• Is is possible to setup multiple EMC (ESRS) call-home destinations in CMCNE?

        We are setting up a connectrix manager that supports several sites for a customer.  Each site has its own esrs server but when we setup call home in connectrix manager it appears i can only hav...
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  • Connectrix vdx-6740b and new firmware (from Brocade) ?

    hi everyone, I have inherited a EMC vdx-6740b and I've started looking at, the firmware of course, checking if there is a newer version. Latest firmware I can find is Network OS 6.0.2e which seems quite behind what ...
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  • Updated our DCX8510-4B switches to 8.0.1 and Upgraded CMCNE to 14.0.1

    now we are seeing some odd alerts that we have not seen before:       Warning        false    Thu Dec 22 2016 23:58:02 EST    Mon...
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  • transaction key Convert

    Hello, I have a Emc ds-300b feature key. Now i want to upgrade the ports one of my SAN switches with its unique transaction key. but I couldn't find any place for converting it. i have used this address: https://lice...
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  • List of Alarms and Counters (if any) of

    Hello Community,   We are integrating EMC2 ds5000-b switches with a customer server processing alarm traps and counters (if any). Does anyone know if there's any product document describing and listing alarms an...
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  • DS-300B transaction key convert

    Hello, I have a Emc ds-300b feature key. Now i want to upgrade the ports one of my SAN switches with its unique transaction key. but I couldn't find any place for converting it. i have used this address: https://lice...
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  • Unable to logon using admin account on a cisco mds switch

    I have a cisco MDS 9710 switch with TACACS enabled. I am unable to logon using the admin account. Getting access denied. Tried resetting the password for the account but even then logon doesn't work.   Could som...
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  • Cisco MDS Refuses to Authenticate to RADIUS Server

    I have my switch configured to use a RADIUS server for remote authentication. If I log in with a local user, I can prove the authentication to RADIUS works with the aaa test command. If I try to log in via Device Mana...
    Daniel Jastredowski
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  • MDS device names

    under the MDS directors I can see several names like information for device ID xyz "Tuscany-fw" or Aakash or Tuscany-que what are the names stands for the models are MDS 9509 and 9506
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  • Replacing MDS 9513 with MDS 9396

    All,   We are planning to replace CISCO MDS 9513 switches with MDS 9396S on our two fabrics. These are the steps I have in mind.   1. Configure MDS 9396 and assign a domain id greater than the MDS 9513 2....
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  • How to collect ISL/CPU/PORT stats from a cisco mds switch (batch mode every 5 mins)

    Hi There,   I would like to know is there a way to collect performance stats from MDS switch (ver 6.13) or DCNM (ver 10) using CLI in 5 min intervals ?   On the DCNM server there are RRD files which are st...
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  • Does HBA /Cisco chassis and FI compatible with target brocade FOS 8.0.2d

    I have Brocade Switches 6505B running with 7.2.1d FOS Version. So I’m going to upgrade to target code 8.0.2d using below sequence upgrade path   Steps:   7.2.1d -> 7.3.2b -> 7.4.1d -> 8...
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  • MDS 9706 - proactive reboot

    Hi   We are preparing for MDS 9706  upgrade and we want to do a proactive reboot, as the uptime is over 450 days.   Could you help me to build the action plan for that, please?   Review the pat...
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  • CMCNE 14.0.1 Unable to delete/disable switch that is powered off

    I have CMCNE 14.0.1 and trying to delete a switch/fabric config for a switch(DS-300B) that is powered off (flooded from Harvey) and CMCNE see's the Switch State as "On-line" but the Status is "Not Reachable". When I t...
    Dave Chladek
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  • Running an ISL at 8Gb produces lots of errors, 4Gb is error free. Don't understand why.

    We have 2 locations, separated by 610 meters and 1245 meters dark fiber. The switches are Brocade DS-300B with 8Gb long wave (10 km) SFPs. When the switch ports run at 8Gb I see a lot of errors and communication betw...
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  • Will Dell EMC certify and release NX-OS v8.1(1a)

    Bank of America is inquiring about this level of Cisco NX-OS.  But it does not appear to be certified by Dell EMC yet. Will this version be certified, and if so is there an ETA of the GA date?
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  • Migrating NPV ISLs

    Hello, I currently many NPV 9148's where each is port-channel connected to a core 9513.  Some of those port-channels also trunk.  I have introduced 97xx to fabrics with goal of decommissioning 9513.  Fo...
    Al Barth
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  • Cisco Npiv and fport-channel trunk quetion

    This might have already been answered. But, I have a UCS vBlock the switch has NPIV enabled and the FI on the UCS are NPV enabled.  What I nned to do is enable another Cisco switch 9500 series outside the vBloc...
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  • When will CMCNE be supported on Windows Server 2016?

    The release notes for Version 14.3.1 state that only up to Windows Server 2012 R2 is supported as an operating system. I tried, but failed to install CMCNE 14.3.1 on Windows 2016. First attempt gave me this error mes...
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  • Discovered: SNMP communication failed. SNMP credentials may be invalid. : Seed Switch

    When I am in CMCNE 14.3.1 in Discovery I receive the following message for the two virtual switches:   Discovered: SNMP communication failed. SNMP Credentials may be invalid.: Seed Switch   However when I ...
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