• Download DDVE eval version

    Hello does anyone know where I can download DDVE 4.x.  When I go to the link below and click 4.0 it says "no downloads available".  Maybe there is a newer link that I should go to.  Thanks https://www.e...
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  • mtree alert

    Is there a way  for  MTree's alert ? For example I have created a MTree for Database team and they wanted to get alerted if the quota reaches 80%. I wanted to create a group for DBA, but wanted to send alert...
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  • how to add data domain high availability into esrs gateway

    hi all   i have to install hdata domain high availability into esrs gateway ,   as you know dd ha has 2 head with 2 serial number and , 1 ip for each head , and 1 ip ( virtual )   we have to add all ...
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  • Using mtree replication to migrate data in DD890 to a tenant in DD9300 ?

    Hi,   We have a DD890 with three mtrees worth of data that that is going out of support. Several Oracle DB servers with RMAN plugins/agents are using the DD as a backup target.   The plan is to create a ne...
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  • FTP files to DataDomain?

    Hi   We have a DD620 sitting in our internal network, and we have servers in our DMZ zone that do some local backups using SQL. I am trying to figure out a good way to automate sending those backup files to Data...
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  • data domain high availability

    hi all..   we have the first installation of a dd 9300 ha   since we don-t have any experience we need info like >   how many ip we needs or ask to customer to provide ?   cable configuratio...
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  • Datadomain 3300 - Reboot network -

    Hello,   When I've just rebooted my network conectivity my DataDomain gave me a lot of erro's like:   Does it mean that DataDomain sends some data to emc.com? What kind of data and for what reason it sen...
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  • DD890 SAS Controller Module Firmware

    Hi,   I recently got my hands on a decommissioned DataDomain 890 hardware to play around and learn with. No DDOS was left on the system. Trying to update the included SAS31601E to latest firmware using standard...
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  • Networker 9.1 DDOS 5.7.x > RHEL Clients 8.x 9.x>Stale Sessions

    Hi   We have networker server on windows , DD9500 DDOS 5.7.x , RHEL CLients 8.x and 9.x That Do not Cancel sessions on the Client side and on the Data Domain, when a Workflow action timeout occurs on a client du...
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  • Unable to Create HA Pair DD9800  - Ethernet Device cannot be Disabled

    G'Day   I am unable to create a HA pair in DD9800 as the secondary controller is reporting eth1b is configured but NOT running. I tried to reset device with net config eth1b 0 down, as well as net disable eth1b....
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  • DDVE in HA Mode

    Hi   Is it possible to connect two DDVE in HA MODE in DDOS 6.2?
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  • Copy data from one DD to another with Symantec Netbackup?

    Hi all,   Not sure if it's supposed to be asked here... but trying my luck:   We have Netbackup servers, backing up data to DD with OST. Now we need to migrate the whole system to a new one in another loc...
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  • DD6300 stencils

    I'm looking for the new DD hardware stencils. DD6300   Could only found the old one that do not match at all with the new ones.   Thanks in advance, Régis
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  • ERROR: AUTH failed: secret key already set.

    Hi   we have 2 new Data Domain 6800 boxes and we are tryin to start Migration from our old DD 2500. Both DD systems have the same OS version.   when Migration start i get the following error   ERROR...
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  • Data Domain for Software Distribution

    Can I use Data Domain for software distribution?  I have (1) Data Domain at the primary data center, and (95) DDVEs located in 95 different branch offices.  Can I place a file in a folder at the primary data...
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  • DDVE - One to Many Replication

    Regarding Replication from DVDE to DDVE, is there a cap on the "one to many" replication?  Can I replicate a single folder from a single Data Domain to let's say, a 100 branches/DDVEs?
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  • Data domain smb/cifs version?

    Hi I can´t find any information about smb/cifs version on Data domain 6300 and dd os The only information I can find is about smbv2, how about smbv3 support?
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  • Trial for DD VE

    I've found a link to download the trial for DD VE.  I have an 10 year old dell server that runs ESXi 5.5 on my home lab and would like to test a small implementation there to get familiar with DD VE.  I have...
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  • ESRS over WAN for globally distributed Data Domains

    Is their any recommendation against using a single, centralized ESRS for Data Domains (and Avamar servers) globally?   I see in the configuration guide that a 10/100 Ethernet adapters is recommended (1 GB prefer...
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  • Replication Compatibility Matrix of DD

    Hello,   I'm trying to look for information regarding DD OS version compatibility between 2 DDs. We're planning to do collection replication from a DD7200 running to a newer DD9300. There is a spe...
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