Introducing InsightIQ 3.1


I was recently told that my writing is too clinical.  Since I’m a doctor, I guess I can’t help that!  So please bear with me as I introduce you to InsightIQ 3.1, recently released by EMC Isilon.  This latest version of InsightIQ adds several new features and expands  reporting on some existing metrics.  Of these, the new charts and graphs detailing cache usage (L1, L2 and L3 cache) are perhaps the most significant.  You can get a much clearer idea of how your cache is being used, and whether it is being used efficiently.  Another nice new feature is the ability to directly export the file system analysis data to a csv file.  This makes usage trending much easier.  Highlights of the more significant changes are described below.  Full details can be found in the InsightIQ 3.1 Release Notes.


Usable capacity reporting

InsightIQ now offers an enhanced view of the amount of space remaining on your cluster. Including snapshot space usage, virtual hot spare reserves, and estimating protection overhead, InsightIQ can now provide a more accurate indication of how much data can be added to cluster before reaching full capacity.


Deduplication reporting

Charts have been added to display statistics about data deduplication with the SmartDedupe feature.  You can view the amount of space saved by deduplication over a time, as well as how much space was saved by individual deduplication jobs. Charts for both logical and physical space savings are included.


Quota reporting

You can now view information about quotas created with SmartQuotas. You can browse the file system to identify directories that have quotas applied.  You can then select the quota you want to view.  InsightIQ shows the usage on a directory, relative to its quota limits, over time.


Improved cache reporting

L3 cache usage is now available, and is included in the pre-defined performance reports. L1 and L2 cache reporting has been greatly expanded and includes several new charts, including metrics on metadata and data usage.


File System Analytics exports

You can now export the data from the file system analytics (FSA) reports directly to .csv files.


InsightIQ White Paper.

In conjunction with the InsightIQ 3.1 release, a new white paper is available that discusses the various charts and graphs in the performance reports, and provides guidance on the metrics each chart displays and how to interpret them.  This white paper can be found here.