• Question for Isilon data protect level

    Hi all!   I have some question for Isilon, please help me answer, thanks! - I have 3 node, in one node have 35 drive (2TB), but when I show in system, I onnly see total 181TB, why? - I check protect level +2d:...
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  • Monitor IB switch: Mellanox IS5200.

    Hi all, I have 2 IB Switchs IS5200 8 ports for Isilon cluster. How to monitor their status? Please help me, thanks!
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  • Looking for tips on trouble shooting Isilon Replication Policies

    I'm new to the Isilon game, so forgive me if I seem a bit green....   I have several policies that are failing with this error   SyncIQ policy failed, A work item has been restarted too many times.  T...
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  • Isilon SyncIQ to cloud?

    Is there an Isilon-native way to make backups of Isilon data in the cloud (AWS/Google/Azure/Virtustream)?   I’m aware of Cloudpools, but that seems to be a tier for primary data to be migrated off-prem.&nb...
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  • Export SMB shares to out of domain clients

    Can we export SMB shares to windows server which are in out of domain from Isilon cluster ?  Can you help me with the directions like Firewall port requirements and Active Directory changes needs to be accomplish...
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  • Does Isilon object API support appending an object

    Can I append a string to an existing object in storage. Or does Isilon provide some library to do this job. As far as I know,  in Swift, the manifest mechanism can combine several objects to one, so it's similar ...
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  • isi_vol_copy issues

    What is the best tool to do data migration from NetApp to Isilon ? Running code and ( Prod and DR)   Facing lot of issues with isi_vol_copy tool while doing file migration from NetApp to Isilon. ...
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  • Kerberized NFS on Mac OS X

    Has anyone been able to mount NFSv3 or NFSv4 using kerberized NFS on Mac OS 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11? We have this working in Linux, but not Mac.   We are able to mount using AUTH_SYS, but using the sec=krb5 mount o...
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  • Isilon Owner Inheritance on New Objects

    We're in the process of migrating our file data from a Windows server and CIFS server on a VNX 5400 to Isilon. On our old servers, the local admin group is made the owner of any new files/folders created by admin and ...
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  • Changing Isilon root and admin passwords

    How can we change Isilon root and admin default passwords   Thanks in advance
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  • Isilon Event logs only for Create file | folder or rename file | folder

    Hi, We have a requirement where Client needs to check for last couple of days logs to verify who renamed or created a new file | folder , we already enabled audit logs in the Isilon Storage device.   But when ...
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  • Does Isilon 8.0 support python-swiftclient?

    hi guys,   I am working on a project to use isilon as swift storage. And my previous implementation has support openstak swift by using python-swiftclient library.   The Technote of version 7.2 clarify tha...
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  • High res timestamp on Isilon

    Hello Isilon gurus - I'm having a bit of an odd problem.   One of my in house pieces of software makes use of the high res timestamp on NFS mtime.   And we've found that our (new) Isilon, seems to change t...
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  • Reimage X200

    I inherited a cluster of 3 X200's and 3 NLs.  I have been instructed to reimage due to the sensitivity of the data. (and the system was in pieces when I received. So start from scratch). I already have an x200 c...
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  • How to configure NFSv4

    Hello guys/gals,   This is my first endeavor into NFSv4 world so i have absolutely no experience where to begin (did some intensive googling prior ). At the moment i am using a virtual appliance, i enabled NFSv...
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  • HDP Ambari connect to Isilon Start All Service Failed Web HDFS Access File Not Found Error

    I encountered problem when trying to get Ambari HDP (computer nodes) connected with Isilon.   I followed this guide: http://hsk-hwx.readthedocs.io/en/latest/hsk.html#install-ambari-server   At the final stag...
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  • Isilon Node Upgradation

    Hello Team,   I am facing some problem while adding the new node in existing Isilon cluster. Actually we have 7 node cluster and have planned to add one new node. Existing 7 nodes have following configuration....
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  • NFS Exports history

    hello,   Does Isilon has nfs exports history log ??  we have a situation where we need to find one of old nfs export path/date. which is not there at this moment.
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  • Best, most efficient, protection level for small files - 55KB

    Hello,   What would be the best protection level and node count for 55KB files (we store billions of 55k files..) in regards to overhead/efficiency, or does it even really matter with this size?  We are abo...
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  • [Q] IP Pool Type to use SMB3.0 CA

    Hello Experts,   When using SMB3.0 CA with OneFS8.0, do we have to use dynamic IP pool as mentioned for NFSv4 CA?   As far as i checked in lab testing, SMB reconnect after I/F or Node down is established w...
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