• Isilon and CEE issues (routing/receiving).

    Does anyone have any issues with CEE receivers and Isilon OneFS  Right now I went through the logs because we have a couple issues:   1.  We have two CEE receivers, one for an internal applica...
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  • Isilon Simultaor upgrade failure - md5 not found

    I am upgrading my virtual isilon cluster from to and it failed saying it cant find md5.   2018-02-23 11:08:02,522 INFO Node version: B_MR_8_0_0_4_054(RELEASE) 2018-02-23 11:08:02,523 INFO...
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  • Isilon Infiniband network

    Hello,   Is there any way to verify which ib port on Isilon node connected to which infiniband switch ?  We wanted to make sure connections are properly established to the right port-switch. Pls suggest. &n...
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  • Isilon API with curl

    I could not find any examples of how to connect to and use the platform API and I thought this may be usefull. I'm using curl from the command line. I'd love to see other ways to use the API and how the json outputs c...
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  • Search functionality in Isilon GUI for SMB shares

    Hi, I would like to know if engineering can add a search functionality on Isilon GUI, more especially in protocol>SMB shares page. In this page it lists out all the SMB shares but if I got to look at one particula...
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  • Isilon SD Edge on Dell VRTX

    I'm looking at the possibility of building out Isilon SD Edge on a Dell VRTX. I started going through the install documentation and on page 10 it talks about identifying systems that are compatible with Isilon SD Edge...
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  • Cloudpools account validation error

    I'm trying to configure my first cloudpools account on our lab cluster running OneFS for Amazon S3, but keep on getting the following error:   Account validation failed to connect to remote server: clapi...
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  • Infiniband Serial Numbers

    What is the command to verify Infini band Serial numbers
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    I have configured the management vlan in its own groupnet with its own dns and the video vlan in another groupnet with its own dns. Dominions do not see each other and are not routable with each other since the video...
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  • Authenticate from two different subnets

    It is possible for a group of users using an access zone to authenticate across two different networks? We have a campus commodity network (already defined) and want to create a path through our DMZ for the same group...
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  • need to delete 1500 quotas...and folders

    We run a nightly script (created with the help of isilon support team) that assigns a 2GB quota to any folder in ifs/data/home  that doesn't have one.   Works great.   Many years of neglect with r...
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  • Login banner - Isilon

    How to add login banner on Isilon CLI.  Thanks for the help
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  • OneFS issues

    Anyone expirience Smartconnect issues after upgrade to ?
  • How to delete a node pool from Isilon

    Hi,   We recently smartfailed out (3) X200 nodes. However, in the WebUI the x200 diskpool still shows up and we would like to remove it.   We understands the "disi" command is restricted and would like guida...
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  • STIG hardening question

    Can someone please provide me additional information related to the STIG hardening profile? Basically what it does and or settings involved in using it? Also can anyone confirm that this STIG hardening is a seperate l...
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  • How can I reduce the size of isi_gather_info?

    Hi,   Our customer has a Isilon clustoer running in OneFS And the size of isi_gather_info has been too big, almost 3GB.   I'd like to know how to reduce the size of isi_gather_info.   I fou...
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  • Unable to get LDAP working on InsightIQ 4.1.1

    We have AD on Win3k8R2 serving up our LDAP. It has the Unix extensions installed. After entering our LDAP information...:   LDAP server: ldap://server.example.com Base search entry: dc=example,dc=com Bind entr...
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  • Where is configuation wizard on OneFS Simulator 8.1?

    Using the ova and running under VMWare Workstation Pro 12. Started the first vm and after about 10 minutes I got to a prompt. Logged in as root but nothing else happened. Was there some sort of config wizard supposed ...
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  • Accessing samba share outside domain issue

    Our cluster works with AD. My laptop that I'm using for configurations etc isn't joined in the domain. So when I try to open the share I get prompted for credentials, I enter domainname\myusername  then I suces...
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  • How to install Isilon simulator on virtualbox ?

    Hi,   I want to install Isilon simulator on virtualbox. But I can not complete it. Does anyone know how to do it ?   I defined resources as follows.   ide primay master disk is "boot0.vmdk" scsi d...
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