• What are the replication context limits for a DDVE?

    Can someone tell me what the replication context limits are for a DDVE running the current code?
    created by joebert
  • How to resolve low free space issue on EMC data domain?

    One of EMC data domain has the following error: "EVT-SPACE-00004: Space usage in root has exceeded 95% threshold."   EMC support documents do not seem to provide a solution for this. Has anyone encountered thi...
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  • Error Installing DD OS Data Domain 2500

    Hello, we have a DD 2500, which I am trying to reinstall the operating system. All right until the beginning of the operating system setup, which follows with this error: / usr / bin / dd if = / dev / zero of =...
    last modified by Holger_Davids
  • msagent - unable to list backups

    When trying to use the command msagentadmin -s --ddhost ddcdmp01.lyondell.com --ddpath /data/col1/DDCT2SQL --dduser ddboost --client edcdbd85.lyondell.com   we will get the following error Error occurred whi...
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  • DDBoost File-Replication - Why is it slow?

    When using ddboost file-replication from one storage-unit to another on the same dd, why does it take such a long time? Why does it go over the network? I see this: ifgroup show connections Group-name  &n...
    created by OliverCC
  • State Description: **** Encryption is not supported on this system.

    Hi guys! I created replication between two DD6800! And i have next error: State Description: **** Encryption is not supported on this system. What is it?
    last modified by Inishev
  • Tapes Sync between DD and BRMS

    Hello All,   Currently I have a set of AS400s backing up to a DD VTL via a BMRS library. It works well, except for the fact that the BMRS database only keeps the tapes information before compression.   So...
    last modified by Jimmeh
  • DDVE 4.0 create a GP2 8 TB filesys fails on AWS

    Folks, I am not 100% sure what went wrong. I attached the GP2 FS to the DDVE instance and during FS creation it fails without telling me any realson. Any idea?
    created by Juergen
  • profiler_deploy.sh fail on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

    fusermount version: 2.9.4 Python 2.7.12 No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial ./profiler_deploy.sh .......   BoostFS AV...
    created by Juergen
  • BoostFS 1.2 AVT for Windows

    FOlks, have not found any BoostFS 1.2 AVT. No one for windows as well. Can I use the 1.1 AVT for Linux or do you plan to release a new version for the new BoostFS 1.2 implementation?
    created by Juergen
  • System service LED status: after issuing #system poweroff

    We tried to shutdown our DD6300 by "system poweroff" command. It seemed to work fine. All the LEDs on the front were turned off EXCEPT System service LED which was lit Amber until we pulled out power cables. Is this a...
    Uehara Y.
    created by Uehara Y.
  • which license do I need for Mtree replication from DD2200 to DD3300 ?

    Hi Guys, I need your lights Current config DD2200 DDboost license Oracle RMAN backup  ( with DDboost plugin ) directly to the DD2200 Customer has purchase a DD3300 ( with DDboost Lic ) with a 16 TB...
    last modified by equanimity
  • Obtaining the DDBoostFS rpm

    I work at site where the DD and client systems are not on the internet.   can anybody advise me on how to obtain the current DDBoostFS rpm? I opened an SR, but the referred me to licensing and although fully en...
    last modified by littldo2
  • Does a DD3300 no longer support link aggregation?

    Hi all,   I've noticed my Virtual Interface button is gone on a DD3300.   Does a DD3300 no longer support link aggregation and LACP? Or did the location of the button move?   Cheers, Jon
    Jon klaus
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  • Problem with mtree and directory structure

    Hello all, I've two DD640, both configured equal. They have one MTree /data/col1/backup and this one as two subfolders "dd1" and "dd2". These folders are shared by CIFS under the same name: \\dd1\dd1\ -> St...
    last modified by DennisHueckelheim
  • DD2500 Replication Seeding

    Hello -   I am looking for a procedure to seed a data domain for replication.  Both systems will be installed at the production site and the DR system will be moved later when the DR site becomes available....
    last modified by MJKellerII
  • Separate physical network for backup?

    This is a general question rather than a product-specific one, so I'm not really sure where to put it. I'd like to ask the question of the Avamar, Networker, and Data Domain communities.   To give you some contex...
    last modified by brastedd
  • Disaster Recovery - IBM Spectrum Protect with Data Domain Procedures

    Does anyone have procedures that they have successfully used with TSM (IBM Spectrum Protect) and Data Domain being used as both a Disk storage pool and VTL?
    last modified by bscollins
  • BoostFS for Windows random hangs

    Started using BoostFS 1.2 for Windows on a Windows 2012 server that we running Sybase Anywhere database on and wants to backup to a BoostFS storage unit. Problem is that the plugin at random stops responding and uses...
    last modified by DanielKa
  • replication and different retention policies

    Is it possible to have different retention times on replicated data?  I see a reference that says mtree replication is based on snapshots and so cannot have different retention times between replicated data. ...
    last modified by javelina73