A preview of EMC’s presence at Splunk .CONF 2015

One of the most prescient goals with any modern analytics application is to make it possible to catch someone or something in the act of doing something and affect the outcome.


Can you make trains move down the track more efficiently by changing the driving habits of engineers? Sure, all you need is a feedback system powered by sensor data from train control and monitoring systems and a complex set of algorithms that have train dynamics down to a science.  Oh, and it can literally save more than $1B a year for a single transportation company in diesel.


The most target rich data sources available today are often not generated by humans, but rather by machines.  Those machines are creating more data than humans ever will and the gap is widening. 


Is this SkyNet? 


Not quite, but think about it for just a minute.  Our cars are connected.  Every click on the web creates multiple streams of data.  That phone in your pocket is generating data, regardless of if you are using it to order a pizza, hail a cab, or monitor the thermostat in your house.  Our customer data centers are creating massive logs of each and every transaction that happens, from packets in and out of networks to health monitoring of infrastructure. Oh, and while you were sleeping on the flight back from London, the jet you were on created more than 10TB of data.


The companies that are winning in their industries and driving innovation in our world are those that find ways to extract value from data.  Splunk has emerged as the most widely used and one of the fastest growing platforms for extracting value from machine generated data.


Splunk’s description from their homepage captures what they do perfectly: “It enables the curious to look closely at what others ignore—machine data—and find what others never see: insights that can help make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure.”


This is not just an opinion piece as we can let the numbers published by leading analysts speak for themselves.  The search tools market in the Big Data category is expected to grow at a 32% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) over next five years. In one of the hottest areas for mining machine data for value, cyber threat analytics, Splunk is one of the top leaders in Gartner’s SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) magic quadrant report.  Splunk is unique because of its robust partner ecosystem of applications designed to extract data from a variety of sources, apply logical indexing to that data, and present the data in an easy to search, consume, and disseminate user experience.  This allows analysts, developers, and data scientists to focus on searching specific data for insights rather than the mechanics of wrangling, parsing, and organizing the data.


Some have called it the “easy button” for analytics…whether it’s Big Data, Fast Data, IoT, cyber-security, or sentiment analysis, Splunk has a compelling story and we (at EMC) like it, the industry seems to like it, and customers are voting with their dollars saying they like it to.


So what happens when everyone likes what Splunk can do?  It get’s bigger.  And then it needs to get faster.  Then it needs to get bigger again.  Rinse and repeat.   While bigger and faster is not a bad thing at all, Splunk customers must be careful to build infrastructures to support Splunk that can scale effectively to meet these needs while meeting enterprise IT standards and Splunk best practices in a modern data center.


To help customers deal with this beautiful cycle, EMC will be presenting at this year’s annual Splunk user conference, .CONF with a session titled "Splunk…so Big and Flashy - Building Massive and Efficient Indexer Storage Environments for Splunk."


The audience of this workshop will take away four new learnings:

  • How to build incredibly fast and efficient indexer environments for both hot and warm indexes and support massive and equally efficient storage environments for their cold data in Splunk. 
  • Learn about fast, efficient, and robust data services powered by XtremIO an all-flash enterprise storage platform supporting scale-out hot and warm tiers of indexes in Splunk.
  • Discover awesome flexibility, efficient use of existing server investments and robust data services powered by ScaleIO for Splunk indexer environments. 
  • Reintroduce Isilon for all the long-term retention and massive requirements for cold Splunk index storage with, rich data services and scalability handling up to 50 PB in a single volume, single name space that is perfect fit for large scale Splunk deployments.  


As a break out session exclusive I will introduce two new must-have EMC Apps for Splunk customers. These apps were designed to pull data from XtremIO and Isilon and expose some very useful monitoring dashboards right in Splunk Enterprise.


To wrap it all up, I will introduce a coup d'état that is VCE and their ability to design, engineer, pre-build, and support a converged infrastructure offering that is custom built to match the customer requirements with Splunk’s best practices for infrastructure sizing. This approach is taking the best of EMC’s storage technologies, marrying them to Cisco’s powerful UCS compute platform, and connecting it all with best-in-class networking for Cisco and a whole suite of automation and orchestration tools.  Your benefit as the Splunk user or administrator is that you no longer have to focus on the deployment and management of the infrastructure needed to support this powerful analytics application but rather spend your time deriving immediate value from all that juicy machine -generated data.


And hey, if you can’t make it to the session on Wednesday, September 23rd at 12:15pm, then be sure to stop by the booth. There will be a bunch of EMCers at .CONF this year and it won’t just be executives or sales people; we will actually have more than 20 engineers attending to help answer questions about our technologies and their fit in Splunk environments. Even more importantly, they will be there to learn the latest and greatest from all the other great presenters and Splunk users such as yourself.  So don’t by shy and feel free to chat them up if you see them lurking in your session.  


See you Ninjas in Vegas!