• Ask the Expert: Accelerate the Data Lake with Isilon All-Flash

    YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED ON THESE ASSETS...Ask The Expert – Isilon’s New Releases: IsilonSD Edge, OneFS.NEXT and CloudPools Ask the Expert: Are you ready to manage deep archiving workloads with Isilon...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • Cronjobs in OneFS 7.1 and later

    Community,   I was just told that there is a command in OneFS that replaces the regular LINUX/UNIX command crontab.  I wanted to know what that command was?  I am having a hard time finding the right w...
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  • OneFS8.0 similator

    hi there ....   Has anybody seen this ?   < Config watch exited with an error Aborting boot  error >   I am trying to start up Isilon simulator ... what did I wrong .. ?    ...
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  • "isi sync reports rotate", and  gc & lck files

    Hello,   How can we delete gc & lck files which were generated by "isi sync reports rotate" command to delete SyncIQ log like bandwidth-xxx.log or throttle-xxx.log?   The customer is trying reduce Gather...
    Hiroki K.
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  • Migrate data from Other NAS storage to Isilon

    How to get the data from other NAS shared storage to Isilon for hadoop cluster running on isilon to work on
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  • [Q] InsightIQ Metrics

    Hello,   IHAC who wants to know about the difference of metrics below which are listed in insightIQ users guide.   https://support.emc.com/docu59977_InsightIQ-3.2-User-Guide.pdf#page=26 "Blocking File Sy...
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  • Disabling apache on certain interfaces?

    Our isilon has a good 30 or so IP addresses.  Is it possible to make it so that the apache web server is only listening on some of those interfaces instead of all of them?  Thanks.
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  • Importing/Exporting Cluster settings from One Isilon Cluster to another

    Community,   I have been asked to investigate if its possible to export settings from a source Isilon cluster to a new Isilon cluster that will be replacing the source cluster.  Settings from a OneFS 7.1.1....
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  • Set Quota for both AD and LDAP users?

    I have a Isilon cluster joined to AD domain and LDAP domain simultaneously. Now I want use quota feature to give each user 1TB space, each user also joined AD and LDAP simultaneously and established mapping relations ...
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  • Isilon Failover Preparation Phase Question

    Hi Everyone.   Based in the document "Best Practice for Data Replication with EMC ISILON SyncIQ" .. mentions  the next: --- Failback consists of three phases. Each phase should complete beforee proceeding...
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  • Metrics for Isilon IOPS

    Community,   I am trying to find the correct syntax to hopefully start collecting IOPS metric for specific folders on the cluster.  Is this possible?  I know the command I am looking for is isi statist...
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  • Need a evaluation license keys for Isilon OneFS

    I need to test the SmartLock feature on my Isilon OneFS simulator, Is there a way to get an evaluation license key?
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  • NOOB - needing help; AD W2008 R2 & ISILON V7.0.1.5 - Not allowing AD Authentication

    Hi, first time ISILON user - thrown into the deep end:   We've got a lovely system running V7.0.1.5 with a domain AD Server of Windows 2008 R2.   In joining the Domain with domain credentials - all works, ...
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  • FilePool CLI policy

    Right now I cannot get our cluster off (we have a hold on changes for a while). The GUI does not work in for FilePool/SmartPool policies.  Basically I am trying to create three policies and I have...
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  • Isilon- Invoke-RestMethod

    OneFS Version PowerShell 4.0   I have followed this blog Using Powershell with the Platform API - The Basics  and Re: Creating a CIFS Share using Powershell   I can connect using the Invoke-R...
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  • How to Configure the IPMI Port in ISilon x series

    Hi all,     Please help to configure the IPMi port on Isilon X series model or any document related to IPMI in Isilon will helpful.     Thanks in Advance
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  • mount request from x.x.x.x for /nfs_store failed with error: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

    I have an NFS store on our Isilon that is used for templates and iso's in VMware.  ESXi servers are the only hosts that can access the nfs store as I have the nfs share restricted to just those ESXi servers as cl...
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  • Need a evaluation license keys for Isilon OneFS

    i need to test the SmartLock feature on my Isilon OneFS simulator, Is there a way to get an evaluation license key?
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  • OneFS LDAP Setup and Issue with "Email Address" field

    We're still setting up our Isilon and getting ready to migrate data, and I've been trying to get LDAP authentication working even though we're not planning to use LDAP at this time (we'll be using NIS to start, then A...
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  • Home Directory NTFS ACL

    Hello All,   I am trying to understand how certain ACL are being set on a Home directory share set to be auto provision and auto create, with ACL inheretance turned on.   when a user is home directory is c...
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