• Microsoft Excel .XLS Slow to Open after

    Has any one upgraded to and find that older Microsoft Office files are slow to open and close over the network?  If the Antivirus is turned off then the files open at normal speed.  If the files are ...
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  • OneFS 8.x and Twinax cables

    Hello,   Is there a reason DellEMC decided to drop support for Twinax cables for 10G connectivity ?  As we are planning to upgrade to 8.0.x this summer we were notified that Twinax is no longer supported, w...
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  • API Returns 'None' for Description from list_smb_shares

    I have used one of the examples to get the detail of our SMB shares, as I need to clone them to our DR cluster.   Mostly it works as expected, this is a fragment:   api_response = protocols_api.list_smb_s...
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  • Does Isilon support NDMP Volume Backup (VBB)

    Hello,   Can someone please tell me if Isilon supports NDMP Volume Backup commonly known as VBB. I couldn't find any reference to VBB in the Backup & Recovery guide.   Thank you
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  • Problem: Copying files from Isilon to same Isilon = Slow (Using CIFS share and Windows machines.)

    Questions in color. Problem summary: Copying files from Isilon to same Isilon = Slow (Using CIFS share and Windows machines.)   Problem details: In our workflow we copy millions of files from folder A to fold...
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  • Netapp migration - Snaplock to Smartlock - Filenet Questions

    Hello everyone, We are looking to migrate our current Netapp arrays over to Isilon, however there is some concern with corruption as well as what the best methodology would be for performing this migration. We have a...
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  • Isilon Vs ECS

    Hello Guys,   Isilon can support all modern data center protocols like HTTP , Rest API, HDFS etc,. Along with that it can support SMB and NFS as  NAS storage. Except the remotely anywhere access feature isi...
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  • Computer accounts provisioning home directories

    Hi all,   I have a SMB share for our users home directories.  These get created on the Isilon automatically with Home Directory Provisioning.  The problem is computer accounts (*not* user accounts) are...
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  • Does SyncIQ(OneFS 8.1) replicate configuration information such as SMB shares,NFS exports,snapshots and so on?

    Hi,all:     As i know,SyncIQ  does not replicate configuration information such as SMB shares,NFS exports,snapshots ,Active Directory and authention providers with OneFS 8.0.How about OneFS 8.1?
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  • Events and Alert - Send Test Alert not working

    Hi, I'm running OneFS I configured an Alert Channel with the SMTP settings, etc. Then I configured an Alert and selected all the Event Group Categories. When I click the Send Test Alert button, I thought I...
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  • ISILON 8.0.4, RHEL[6,7] NFSv4 clients and ACL not working properly.

    Is there anybody accessing an ISILON cluster running OneFS from RHEL6 or 7 NFSv4 clients ?   We are experiencing some issues with ACLs on the client side. We are able to mount and access NFSv4 exports w...
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  • Unable to apply NTFS permission for external domain

    Hi,   I'm struggling to apply recursive NTFS permission for the domain where the trust type has been mentioned as external incoming, I have applied the Share level permission for the service accounts and it took...
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  • On InsightIQ WebUI, how do I see all capacity values under the 'File System Analytics' section in a chosen unit?

    On InsightIQ WebUI, how do I see all capacity values under the 'File System Reporting' > 'File System Analytics' section displayed in GB rather than an automated mix of GB, TB and PB?
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  • How to disable SMB1 on Isilon OneFS?

    Need help on disabling SMB1 for Isilon OneFS.
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  • Online Data migration within zones

    Hi, To overcome performance issues on /ifs/data paths, we are thinking to migrate data from /ifs/data to /ifs/Tier1 zone. Basically tier1 zones are configured with S nodes and /ifs/data zones are configured with X ...
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  • Isilon data migration

    Hi,   I have Isilon cluster of IQ nodes ()OneFS - 6.5). Planning to upgrade cluster with new X series nodes. My query is about transferring data.   1) Can I create 2 different cluster & transfer data u...
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  • pre/post script options or alternatives?

    I'm in the process of testing out using Isilon (onefs as the target for our Veritas Enterprise Vault. One of the features of Enterprise Vault for Exchange is to leave a copy of the item in the original locati...
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  • REST API passwordless authentication

    Hi,   From reading   https://support.emc.com/docu79794_OneFS-8.0.1-API-Reference.pdf?language=en_US   page 17, it seems   "Session cookies are configured to expire automatically in 15 minutes a...
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  • Get Specific Path Directory Size - REST API Namespace (Recursion?)

    Hello Everyone, So I have a sort of weird issue I was hoping to pick your brains on- I have customers that would like to get directory specific size stats, however the directory isn't always the same one (ex. differe...
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  • Hidden no permission SMB shared folder

    Hi All,   My scenario is that, there are 2 department in my company. I create "User's Home" share folder for user in these two department. They are: PATHSMB Share Name/ifs/data/dep1/%UDEP1_HOME/ifs/data/dep2/%UD...
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