• MDS 9706 - proactive reboot

    Hi   We are preparing for MDS 9706  upgrade and we want to do a proactive reboot, as the uptime is over 450 days.   Could you help me to build the action plan for that, please?   Review the pat...
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  • Does HBA /Cisco chassis and FI compatible with target brocade FOS 8.0.2d

    I have Brocade Switches 6505B running with 7.2.1d FOS Version. So I’m going to upgrade to target code 8.0.2d using below sequence upgrade path   Steps:   7.2.1d -> 7.3.2b -> 7.4.1d -> 8...
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  • How to collect ISL/CPU/PORT stats from a cisco mds switch (batch mode every 5 mins)

    Hi There,   I would like to know is there a way to collect performance stats from MDS switch (ver 6.13) or DCNM (ver 10) using CLI in 5 min intervals ?   On the DCNM server there are RRD files which are st...
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  • Replacing MDS 9513 with MDS 9396

    All,   We are planning to replace CISCO MDS 9513 switches with MDS 9396S on our two fabrics. These are the steps I have in mind.   1. Configure MDS 9396 and assign a domain id greater than the MDS 9513 2....
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  • MDS device names

    under the MDS directors I can see several names like information for device ID xyz "Tuscany-fw" or Aakash or Tuscany-que what are the names stands for the models are MDS 9509 and 9506
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  • Unable to logon using admin account on a cisco mds switch

    I have a cisco MDS 9710 switch with TACACS enabled. I am unable to logon using the admin account. Getting access denied. Tried resetting the password for the account but even then logon doesn't work.   Could som...
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  • Cisco MDS Refuses to Authenticate to RADIUS Server

    I have my switch configured to use a RADIUS server for remote authentication. If I log in with a local user, I can prove the authentication to RADIUS works with the aaa test command. If I try to log in via Device Mana...
  • Dropped packets in portchannel without bandwidth issue

    Hello experts,   I'm seeing the following: 2 Cisco MDS switches connected over a portchannel which consists of 2 ISLs. Each ISL is running at 4Gb, so the portchannel is 8Gb. We're seeing lots of dropped packets ...
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  • CMCNE 14.0.1 Unable to delete/disable switch that is powered off

    I have CMCNE 14.0.1 and trying to delete a switch/fabric config for a switch(DS-300B) that is powered off (flooded from Harvey) and CMCNE see's the Switch State as "On-line" but the Status is "Not Reachable". When I t...
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  • Gibberish on console screen

    Hello guys,   I need to connect to two MDS 9134 via console cable and both switches present me with this screen. I've tried different Cisco cables (came with the switch), different laptops, different terminals (...
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  • LDAP/TACACS Authentication on MDS

    Hi, I am looking to move away from using local accounts on our MDS switches as an auditing requirement We use cli/DCNM/device manager/ECC/Prosphere.  Has anyone implemented (LDAP)Active directory or Tacacs au...
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  • Cisco MDS9706 vs 9396S

    I've got a need of ~70x ports to migrate from an existing MDS9509.  We have a very simple configuration, one zoneset per switch, no ISL's to other san switches (not counting UCS), no extended distance.  We a...
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  • Hyper converged configuration and MDS 9509 directors, 9148

    Our network team was talking about using hyper-converged adapters for our SAN fabric. We currently use core-edge topology using 9509 directors and 9148 edge switches. What needs to be done(or can it be done), for the ...
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  • Brocade DS-6505 SAN Switch Interconnecting Problem

    hi, we have 2 x DS-6505 SAN Switches connected already with running configuration and now we are consideriing connecting another DS-6505 to the domain, however, the new DS-6505 SAN Switch already has its own zone and ...
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  • Updated our DCX8510-4B switches to 8.0.1 and Upgraded CMCNE to 14.0.1

    now we are seeing some odd alerts that we have not seen before:       Warning        false    Thu Dec 22 2016 23:58:02 EST    Mon...
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  • Hi

    I see a weird issue with some of the VM's, the guest OS is corrupted. and on SAN Switch i see the error. 2016.12.07 21:08:09  ERROR model.Fabric - fabricMembersChanged FcPortBase NOT found Cisco_20:00:00:05:73:e...
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  • Port-Channel Resources Unavailable

    I am trying to create a new port-channel on Cisco 9710 for UCS to channel 20 but when adding more than one port (fc1/40) I receive the following error. command failed: port not compatible [Resources Unavailable].&nb...
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  • Cisco MDS-9718 Connected to different phase power feed

    Hi All, The power distribution boards are not an issue because we already have two, Orange and Grey supplied from separate data centre feeds. These will each feed the Cisco MDS-9718 grid A or B.   These powe...
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  • Zone IP servers to FC Storage via FCOE

    We are planning to ISL a Nexus 5696 to MDS9710   With what I understand ISLing these switches would be similar to ISLing 2 fabric switches. however, if a server is connected to an 10g IP port how do we zone it? ...
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  • Moving the FX8-24 Blade from one DCX switch to another

    Hi, We have a DCX (DCX-A) switch in Datacenter A (DC A). The network team plans to move its DWDM equipment from DCA to DCB. We have a DCX Switch in the Datacenter B.  Slot 11 in the DCX A Switch has an FX8-24 B...
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