only see the management ip address.   And i just find that the synciq target cluster will by default send...
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