Welcome to the official launch of the EMC/Isilon connect site in the EMC community.


Well,  it's been two years since the acquisition of Isilon by EMC and it's been a wild ride.   So much so, that we did not have time to reach out to the community of partners, customers, and internal EMC members to get this site up and running.  Our goal is to start spreading knowledge on Isilon as we continue to link into the broader EMC community. 


We have grown tremendously as a company in the last 2 years, nearly tripling our size in engineers within EMC.  The journey, as part of business unit in EMC, has been excellent.  The EMC teams have openly embraced the new technology and given customers the confidence to take the leap into scale out storage.  The EMC name and reputation is a strong brand in the storage market,  we have had to learn and grow quickly as we have nearly tripled our size and customer install base.   The market for file based workflows continue to grow at over 15% vs 2.3 for the overall SAN market.  More applications are being developed based on file workflows than ever before (Hadoop, OpenStack, and MemDB's) while customers having "Big Data" continue to become the everyday Fortune 500 company.   When we started this journey into scale out storage,  1PB customers were the exception,  today,  customers purchase 1PB at a time in a single order.   Wow.... PB is the new TB.  I can't wait to announce our first 100PB customer as I'm sure it will be sooner rather than laters (BTW: that is  25,000 4TB drives and 67 42U racks)


While this Isilon Connect space is in the beginning stages,  we need you to help shape the contents and questions you would like to know in regards to Isilon and file based applications that run on scale out platforms.  We will work to keep content fresh and inviting as we bring this community together.


Thank You



Christian Smith



About Me:  My role in EMC is running the pre-sales architects for EMC/Isilon/VNX globally.  I have been in the NAS space for a number of years running various SE teams.  I have spent time as a programmer, a founder of a small technology company,  an oracle DB admin, an animator, and finally as a pre-systems engineer.   I run what is referred to as a focused product pre-sales group in EMC or product specialists who know the product deeply (and passionately).   What I love about this role is talking to customers about what we are doing in the field of analytics and emerging applications against the problems they are trying to solve.