• REST API and performance stats

    Hi, The Document linked below   https://support.emc.com/docu78704_Isilon-OneFS-Cluster-Performance-Metrics-Tips-and-Tricks.pdf?language=en_UShttp://Hi, Has nice queries to get performance stats.   Is the...
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  • multiprotocol data migration

    https://support.emc.com/docu51388_White-Paper:-NFS-File-Migration-to-an-Isilon-Cluster.pdf?language=en_UShttp://There is a good document   describing data migration to the isilon for an NFS only source.   ...
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  • Isilon issue or Linux issue?

    Mounting the CIFS share with cifs/acl and edit (just edit) the file in Linux, it changes the file permissions. I think the permissions, are all maintained on the server, which is the Isilon in this case. Appr...
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  • Metrics for Isilon IOPS

    Community,   I am trying to find the correct syntax to hopefully start collecting IOPS metric for specific folders on the cluster.  Is this possible?  I know the command I am looking for is isi statist...
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  • SyncIQ - using the remote replica

    Working with a customer recently with a large data store of 75TB of video data, the video data needs to be accessible in two different locations.   Location one is the primary location which ingests/add's conte...
    Jeffrey Wiggins
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  • How to determine number of open networking ports

    I am new to the SAN world and i am being asked how many open ports we have for network connectivity. i am not sure where to find this information so any  directions would be appreciated. Thanks
    Michael Collins
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  • UNKNOWN user/computer @ isi statistics client

    Hello All,   maybe someone got the same issue like I have. sometimes I'm facing the problem that my cluster (only smb, lot of users doing random workflows with i guess office files) got a high cpu load. So i...
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  • Isilon - /ifs and synthetic ACL

    Community,     How important is it that /ifs retains its synthetic ACL stamp?  Below is a directory I created and altered the permissions and the synthetic ACL stamp disappeared.  I need to know i...
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  • Unable to get LDAP working on InsightIQ 4.1.1

    We have AD on Win3k8R2 serving up our LDAP. It has the Unix extensions installed. After entering our LDAP information...:   LDAP server: ldap://server.example.com Base search entry: dc=example,dc=com Bind entr...
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  • OneFS 8.0.x.x Event Alerts

    We recently upgraded from 7.2 to and we don't receive the same event alerts in the webui. For example, the Webui has been reporting all nodes as 'healthy' but when i ran a isi_hw_status, i found that node 4 w...
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  • Isilon - SMB share access troubleshooting

    Community,     This test cluster is giving me fits and trying to figure out why I cant seem to access this SMB share I created?  Could it be the directory permissions that stopping me?   Director...
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  • InsightIQ default CLI username/password

    I just installed InsightIQ From the console I configured networking but I'm unable to ping it or access the web UI. I would like to log into the CLI to make sure everything is set up correctly but, for the li...
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  • As Hybrid computing does EMC isilon as storage and compute from Azure or cloud providers is supported?

    As part of hybrid computing, does  EMC supports this architecture  for hadoop cluster   As Storage in islion(on premise) and compute nodes in Azure(private or public) so the idea behind is the data is ...
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  • Different firmware list at webUI page and CLI output

    Hi all, I recently did a Node firmware update and after that an OneFS Upgrade from to at two identical 5-Node-Clusters. There were no errors during the installation and everything worked well. All seem...
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  • FSA Reporting in InsightIQ

    Is there any way to automatically send FSA Reports automatically via email from InsightIQ? I understand we can do this for performance reports, but cannot find any way of doing the same for file system capacity report...
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  • Vmware Essential Plus for Isilon SD EDGE cluster

    Hi,   We are planning to configure Isilon SD EDGE cluster. Which edition of Vmware we need for Isilon SD EDGE cluster? Can we use Vmware Essential Plus Kit?   Regards, Bhavesh Rambhia
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  • Root access to InsightIQ appliance

    Hi,   I have InsightIQ 4.0 and 4.1.1 and want to change the database disk to a higher capacity. I am using the virtual appliance on VMware ESXi. Once I change the 2nd HDD size in VMware, the application does not...
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  • How do I change my Isilon default shell from csh to zsh?

    Something has changed my clusters default shell to csh. I would like to return it to zsh, does anyone have the process to change back to zsh? ------------------
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  • Set up SSH Key authentication on Isilon Cluster

    Hello, I need to set up SSH login authentication for an Active Directory account using SSH Keys.   I'm able to login via SSH on the command line and typing in the password.   I need to set up SSH Keys such t...
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  • Upgrade

    We have do an update from 8.0.03 to 8.0.04, it's all ok, but in the Webgui we have this in the right Corner.   The update is commited and the Status is ok.   In the "upgrade.log" i have this every Minute...
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