• DD3300: Usable capacity after capacity expansion

    Does anybody have capacity expanded (4T -> 16T and/or 16T ->32T) DD3300? If you have, can you please let us know how much usable capacity you have after the expansion. I've heard it is less than the original m...
    Uehara Y.
    created by Uehara Y.
  • DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF - Stencil VISIO

    Hi Community,   Does anyone get the stencil for the new DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF ?   Thanks in advance.   Regards,   Charles.
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  • Analyze Storage statistics

    How to Analyze the used space of GFS repository and CIFS repository. Need CLI commands to fetch details or any GUI method.
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  • data domain ve and esrs

    hello i have a customer that has some data domain installed , ihe asked me if possible add data domain ve into esrs to do dial in and set call home via mail .. is it ?   thanks regards giacomo
    created by jeka
  • DD7200微码升级遭遇SAS LOOP连接问题

    背景: DD7200当前微码版本5.5,需要升级到6.0.2.20,所以需要升级两次. 第一次:升级到5.7,没有问题  第二次:升级到6.0.2.20,检查日志发现:SAS LOOP 连接问题 日志输出: 故障原因: 由于从5.5升级到5.7后,此code对LOOP结构检查更加严格,要求SAS LOOP必须是正反方式进行连接盘柜   解决方法: 更改8a,8b,8c,8d SAS loop连线...
    created by mwin2015
  • DDVE root password

    Hi, I have a DDVE in my lab which seems to have got corrupt after a power outage. When I power it on it starts to boot then it stops with an error saying that it has found an unexpected inconsistency and to run fsck ...
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  • IBMi Backups/Sizing and DD6300

    Based on sizing recommendations of our IBMi backups (BRMS) we implemented a DD6300 with 2 ES30 shelves (45T) mid-year 2017.  After almost a year’s time we are at 72% capacity and concerned that we’ll ...
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  • In DD6300 34TB model

    In DD6300 34TB model, can I backup data to the internal capacity?
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  • Why is the replicated mtree much bigger than its source?

    A ddboost mtree of size 30 TB (compressed) is replicated to a remote Data Domain and the resulting remote mtree  has a size of 39 TB.   What explains the extra 9 TB?   Both DDs are indentical: DD860 ...
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  • Add DataDomain System for replication

    Hi,   When I try to add a DD System for replication I get:   Error Connection attempt time out, please check if [dd2-destination] can be reached from Management Host [dd1-source] The DDs are in different...
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  • Is there a difference de-duplication ratio between normal Oracle and exadata oracle?

    Hello.   We have verified that the customer's exadata DB has a lower deduplication rate than our estimate.   Is exadata typically less deduplicated than regular Oracle? Or is it a special situation?  ...
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  • DD Oracle Agent deployment.

    We are in process of replacing Oracle RMAN to NFS (HP) share to DD Agent for Oracle.   Having No / limited knowledge in Oracle domain for which I am asked to integrate it with DD.   DD Model  &nb...
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  • backup solaris 10 to the data domain?

    Does anybody know  how to backup solaris 10 to the data domain?
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  • Data Domain ES30 shelf migration

    Please let me know if is ok? I will try to explain the scenario.   Site A 1 DD 2500 with 3 ES30 shelfs. The DD is empty.   Site B 1 DD 2500 with 1 ES30 Shelf. The DD is in production.   I need to m...
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  • DDVE replication question

    Can you tell me if I am interpreting the replication stats correctly?   # replication show stats CTX   Destination              &n...
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  • Security Update for  DDOS

    Hi,   I have a DS2500 with DDOS installed.  Recently we have received an alert  for QLG - An indication that the agent is in the process of being shut down.   QLG is a known virus....
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  • Unable to create filesystem

    Let me start  at the beginning..   The DD in question was setup with 2 x expansion shelves. These shelves were removed without destroying the filesystem.   I am now trying to create a filesystem but ...
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  • Add new hard disk DD2500

    Hi there.   I have a DD2500 with 7 disk, and now I plugged 5 disk more; but I can not see using disk show state command   The blue led of all disk are ok.   I have installed the expanded storage lic...
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  • DataDomain Feature Licensing

    Hello Community,   new to the DataDomain Systems i have a (i suppose) fairly simple Question.   I need to license these three features in a DD6300 Appliance:   - Expanded-Storage - DDBOOST - Replic...
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  • DD Cloud Tier chunk size - what is it?

    Hello,   When using Cloud Tier, to what size does DD break up the files for upload to the cloud provider?  I'm trying to estimate AWS S3 cost and while I can do so with capacity easily, I need to also know ...
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