• CloudPools and OneFS

    I'm having issues with trying to manually archive to a CloudPool.  I'm OneFS and don't see any specific patches that might address this.  Planning to open a call next week but looking for input befor...
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  • Unable to get LDAP working on InsightIQ 4.1.1

    We have AD on Win3k8R2 serving up our LDAP. It has the Unix extensions installed. After entering our LDAP information...:   LDAP server: ldap://server.example.com Base search entry: dc=example,dc=com Bind entr...
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  • Isilon OneFS v7.2.1.2 - Update OpenSSL

    Hello!   We have an Isilon Cluster using OneFS The OpenSSL version is being flagged by our security scan. Currently installed is 1.0.1 (Built on Aug 17 2015) We have been asked to upgrade to at least 1...
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  • Does copy to/from Isilon cluster trigger open/close events

    Hello, We have Symantec ICAP Engines configured for our Isilon cluster and every time a file is opened from the cluster, user feels a delay. Which is expected as we have configured the AV settings to scan on open ...
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  • Isilon smartconnect timeouts

    If a node in isilon cluster goes offline.The SMB clients attached to that node/interface are taking about 18 seconds to re establish connection to other available nodes in the cluster. Is there any ways to reduce this...
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  • Cloud pool jobs throughput to ECS very slow

    Hi, I have configured ISILON cloud pools to archive data to ECS cluster.  For archiving about 3 GB (file size 16 MB each) it takes 35 minutes. I am getting about 1.5MBps write bandwidth from Isilon to ECS. I hav...
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  • is there a way to check which files are deduped and which files original

    Hello All,   I am currently running dedupe job in our Isilon cluster and we found 17% of saved storage space, however i dont see any where, that we can find which files are deduped files and which files are orgi...
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  • Isilon - (Script) - Run "du -hxcd1" against output

    Community,   I need to know what script will allow me to run a "du - hxcd1" against the output of "Target Path" column for the command "isi sync target list".   If possible the output should be "Name","Sou...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Recommended OneFS Release

    Hi,  Is there a page on the support website where I can see what is the current recommended OneFS release.  I support a number of Isilon systems and we are currentrly at and looking to update in the ...
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  • Isilon First packet isn't SYN - Smartconnect issue?

    Our firewall logs showed the 1st packet isn't SYN and subsequent packets goes through successfully.   Based from our network engineers, the packet came in to this interface and goes out to a different interf...
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  • IsilonSD Edge 1.0.2 - vcenter extension error "Error in retireving management server address"

    IHAC whose IsilonSD Edge vcenter extension isn't working, throwing the error "Error in retireving management server address", and yes, before you ask, the error message we receive is spelt incorrectly.   It shou...
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  • Isilon Search

    Anyone using Isilon Search yet?  We're getting ready to deploy this solution to production and our test Isilon Search app is having this issue when trying to update A/D accounts: "Failed to save directory con...
  • PHP script to create a directory and symlink

    Good day!   I am trying to write a php script to create a directory then make a symlink to that directory.  So far, I cannot even get the directory created.  The authentication has even been simplified...
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  • Set Windows RDS User Profile disks to Isilon CIFS share. Get the error:  "Could not create the template VHD. Error Message: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)."

    We are trying to setting up Windows Remote Desktop Services to store  the User Profile Disks to a CIFS share on the Isilon.  When trying to set the User Profile disk location to the share, we get the error:&...
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  • Getting hold of an old OneFS image

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of a USB reimage file for OneFS ? It is for testing purposes on our lab equipment for a customer with a very old cluster.
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  • Cannot mount the NFS share from the simulator (8.1)

    Hi,   Currently I am running a one node OneFS 8.1 simulator inside a Windows machine (using VMWare workstation). The host machine has the following ipconfig settings:   C:\Users\Administrator>ipconfig ...
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  • Isilon sentinel file creation

    Greetings all,   My last there three isilon boot drive replacements have given me the below output when I try to "cat" the sentinel file. If you know "unix / linux" you will see that is basically a "man" page re...
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  • Setting Multiple quotas

    Hello,   Is there a way to set multiple quotas at once? For example, I want to give 20 directories the same exact quota, but I dont want to have to go through and make them 20 times, can I do them all at once? &...
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  • Multiple CIFS/SMB Servers on Isilon?

    I have 9 virtual CIFS servers setup on a single NS40 VG8 and need to move them to an Isilon (v8.0.0.4). Problem is, how do I setup 9 different CIFS/SMB servers on the Isilon? These have to be like 9 totally separate C...
    Dave Chladek
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  • CIFS shares not showing correct size per SmartQuota

    Hi,   We set up a CIFS share for our VDI environment so a home drive folder get created automatically for the user.  We've set up SmartQuota for 40GB per User.  The quota seems to be applies correctly ...
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