The SolVe Generator Desktop, formerly called the Interactive Procedure Generator (IPG), gathers the latest information from EMC Isilon product guides and downloads it to your computer. You then select a procedure in the Desktop tool and it will generate a custom document that is specific to the task you want to perform.


For Isilon customers, SolVe Desktop now includes the following procedures for all Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs):

  • Replacement guides for nodes, including drives, front panels, and power supplies
  • Cabinets and rail kits guides
  • InfiniBand upgrade guides
  • OneFS upgrade guides
  • Node firmware, drive firmware, and drive support package release notes


How to download SolVe Desktop

Log in to the EMC Online Support site and follow the instructions in KB 109414. You can also follow the directions below:

  1. Go to EMC Online Support site and click on the word "SolVe" on the main page.
  2. Click on the download link for the SolVe Desktop application.
  3. Save the executable file and then run it to install the SolVe Desktop.


How to use SolVe to get the latest Isilon documentation

After installing the SolVe Desktop application onto your computer, you’ll need to select the Isilon Generator to download the latest Isilon content.

  1. Open your SolVe Desktop
  2. Click Start > All Programs > EMC SolVe Desktop
  3. You may need to be authorized to download content. Go to the Authorization menu and click Authorize and download list of available products.
    1. A browser will open and you will enter your log in credentials and download and open a keychain file.
  4. After you are authorized as an EMC customer, partner, or employee, a list of available products will be displayed. Click on the Isilon icon to download that latest content.


5. Click on the Isilon icon again to then select a product, version, and task you want to perform and then click Generate.


For more information

For more information about SolVe Desktop, see KB 109414. For feedback or questions, send an email to