• How to troubleshoot DataDomain DDBoost connectivity and performance

    Environment: Data Domain   Description: The ddpconnchk tool can be used for troubleshooting the following issues: A media server cannot connect to a specific DDR via DDBoost protocol. (This also applies to DDBo...
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  • How to install DD VE on Azure.mp4

    How to install Data Domain Virtual Edition on Azure
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  • Product Demo :  How to backup MongoDB Ops Mgr with BoostFS in the cloud (AWS).

    Product Demo from Dell/EMC World Show -  BoostFS for MongoDB Ops Mgr with DDVE in the cloud (AWS).
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  • Download Validation Tool

    Data Domain Boost file system plug-in Data Domain Boost file system plug-in (BoostFS) provides everything you would expect out of DD Boost: faster backup, simplified monitoring and management of client activity, and ...
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  • Application Validation Tool Sales Training

    Training module for DPS sales reps and specialists.
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  • BoostFS Self-Validation tool PostgreSQL-sample

    This file was generated using BoostFS Self-Validation-Tool while running PostgreSQL 9.6 evaluation. The goal of this test is: - To verify that the file is properly uploaded to the EMC Community Website - That we ge...
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  • ddboost streams show history cmd

    hi there .. Can you please advise the output of ddboost streams show history number is Avarage number during set interval ? Or the result is Max number during interval ?   See https://support.emc.com/docu78753...
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