• SmartFail Estimate time

    hi Is there any guide line or even experience that how long will it take to to complete SmartFail upon disk failure ?   thanks aya
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  • Creating a quota report using the API

    Hello   I am posting on behalf of my customer.  What they want to do is create a plain website that shows simple data: username, quota space used, and use simple math to calculate % of that space used and c...
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  • Data Transfer from None Isilon Cluster to Isilon Cluster

    Hey Community,     Here is the scenario... We have Source (None Isilon Cluster), Destination (Isilon Cluster)     We are trying to copy nearly 1 PB of data from the Source to the Destination clus...
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  • Help - howto setup Swift ?

    Hi All,   I am trying to setup Swift on S210 cluster with OneFS in lab environment but could not find anything in Admin Guide. I've searched KB and this space but nothing useful. Any hint or help will be...
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  • Trunk IB switches Isilon Cluster

    Hey Community,   I know its not probably recommended, but was wondering if anyone has tried trunking IB switches between 2 different set of clusters that you plan to unite as one cluster?   We have a Old ...
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  • jCIFS Support??

    I have an application group who are trying to create a "roll-your-own" CIFS/SMB client to run on AIX and access SMB shares on an Isilon running The first question at this point would be - is it supported by D...
    Big Data Tom
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  • Do we need to upgrade the onefs version before adding new node to existing cluster

    I am new to isilon hardware and it may stupid question. my existing cluster has version 7.2.x and planning to add one more node. Do we need to upgrade the firmware before adding to cluster or will it do auto sync from...
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  • Isilon ACL Question

    We have a NFS share exported as no_root_squash. We would like to make one the directories under it read-only to root. How can we accomplish that?   root can still write even when we have this ACLs:   # ls ...
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  • who deduped /ifs

    I logged onto one of our Isilon clusters today to find that /ifs and down had be deduped.  Is there anyway of identifying what user ran this job?  Under Job Operations in the gui you can see the job but it d...
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  • Isilon NL410 Node Backplane Light indicators (What do they mean?)

    Hey Community,   Is there a doc that explains what the different light indicators mean on the backside of the Isilon NL410 nodes? Currently I have a flashing orange light on the back of one of my nodes and the r...
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  • Output of "isi smb sessions/openfiles list" Access Zone aware?

    Hi all,   today I am wondering about the CLI output of the 'isi smb sessions list' and 'isi smb openfiles list' commands on OneFS Although there are some open SMB connections with Windows clients copyi...
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  • Start OneFS from scratch

    Hey Community,     What would be the command i would use to practically reset an Isilon node (To get the "add to a cluster menu")? Once the node has been smart failed from the cluster and lets say you want ...
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  • NFS Exports

    Hi,   Sorry for the newbie questions. If I have a directory structure:   /ifs/  (NFS export: root squashed) |--- dir1 (no NFS export)   |--- subdir1a |--- dir2  (NFS export: root client s...
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  • deduplication schedule

    I'm looking to enable deduplication and enabling a schedule for it for the first time on our new Isilon's.  I've set the directories I want to have deduplicated.  I go to edit the Dedupe job type and I want ...
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  • NFS File Size Limitations from OneFS?

    In reading the "NFS File Migration to EMC Isilon" white paper, I found a table (page 34 and 35) that states, in part, there is a 4TB limit hardcoded by OneFS for "File Size".  That whitepaper was written back in ...
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  • Snapshot different visibility , possible solutions?

    Hi guys, I have a question about the snapshots permissions on ISILON   Basically I have a common SMB environments with 2 big directories shared, in one we have all the user's home in the other one we have only ...
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  • How to monitor oplock statistics in Onefs 8.x

    Hello,   Our Customer is using onefs 8.0.1 and now has some issue in their live system regarding SMB opplock. Does anyone know how we can monitor oplock statistics in the system? I saw KB305232 to use "isi smb...
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  • Locks and NFSv3

    I run the following command and I get back some exclusive locks on files that I know to be outdated.  For example:   "isi nfs nlm locks list --verbose" gives back   ----------------------------------...
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  • Ask the Expert: Accelerate the Data Lake with Isilon All-Flash

    YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED ON THESE ASSETS...Ask The Expert – Isilon’s New Releases: IsilonSD Edge, OneFS.NEXT and CloudPools Ask the Expert: Are you ready to manage deep archiving workloads with Isilon...
    Roberto Araujo
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  • how to setting journal disk size on Isilon SD Edge

    I have installed Isilon SD Edge on 3 servers, and put the boot disk and Journal disk in SSD driver. But the Journal disk just have 512MB, so Isilon SD Edge write performance is very poor, 100% write just have 60MB/s. ...
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