The challenge most customers face is that IT is rapidly evolving and they need data protection solutions that provide both trust needed to manage today’s business needs and the agility required to transform for the future. Dell EMC recently announced a new flash-enabled lineup of Data Domain systems that deliver industry-leading speed and scale and the greatest protection for VMs to date as well as updates to Data Domain Virtual Edition which gives you the power of Data Domain software wherever you need it.  And the exciting updates from Data Domain just keep coming! In addition to the updated Data Domain systems and DD VE 3.0, the new Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) 6.0 provides a number of features and enhancements that continue to evolve data protection by addressing modern customer challenges around cloud and big data.  Let’s take a look at what’s new in DD OS 6.0...


Unparalleled Efficiency for Long-Term Retention in the Cloud


Announced earlier this year and available now, Data Domain Cloud Tier enables Data Domain to natively tier deduplicated data directly to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention.  No separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance is required.  When moving data to the cloud, DD Cloud Tier ensures that only unique data is sent and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated for lower TCO. With DD Cloud Tier, Data Domain can tier data to a variety of clouds including Virtustream Storage Cloud, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage for on premise object storage, as well as third party public clouds. Support for DD Encryption and DD Retention Lock also ensures that data in the cloud remains secure. Check out a demo of DD Cloud Tier here

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Increased Security for Service Providers and Private Clouds

Another update around cloud are enhancements to secure multi-tenancy that enable increased security.  Network isolation enhancements provide strict data access isolation enforcement between tenants. SSL Certificate based authentication is being introduced, so for those replicating from Data Domain over public Internet to a shared Data Domain with secure multi-tenancy, this enhanced authentication ensures secure replication.  Plus, new audit log enhancements enable role-based access so that tenant-admins can only see the audit logs belonging to the tenant units designated to them.  Learn more about secure multi-tenancy in this lightboard video.

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DD Boost Everywhere


In this release, DD Boost has been opened to deliver the benefits of DD Boost to protect new workloads such as Platform 3 applications like MongoDB and MySQL and serve new backup application partners to greatly broaden the DD Boost ecosystem.  Through the DD Boost file system plug-in (BoostFS), applications using NFS to move data to/from Data Domain that were previously not supported by DD Boost can easily switch using BoostFS.  So, in just minutes, these customers can start realizing the benefits of DD Boost for faster, more efficient backup and recovery.

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Enterprise Grade Protection for Hadoop

As more large companies utilize Big Data to help them grow their businesses, there becomes a greater need to protect it. Admins managing these Big Data applications want simplicity and control over backups while using their native tools, so a solution that’s integrated with their application is vital. Which is why DD Boost for Enterprise Applications has expanding its advanced application integration for superior protection of Hadoop distributions: Cloudera and Hortonworks.  This is an industry unique solution that will provide enterprise grade protection for Big Data with a full point in time backup, and also provide Hadoop admins with the control and visibility they desire over their own backup and recovery directly through the Hadoop Cluster Console. Learn more

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