• Data Domain migration from DD990 to DD9300

    We are in plan of replacing the Data Domain from DD990 to DD9300. We have Networker as major backup tool through DDBoost and one VTL for AS400 BRMS backup. We have 40% (150 TB) of our backups with more than a month ...
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  • AWS Marketplace DDM VE 3.1 sysadmin password

    Hi,   I've launched the latest DDM VE from the AWS Marketplace (twice now), however the sysadmin password is not "changeme" nor is it sysadmin nor the AWS account ID (not sure where I saw that)   Any ideas...
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  • DataDomain CIFS share permissions

    Ok, so a long time ago on my DD690 pre-boost and post a DL3D I was a newbee and setup a subfolder in the CIFS /backup folder.  I created a user ID on my networker server which was a admin and mounted the share an...
    John Ford
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  • What is BoostFS?

    Within the Data Domain community, the popularity of DD Boost is at an all-time high with an over 70% attach rate. You might wonder: With all this success why did Dell/EMC create BoostFS? The answer is simple: to make ...
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  • Data Domain vs. Meltdown and Spectre

    Hello all,   Is Data Domain vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre? If so, when will we get the patches. Will the update operation be performed by myself or through contact with the support? And final question, h...
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  • please delete, duplicate thread

    Regards Piotr
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  • Cifs shares and Windows XP on DD9300

    Hi, I'm actually trying to connect a Win XP Sp2 clien to accès CIFS on my DataDomain, but it's not working. Newer versions of windows works fine. Authentication is made via Active Directory. Is there any restri...
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  • DNS checking future interval

    hi there .. I am checking Data Domain: Alert -- Unable to communicate with configured DNS .. Just wondering that how often this DNS checking feature is done ? ( like every 30 min ? or 10 min ? )     thank...
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  • Disaster Recovery - IBM Spectrum Protect with Data Domain Procedures

    Does anyone have procedures that they have successfully used with TSM (IBM Spectrum Protect) and Data Domain being used as both a Disk storage pool and VTL?
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  • Registry validation failed on upgrade precheck

    I run the Data Domain Virtual Edition integrated with Veeam using Boost.  My DD-VE was originally deployed as, later upgraded to, and then which is where it's currently.  I'm tryin...
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  • DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF - Stencil VISIO

    Hi Community,   Does anyone get the stencil for the new DD6800 + DS60 EXPANSION SHELF ?   Thanks in advance.   Regards,   Charles.
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  • SGID/SUID with Data Domain

    hi there ... Does anybody know if Data Domain supports SGID/SUID ? Looks like Avamar does .... https://support.emc.com/docu48218_Avamar-7.0-Product-Security-Guide.pdf?language=en_US  page 103 thanks ! ...
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  • DD VE 3.1 available in AWS marketplace NOW!!

    We have had a lot of requests to make DD VE available in the cloud marketplace. Starting this week, DD VE 3.1 is available on AWS marketplace.  No reason to convert VMDK to AMI anymore ! You can try DD VE from ...
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  • DD 160

    Hello. I ask for help. There is a DD160, it includes VTL on FC. DataDomain for FC is connected to HP BladeSystem c3000. On the HP BladeSystem c3000 is installed VMWare ESXi 5.5. The problem is that in ESXi I can not s...
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  • DD160

    Всем привет. Прошу помощи. Имеется DD160, на нем включена VTL по FC. DataDomain по FC подключен к HP BladeSystem c3000. На HP  BladeSystem c3000 установлен VMWare ESXi 5.5. Проблема в том, что в ESXi я не могу ув...
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  • Data Domain DD670 is unable to boot, boot device not found!

    We have shifted Data Domain DD670 (which in not in support) to another rack. When we turned it on  it says boot media device is not found. any solution?
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  • IBM i (AS/400) failed to overflow onto another VTL tape

    Hello, We were running a SAVCHGOBJ backup and the VTL tape filled up to capacity and the backup stopped with error. Expected that Data Domain would simply get the next available tape for the category (DAILY) and con...
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  • DDBEA and Oracle RMAN integrated backups

    I have a client running DDBEA with Oracle RMAN backups.   During the configuration, we configure 2 x Data Domains within the lockbox configuration.   Thoughts raised from this are:   1. How do we def...
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  • Sizing to be considered for Data Domain

    Hi Guys,   How should we consider the sizing while doing the calculations for Data domain.   Should we take the actual size of the VMs or should we consider the entire VMDK file size.   Regards Sree...
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  • How to automate the configuartion of ddbea for SQL servers ?

    Hi,   I have a customer asking me to automate the configuration of DDBEA for ~3000 MSSQL servers. I am stuck in the step where I have to provide the SU user password while registering the lockbox, Do you have ...
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