• Isilon OneFs Cluster size

    hi   I have isilon cluster with 39x HD400 nodes. each node have 59x 8TB disks.   protection level configured as N+4n,   the HDD Available capacity showing as 16.0 PB under Cluster Size, is this the R...
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  • How to get info on why a file is quarantined?

    Hi,   I am newbie to Isilon and notice several files are quarantined and when I run the command against a file, I don't see the exact reason why it's quarantined.   # isi avscan get path_to_file File:&nbs...
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  • Is NDMP option effective without reboot

    Hello everyone, i would like to know if i disable or enable the NDMP option on a Isilon, is it effective without reboot or not ? I read that some devices need to be rebooted to be effective but i can't find a specific...
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  • Isilon 8 Simulator // Smart Connect // DNS Validation

    Hi Guys,   I just deployed a Windows 2012 R2 DC with running DNS Server on it and also a Isilon One FS 8 Cluster with 3 Nodes.     The Isilon is completely configured and i successfully have joined my...
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  • how to view distribution of ip addresses to interfaces in 8.0 firware?

    When I assign interfaces to pool in 7.2 firmware, I was able to instant view distribution of ip addresses to interfaces: How can I view distribution of ip addresses to interfaces in 8.0 firmware? Network configurat...
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  • which commands can be used to view the average cpu,network throught.. average usage??

    hello. which commands can be used to view the average cpu,network throught.. average usage??   regards.
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  • Permanently delete files and ensure they are unrecoverable

    Hi,   Due to special requirements to delete files on the Isilon via NFS mounts and ensure they are not recoverable even at the block level, we are evaluating Linux tools such as srm and shred. My questions are: ...
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  • Isilon OneFS 8.0 - New events have stopped entering the log

    Hello All:   I have a 21-node Isilon NL400 Cluster running OneFS 8 (, joined to an AD domain. All new events on the cluster (except for Heartbeats) have stopped entered the 'Event Groups' log.   ...
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  • CEE with Isilon 7.2 and Event Flow

    I'm running Isilon 7.2 using CEE and I'm trying to determine the flow of audit events through the system.   1. Event is triggered by User 2. isilon records event in /ifs/.ifsvar/logs 3. isi_audit_cee (or isi_a...
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  • Isilon - Cancel node firmware upgrade

    Community,   I have ran into a problem where the node I kicked the whole sale firmware update from appears to be stuck.  It was to start at node 1 but node one appears to have panicked during the firmware u...
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  • Clients autheticating on nodes 2 & 3 get error message "A device attached to the system is not functioning"

    I have a 3 node Isilon cluster running OneFS with three access zones plus the system zone and joined to three untrusted AD domains. When users try to authenticate to their shares, the clients that authenticate...
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  • InsightIQ - download CSV - only getting 250 directories

    Hi When I download directories from File System Analytics, Data Usage, I only get the first 250 directories. There are more than 10000 directories. Anybody with experience concerning this?   InsightIQ
    Henrik Ravn
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  • time incorrect

          event : node4  time incorrect like ntp is not effect   in ssh manual set node4 time   then node 4 time will slower then others
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  • Isilon Cluster migration to new nodes

    Hello all - I am looking do to an Isilon cluser "refresh" from X200 nodes to X210 nodes. Currently there are four X200 nodes we would like to migrate to four brand new X210 nodes and eventually move the original X200 ...
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  • Isilon Integration with Antivirus

    hi team..   what ISILON IP's are we going to use in ICAP servers when integrating Isilon with Antivirus   ISILON Management IP's or Data IP's(pool IP's for SMB) ?   Customer would like to add these ...
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  • Best process to change subnets?

    Hi   I am relatively new to Isilon admin so please bear with me. We are a radio/tv station with a number of live processes reading files live from isilion, as well as a number of virtual servers which have the...
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  • Need with a Certified Data Erasure Disucssion?

    My customer needs to return two 4 Node Isilon clusters with SED drives.  Our internal process does not leave the customer a "certified letter" for audit purposes.  The customer owns Blancco, does anyone know...
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  • InsightIQ ports

    HI all,   What ports should I open to communicate from InsightIQ to Isilon Cluster and conversely ? regards
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  • InsightIQ ports

    hi all,   What ports should I open to communicate from Isilon to insightIQ and InsightIQ to Isilon cluster? regards
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  • Isilon x410 Nodes - Front Panel Lights

    So this is kind of driving me crazy.  Whenever something triggers a critical alert, my front panels go amber, maybe on the particular node or for all of them.  I clear whatever was causing the issue (yesterd...
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