Unfortunately today, most traditional backup solutions can’t meet the performance or efficiency that’s demanded with mission critical applications. You can’t afford to miss strict SLAs like RPO and RTO for these applications – and you shouldn’t have to.  That’s why we’re excited to announce that ProtectPoint is expanding its ecosystem and now offers 10x faster recovery (vs. traditional)!




10x Faster Recovery than Traditional

ProtectPoint now offers 10x faster recovery – providing full recovery at the cost of the differential, making ProtectPoint full recovery as fast as if you were doing a granular recovery. Not only is it faster, but you’ll be able to save on network bandwidth because there’s less data to transfer since ProtectPoint leverages primary storage change block tracking (snapshot differentials) to restore only the blocks that have changed since the time backup was taken.



Also in the world of recovery, ProtectPoint now offers instant access directly to Data Domain from the application server with VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash (in addition to existing support for XtremIO). Instant access is now possible for all backups, no matter what primary storage or application. Since recovery comes directly from Data Domain, the primary storage (like VMAX or XtremIO) is taken out of the recovery process, meaning your path for recovery is more efficient. With ProtectPoint granular recovery via instant access, you don’t need to piece together full backups plus incremental, they can simply instantly accessing a full backup off the Data Domain and recovery just the data they need.



Expanded Ecosystem

ProtectPoint provides application owners and DBAs with complete control of their own backup and recovery directly from their native application utilities, making meeting your SLAs simpler. This includes full recovery of a LUN or set of LUNs, as well as instant access to ProtectPoint backups for simplified granular recovery. In addition, ProtectPoint enables application owners to delete previous backups.  This all empowers application owners with the control they desire, without additional cost and complexity.



ProtectPoint offers integration at two layers – either the native integration at the application layer or integration at the “file system” layer (available for Unix, Linux and Windows). We’ve expanded our ecosystem in a number of ways:

  • Microsoft SQL and Exchange Native Integration: ProtectPoint now integrates with Microsoft SQL (via SQL Server Management Studio) and Microsoft Exchange (via PowerShell), in addition to existing support for Oracle (via RMAN), SAP (via BR*Tools) and IBM DB2 (via Advanced Copy Services). ProtectPoint for SQL and Exchange leverages Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for backup and recovery. Microsoft VSS works under the covers and provides the backup infrastructure for operating systems, as well as creating consistent point-in-time copies of data known as shadow copies.
  • EPIC Support: ProtectPoint can also supports Epic Caché databases and we are now offering customer POCs. ProtectPoint for Epic provides faster backup and recovery for this industry leading EMR system.
  • IBM DB2 PureScale Support:  ProtectPoint now supports PureScale, a tightly integrated database clustering solution for IBM DB2 (supported on Linux, UNIX and Windows).
  • Unix for XtremIO: we’ve also expanded XtremIO OS support to include AIX.





Enhanced Granular Recovery

EMC now offers granular / object level recoveries for Microsoft applications as an add-on feature, which includes table level recoveries for SQL and item level (folders, mailboxes, attachments, calendar items, etc.) recoveries for Exchange.




EMC ProtectPoint brings together the best-in-class EMC technology from our data protection and primary storage portfolio to provide storage integrated data protection. ProtectPoint empowers application owners and provides them with up to 20x faster backup and 10x faster recovery. With this expanded ecosystem, even more environments can now harness the full potential of EMC’s industry first data protection solution, along with reducing the overall cost and complexity associated with a traditional backup.


To learn more about ProtectPoint, please visit our external ProtectPoint page on emc.com.

For even more information watch our newest lightboard video on ProtectPoint with SQL and Exchange!