• Getting Started with ECS SDKs

    Developing an application to use ECS is pretty straight forward.  Since there are a few different APIs and language bindings, you have some choices to make.   Step 1 - Choose your language We currently offer...
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  • Getting Started with ECS and PHP (AWS SDK)

    This guide will show you how to connect to and ECS instance using PHP and Amazon's AWS SDK and assumes that the SDK has already been installed following Amazon's own installation instructions here: Installation —...
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  • ECS Object Client SDK for Java

    We've released a new object client for Java that is smaller, more robust, and faster than our previous client, which was a fork of the AWS SDK.  Removing that dependency, while requiring a bit more work on our pa...
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  • Getting Started with ECS - Java + S3 (ViPR SDK)

    NOTE: The ViPR S3 client is deprecated and has been replaced with the ECS Java Object Client: ECS Object Client SDK for Java GitHub: Home · EMCECS/ecs-object-client-java Wiki · GitHub     &nbs...
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  • Getting Started with ECS - Go + S3(AWS SDK)

    If you're a Go programmer, you can use AWS SDK for Go to connect to ECS for S3-compatible object storage. Sample Go Code Here's a quick example for connecting to EcsTestDrive server using IP on port 443 (HTTPS) and c...
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