Businesses today are increasingly moving data to the cloud, and with that data becoming more mission critical, they need to be confident that it’s protected. For this reason, Dell EMC offers a robust portfolio of cloud protection solutions for any cloud strategy – making customer transformations to the cloud simpler.  This blog is going to dive into protection storage in the cloud from Dell EMC by reviewing how the latest release of Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) can protect your applications running in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


journey.pngData Domain Virtual Edition provides all the benefits of the industry leading protection storage, Data Domain, in a software-defined solution. DD VE is simple, flexible and efficient, and best of all, easy to deploy and configure. So easy, in fact, that it can be up and running in just minutes. DD VE supports data protection on multiple platforms where customers run their workloads - VMware, Hyper-V and VxRail environments in on-prem datacenters, and now also includes AWS & Azure public cloud platforms. DD VE also enables data mobility across on-prem and cloud, and provides the ability to protect new workloads like MongoDB using BoostFS protocol.


In its latest release, DD VE can now protect applications running in AWS and Microsoft Azure. With DD VE in the cloud you get the same capabilities and management provided by Data Domain in the cloud such as high-speed, variable length deduplication, unparalleled data integrity to ensure reliable recovery, and network efficient replication. Plus, you can utilize leading backup applications included in the Data Protection Suite Family.  DD VE allows you to protect your applications with up to 16 TB usable capacity (800 TB logical) with AWS, and up to 15 TB usable capacity (750 TB logical ) with Azure per instance in its initial release. Capture.PNG.pngDD VE in the cloud also supports key Data Domain capabilities like DD Replication, DD Encryption and DD Boost. With replication, you can move data between an on-prem Data Domain and the cloud, or even replicate data between two instances of DD VE running in the cloud in the same or different regions. Encryption during replication over the wire is also supported, and you can use embedded or external on-prem key manager for encryption.



Additionally, the same dashboard based resource management, monitoring and reporting center offered with Data Domain can be used with DD VE in the cloud. With Data Doman Management Center running in AWS and Azure, customers will be able to gain aggregated management for multiple systems, view capacity and replication management and manage health and status resource monitoring.

Not only do you get the secure protection you trust in the cloud with DD VE, but Dell EMC also provides faster, more efficient backup with our leading backup applications included in the Data Protection suite Family – allowing you to more efficiently backup your applications running in the cloud.

suite.PNG.pngDD VE with the Data Protection Suite Family provides support to protect clients and applications running natively in AWS and Azure, and allows for direct backup from application to DD VE via the application owners native UIs. Additionally, administrators can also define policies and orchestrate data protection from within the data protection UI. Enterprise-level monitoring and reporting offered in the Data Protection Suite Family for on-premises applications and workloads also works in AWS and Azure.


For emerging applications, BoostFS has validated cloud support for MongoDB, EnterpriseDB, Commvault and MySQL.

For more information on Data Domain Virtual Edition, please visit Also feel free to watch our new LightBoard video on DD VE in the cloud!


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