In the previous article on OneFS Healthchecks, we introduced the notion of the RUP, or roll-up patch. This generated a few questions from the field, so it seemed like a good blog topic. In this article we’ll take a look at the OneFS patch installation process which has been significantly refined and simplified in 8.2.1.


In previous releases the patching process could prove burdensome, often requiring multiple service restarts and reboots during patch installation.

To address this, OneFS 8.2.1 includes the following principle features in its enhanced patching process:

  • Supports installing patch without uninstalling previous version
  • Only requires a single node reboot
  • Reduces service stop and start to only once per service
  • Supports patching isi_upgrade_agent_d
  • Reduces security concerns during RUP installation
  • Supports patching the underlying Patch System
  • Utilizes the same familiar ‘isi upgrade patch’ CLI command syntax

So, let’s look at what’s involved in installing a new ‘roll-up patch’, or RUP, under 8.2.1.

1)  First, check for existing patches on the cluster:

# isi upgrade patch list

Patch Name Description            Status

UGA-August                          Installed

Total: 1


In this example, the CLI command verifies that patch ‘UGA-August’ is installed on the cluster. Patching activity is logged in a patch database, located at /ifs/.ifsvar/patch/patch.db


2)  Next, install a new patch directly (ie. without any uninstallation). In this case the September RUP, UGA-September, is being installed:

# isi upgrade patch install UGA-September.pkg

The below patches are deprecated by this patch and will be removed automatically:

- UGA-August

Would you like to proceed? (yes/[no]): yes

Requested install of patch UGA-September.


# isi upgrade patch list

Patch Name Description Status

UGA-August AdHoc

UGA-September Installing

Total: 2


Note that the previous patch, UGA-August, is now listed in ‘AdHoc’ state, which means this patch is to be automatically deprecated/removed by a new patch installation. However, at this point it is still installed and effective on cluster.

3)  After the installation, check for the correct installation of the new patch:

# isi upgrade patch list

Patch Name Description Status

UGA-September                                      Installed

Total: 1


If any issues are encountered with the patch installation process, please contact Isilon support immediately. That said, the state can be verified with the “isi upgrade patches list” command.

Additionally, patch installation logs are available under /var/log/isi_pkg.

Pertinent log messages include:


Log message


2019-10-16T02:20:05Z <3.6> ezhou2-6t972a3-1 isi_pkg[64413]: pkg_request: begin check_delete_deprecated

Check the deprecated patches on cluster

2019-10-16T02:20:15Z <3.6> ezhou2-6t972a3-1 isi_pkg[64462]: Unregistered 'RUP1-s' from all versions

Unregister deprecated/old RUP patch in cluster patch DB,  the deprecated RUP patch Status become “AdHoc”

2019-10-16T02:20:59Z <3.6> ezhou2-6t972a3-1 isi_pkg[64694]: Remove deprecated patch 'RUP1-s'

Deprecated RUP patches’ files will be removed at the stage of “INSTALL_EXEC”.

2019-10-16T02:21:15Z <3.6> ezhou2-6t972a3-1 isi_pkg[64865]: Removing patch from installed DB,patch 'RUP1-s' hash 'a5a33e47d5a423f1b68970d88241af53'

Deprecated RUP patches will be removed from installed DB at the stage of “INSTALL_COMMIT”.


Note that the patch removal or un-installation process has not changed in OneFS 8.2.1.

Additionally, the installation of firmware patches (drive DSP or node NFP) are not covered by this feature.