Here’s another frequently asked SmartPools question that’s cropped up again recently:


"I have a cluster with two separate node pools. SmartPools is licensed and file pool policies are configured, targeting each node pool. If these two node pools are combined into a single tier, what happens when the existing file pool policies run?"


In the case of combining OneFS node pools into tiers, there will be no change in file pool policy behavior. The policies will continue to move data to the original node pools, as expected.


Creating tiers makes a new option for targeting data, but it doesn’t alter or affect the existing file pool policies. However, OneFS will provide a warning in the WebUI about the old node pool policies, since SmartPools tries to ensure that policies target the highest level objects available.


For more information on the SmartPools object hierarchy, please refer to the following blog post:  OneFS SmartPools - Storage Pools Taxonomy