• Isilon OneFs 6.5.5

    Hi All,   I have a down node and I need to reimage it. I desperately need the OneFs image file for version 6.5.5. I have searched EMC and it is no longer available. It is an older isilon cluster using IQ3000X's....
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  • Start OneFS from scratch

    Hey Community,     What would be the command i would use to practically reset an Isilon node (To get the "add to a cluster menu")? Once the node has been smart failed from the cluster and lets say you want ...
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  • EMC Isilon OneFS API to get Inventory data

    We want to utilize the OneFS Rest API to gather inventory data on each of our clusters.   I was able to set up authentication to the API and query some of the resource URIs. This document lists many of the resour...
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  • syslogd troubleshooting

    So I am having this issue with the syslogd daemon. I had to restart the syslogd daemon. It did not work whenever I did a isi services -a syslogd disable. Therefore I tried another way that was suggested to me which wa...
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  • dump Isilon audit log to syslog server

    Can some one suggest how to send audit log to syslog servers. Any reference document for more options.   Thank you
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  • OneFS isi event alerts modify doesn't work

    The event alerting on OneFS seems to be dead set on sending alerts on Informational stuff. I have tried removing Information from all of my smtp-sending alerts, and yet it remains.   See the following: dm11-2...
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  • Node pool protection

    Hi,   After upgrading to OneFS we have reconfigured the protection from +2d:1n to +3d:1n1d. How can we verify this new level is fully implemented. After 24H we don't see any increase in used disk space. ...
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  • Looking for Mellanox ISI5025 Fan part number

    Hey Guys,  Is there a way I can remotely find part number for Mellanox ISI5025 Fan.? Tired searching couple of EMC and Mellanox Documentation but was not able to find much information.   Any help would be ...
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  • Isilon - Code Upgrade produced duplicate NFS exports

    Community,We had 3 different clusters with code upgrades we had to perform this past weekend. Code upgrades from OneFS to on all 3 clusters.  Does anyone know if this is a undocumented known issue...
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  • Isilon - NFS Export Wiped Out After Code Upgrade

    Community,We had 3 different clusters with code upgrades we had to perform this past weekend. Code upgrades from OneFS to on all 3 clusters. I wanted to know is this might have been a undocumented know...
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  • How to read "isi statistics" outputs?

    Does anybody know why "# isi statistics query --stats node.ifs.ops.in.rate" output is very different from that of "# isi statistics system --oprates --nodes"? Both commands check imput "ops/s" of Isilon but it seems ...
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  • Isilon - Study Materials

    Community,   Where can I find study notes for this?   Isilon Technical Certification Program - EMC       Thank you,
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  • Does InsightIQ not support OneFS

    I've upgraded to the latest version of InsightIQ-- and tried using it to monitor a new isilon running OneFS  Attempting to add the cluster produces the error:   "The Specified cluster is run...
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  • Isilon data protection levels and number of drives it uses per node

    Hi there,   I am guessing this question might have been already asked before, but i didn't find a right link to understand it correctly -   I am trying to understand more about Isilon data protection lev...
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  • Error in FTP Logs

    We have recently seen may FAIL DELETE / FAIL RENAME status in the logs. The one of the examples is below. I would appreciate your advice in this ;   Node-1:  /var/log/vsftpd.log.0.gz:Fri Mar 10 10:08:56 201...
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  • InsightIQ - Upgrading to 4.1.1 from 4.1

    Community,     I just want to make sure I got this right so this will be a dumb question.  If I wanted to upgrade an existing InsightIQ VM from 4.1 to 4.1.1 I would download the "Isilon InsightIQ 4.1.1...
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  • How to configure NFSv4

    Hello guys/gals,   This is my first endeavor into NFSv4 world so i have absolutely no experience where to begin (did some intensive googling prior ). At the moment i am using a virtual appliance, i enabled NFSv...
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  • Pre-requisites for Isilon learning

    I am looking for the following modules. I managed to get a PDF copy of the Fundamentals e-learning module . Anyone know where the second one is located? Is it a free module?   Isilon Fundamentals (e-learning) I...
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  • Isilon - Verify Data Copied from Source to Destination

    Community,   according to this blog the preferred tool used to copy data to a new location is rsync. NFS data copy tool - rsync and  what other open source tools ??   But once the copy is complete wh...
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  • InsightIQ - Analyzing IOPS

    Community,     We have a script that is running on the cluster that sends us a email when the disk on the Isilon NAS are experiencing High Disk IOPS.  I am trying to use InsightIQ to analyze the IOPS a...
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