• Data Domain Management Center 2.0 launched

    Data Domain Management Center (DDMC) 2.0 is now generally available. DDMC allows you to monitor multiple Data Domain systems. It provides an aggregated view of historical data, alerts, status and projections from your...
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  • TLS protocols supported

    I need to know what versions of TLS are supported on all applicable interfaces on a DataDomain system (data, replication, and management interfaces).  Trying to determine how a DataDomain would respond to a secur...
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  • Throttle the bandwidth of replication possible?

    I would like to throttle the bandwidth of my replication interface (in EMC DD VE) to only 50Mbps to conserve total bandwidth utilization on the network. Is this possible and if so, is there any documentation guiding t...
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  • Embedded Server Manager

    I have a DD160 running   Apparently it is also running something called embedded server manager, which I would like to disable.  I can log in via the regular web interface or via SSH.  ...
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  • DD VTL supports ETERNUS CS Link for z/OS

    Hey folks,   quick question here as google could not help me.   Is a DataDomain compatible with "ETERNUS CS Link for z/OS"?   I'm not much of a mainframe guy. I have a costumer who is thinking about ...
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  • DD Boost for SAP HANA 2.0 and encrypted Backups?

    Hello folks,   Would someone mind posting information about what DD Boost offers in terms of encrypting backups for SAP HANA 2.0 (SPS01+) deployments please?   SAP HANA 2.0 brings in native backup encrypti...
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  • Data Domain Replication

    Hi everyone, We are trying to achiev a migration and replication of DD, here is our scenario:   Production: - DD1: DD2500   OS: - 10GB ethernet x2 optical (DDBoost) - 1GB cooper (administ...
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  • recover VM from Replica over EBR failed if DD VE Power Off

    We have Policies to backup our VM in Remote Location to one Virtual DataDomain and then clone this to other Physical DataDonain. (Protection Policies with clone Action) Backup and clone running successful every day. ...
    Andreas Schlahsa
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  • DD6300 replicating to DD/VE offloading to the Cloud.

    Hello can someone please help answer the following question.   Is there any limitation if i have to implement  DD Replicator from physical Data Domain ro DDVE in the CLoud? for example DD6300 replicating to...
    Gary Bastarache
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  • DataDomain VE評価版ダウンロードについて

    データレプリケーションの評価として、DDVEを利用したいと考えております。 DDVEのvSphere版をダウンロードしようとしたところ、パートナーログインが必要なようです。   ダウンロードするためにはEMCのパートナーとなる必要があるのでしょうか? ご存知の方、ご教授お願い致します。
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  • Unable to create filesystem

    Let me start  at the beginning..   The DD in question was setup with 2 x expansion shelves. These shelves were removed without destroying the filesystem.   I am now trying to create a filesystem but ...
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  • Optimising read performance - DD6300

    We have a couple of new DD6300 configured with around 100TB for backup storage. We are quite new to DataDomains and we are probably doing something wrong with our configuration. The read performance is currently too l...
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  • General networking implementation questions !

    Hello everyone,   Please bear with me as I am coming from a different backup product background and this is my first EMC implementation, Any input is much appreciated ;   Here is my configuration:   ...
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  • Data Domain Boost Microsoft App Agent - backups run but don't display in MSSQLMS

    Odd issue - working on the "Data Domain Boost Microsoft App Agent" with SQL (DDboost backing up SQL data straight to the DD), and the customer appears to be able to back up to the Data Domain using the MSSQL Managemen...
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  • Data Domain DD670 is unable to boot, boot device not found!

    We have shifted Data Domain DD670 (which in not in support) to another rack. When we turned it on  it says boot media device is not found. any solution?
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  • IFGROUP client statements for common networks

    Are IFGROUP client statements intended to work for non-private networks?   for example, Imagine the environment to exist of "2" data centers (DC1 and DC2) Clients from each data center can communicate to each ot...
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  • Sizing space Data domain for Veeam Backup

    Hi Guys, I need estimeted the space needed for a Veeam Backup Infrastructure. How can i sizing the necessary space on my Data Domain? Any idea?   Thank You   Fabio Storni
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  • Updating DDBEA lockbox info with MSSQL admin GUI - supported?

    Customer found a feature in the MSSQL Management GUI that appears to take care of adding and removing users for DDBEA in terms of putting their info into the lockbox - but after attempting to use it to change the DDbo...
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  • Initial connect to Data Domain

    Hi folks,   is there another way to connect to a Data Domain for the first time besides the serial port or attaching keyboard and screens directly to the head unit?   Thanks, beacon.
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  • RMAN backup slow down when one channel is left

    Hi   I am doing RMAN backup using DDboost. I allocate 8 channels to backup. At the very beginning it backup at the speed about 800M/s. But when the backup is about to finish, then one or two channels are left, t...
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