Node Compatibility in OneFS 7.2


Node Compatibility has become a hot topic with the release of OneFS 7.2. The feature enables newer node types (S210, X410) to be compatible with older node types (S200, X400).


This post provides a quick breakdown of how Node Compatibility, which has also been referred to as Node Equivalency, works in OneFS 7.2.


Why is Node Compatibility/Equivalency important?

    • It allows for the addition of a single S210 or X410 to an existing S200/X400 Cluster (that is, it eliminates the 3-node requirement).
    • It allows customers to transition to new node technology one node at a time.
    • It improves storage utilization, storage performance, and node-pool performance.



    • All Compatibilities that existed prior to OneFS 7.2 still apply.
    • Compatibilities for S200 and S210, and X400 and X410 are added in OneFS 7.2.
    • Compatibilities can be configured via the command line or Web Administration interface.


The final compatibility matrix is extensive and has not been externally published as of this writing, so you will need to contact EMC support to confirm compatibility.



The new compatibilities require similarly configured nodes with the same size and number of HDDs and SSDs, and compatible memory configurations, as shown in the following table:



Compatibilities for the S210s and X410s are disabled by default and need to be enabled on the cluster to create the compatibilities with the S200 and X400 nodes.


Configuration on the Web Administration interface:


Navigate to the Storage Pools Section:



Scroll down to the Compatibilities Section:



Click the Create a Compatibility button, and create the compatibility:





Configuration with the CLI:


The command "isi storagepools compatibilities"  is used to configure compatibilities via the command line.


To view the current compatibilities that can be defined


Isilon1-4# isi storagepool compatibilities available list

Class 1  Class 2


S200     S210

X400     X410



To view what compatibilities are active:


Isilon1-4# isi storagepool compatibilities active list

ID Class 1 Class 2




Create/view an active compatibility:


Isilon1-4# isi storagepool compatibilities active create --class-1=S200 --class-2=S210


Isilon1-4# isi storagepool compatibilities active list

ID   Class 1  Class 2


1    S200     S210