• Retrieving "estimated usable capacity remaining"

    Hello folks,   How can i retrieve this metric either from FSA report or directly from PostgreSQL on IIQ system ? I would like to pull this value every so often via an automated process.     Thank you
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  • What privledge does a custom RBAC role need to run isi_for_array?

    In the example below I am logged in as a user that is a member of a group named SSH Access.  SSH Access is a member of custom role SSHAccess.  Sorry for the close naming convention.  I tried running wit...
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  • Isilon Mgmt pool configuration

    Hi,   Can some one help me to configure new Mgmt pool under different subnet.   I want to release the IP's from the existing MGMT pool and move the IP's to NFS pool, so that I can configure Dynamic failov...
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  • How and Where can you change the number of allowable open files?

    I'd like to change the maximum number of open files per node. How and where can I do that?   Thanks   - Jim
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  • Isilon - Which node(s) are the master nodes?

    Community,     Can someone please tell me how I will be to identify which nodes in the cluster are the master node(s)?  Is there a command that I can run the discover which node(s) these are?  Let...
    Chris Hunt
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  • Isilon cloudpools and Azure

    Hi there,   I can't find any architectural guides on Cloudpools specifically with Azure, I'm trying to price up some blob storage and I don't know if I can use the cool tier or if it needs to be hot.   I'm...
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  • MMC use to see sessions and close open files

    First, I know I can use the cli for this, but I want to use the MMC for certain tasks and have this issue: When going directly to the storage pool IP, I can see only the open sessions that I have open, no others in th...
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  • ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME when attempting to join AD

    When attempting to join our OneFS Cluster to an AD domain, the GUI and CLI return the error:   Your Active Directory provider was not createdError #1: Failed to join domain 'contoso.COM' account 'hostname' user '...
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  • UNKNOWN user/computer @ isi statistics client

    Hello All,   maybe someone got the same issue like I have. sometimes I'm facing the problem that my cluster (only smb, lot of users doing random workflows with i guess office files) got a high cpu load. So i...
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  • Isilon Snapshot destination.

    Greetings all, I was wondering the where all the snapshots would get saved once I scheduled snapshots for a particular directory. for eg: /ifs/myworld/unixdata/world I am aware that we can list complete list of sn...
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  • How to check mounted client lists both nfs and SMB?

    Hi guys,   I wonder how to check mounted client lists both nfs and SMB via CLI.   Or can it be shown only using InsightIQ?   Thanks.
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  • Isilon smartpools migration with multiple node types

    Hi,   I have a customer that has an existing Isilon cluster that is due for a refresh. The existing cluster consists of x200 and IQ108 nodes. The newly purchased nodes that will be added to this cluster are X210...
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  • User role for non-root for REST API access

    Hi, I've created a script to poll some data out of the Isilon (8.0) using the REST API, however, I want to set up a limit R/O account and not use the root/admin account. I followed Robert Chang's tutorial OneFS API T...
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  • Node firmware 10.1.1 question (On OneFS

    Following a node firmware update to 10.1.1, the status of the firmware is:   Device                    Type &nb...
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  • Can 2 different IsilonSD clusters environment running on the single vCenter?

    We currently have a 8.0 IsilonSD environment running on a 5.5 vCenter.  We now want to build another 8.1 IsilonSD environment and register the new management server to this same vCenter.  Is this possible to...
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  • NFS: Generally read-only, but some hosts with read/write

    I would like to grant all hosts on read-only access to an NFS export, but also give read-write access to and No matter what combination of options I set, I only get read-onl...
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  • Anyone have disable Root login to Isilon via SSH

    There's an /etc/ssh/sshd_config file that you can tweak just like other Unix system to disable SSH to the server for root user for security reason.    Does anyone have implemented this in Isilon? 
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  • Patch 210178 failing

    Hi all,   I'm attempting to install the latest OneFS patch (210178) on our test cluster and it is failing for me:   scratch-1# isi upgrade patches list Patch Name   Description     ...
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  • One page diagram of Isilon

    Perhaps useful to others, when trying to explain OneFS to technically-oriented managers -- a one-page diagram summarizing OneFS.  Doesn't include Gen6 http://www.skendric.com/map/EMC-Isilon-OneFS-An-Ops-Managers...
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  • Disk size

    Want to check the physical disk size of Isilon Node. Howwe check ?
    Pulkit Kaul
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