• Insight IQ 4.0 linux install issues

    I downloaded and installed "install-insightiq-" but insightIQ is unable to run properly. I populated /etc/isilon/insightiq.ini with the needed info and made sure that cache_dir exists and is writable. &nb...
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  • bug onefs with directory containing extended UTF8 characters?

    I am planning to upgrade my SMB cluster to the target code Onefs from just to be at the target code version like my NFS cluster already at I heard that I should wait because of a possible bug ...
    Alain Richard
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  • Data copy between Isilon access zone in a Isilon

    Hello,   How can we copy data like the following after we login to Isilon by SSH? Is that possible? Can we use cp command for that? With which options? There seems no “–r” option in Isilon cp c...
    Hiroki K.
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  • What are "Unresolved Clients" on the NFS Exports page?

    I've created an NFS share, with clients foo.example.com and bar.example.com.  From the CLI, nslookup is able to resolve both name, however the same names are listed as unresolved clients.  For the time being...
    Samuel Denton
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  • Upgrade to 8.x

    Anyone have running 8.x in a Production Env. ? Any Major Problems?
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  • Isilon usermapper rule with wildcard is not working

    Hi All,   I have NIS & AD configured in my isilon, for the multi-protocol environment I am trying the change the AD user primary group from "domain users" to that of the primary group from his/her unix accou...
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  • Quark Express and Isilon Storage

    Today we copied QuarkXPress 9.50 files from a WINDOWS 2008R2 file server to X200 Isilon v7.2.0.5.  RoboCopy was used to copy the files from Windows to the Isilon.  We have confirmed that it was a clean copy ...
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  • How to set up Active Directory provider to allow id command to query a uid

    If I run id 1000001from an ssh session to an isilon node, configured to with an Active Directory provider, it returns id: 1000001: no such user. Running id DOMAIN\\user1 returns the info correctly, after which I can a...
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  • Isilon is not authenticating OSX Users at Remote Site

    Hello All,   This past weekend something happened and users who had their PC's off over the weekend could no longer access our shared drive off it. However, all users who had their PC's on, myself included, were...
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  • Ideas for migrating 50+ TB of CIFS data to Isilon

    Hello.   We are migrating our current NAS to Isilon and we have a few volumes that are 40-50+ TB in size.  The user has stated we cannot move them a little at a time so it has to be a single cutover.  ...
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  • isi_netlogger syntax

    I've looked through the CLI guide for 7.2 and cannot find this command listed at all. There is no man page either. When I run this on our NL400  it doesn't capture anything in or out of the 10gig interfaces, only...
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  • EX12000

    I'm planning on buying two used Isilon EX12000 to connect to my Linux server. My question is, considering that there's FOUR SAS ports at the back of the EX12000, how many of these do you need to connect? All four, two...
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  • Best way to report on user activity

    Every time an employee is let go, my department is asked what that user did on their last days. It sounds like all they want is a clean report that states what a user did on our VNX in their last few days at the compa...
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  • Isilon simulator hangs

    I've been trying to deploy the following versions of Isilon simulator and it keeps hanging after the initial configuration.   EMC_Isilon_OneFS_7.1.1.9_Simulator EMC_Isilon_OneFS_7.2.1.1_Simulator EMC_Isilon_On...
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  • How do I re-number Isilon nodes in a cluster?

    As Isilon clusters grow over time, and nodes are Smartfailed out, you may be left with a cluster that does not have contiguous node numbers.  If that ever happens, it is easy to change a node number to be what yo...
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  • CEE Isilon Audit logging to Splunk - got it to work but what do the codes mean?

    What do the codes and events in RED mean?     This is the CEE audit output in Splunk   <CheckEventRequest> <EventList count="1"> <Event event="0x80" path="\\test1\onefs$\ifs\home\user1...
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  • Why I can mount NFS export subdirectories?

    Hi,   I have an problem about NFS export on OneFS Although I checked "Enable mount access to subdirectories...." when creating NFS export, I can mount subdirectories.   I found this problem resol...
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  • iSilon Email SMTP settings!

    Hi all!   I have email system send/receive well, I configure iSilon Email SMTP to send notification to email account (isilon@abc.com) in email system, but from email isilon@abc.com, I don't receive any email fro...
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  • Linux Bind dns delegation

    an you please give me a little assistance with how to properly Delegate the DNS record for the isilon smart pool via Linux DNS bind 9.   Currently I have the following configured   Isilon smart pool name:...
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  • I can not start up IsilonSD

    Hi, I am Installing  IsilonSD. After configuring IsilonSD Management Server  tool and executing the steps to deploy Cluster,  the tool shows the next error message.  “Error: Cluster Creation&...
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