• Remove Virtual Fabric

    Hello,     I need help for merging 2 switches where VF needs to be disabled.     Below is our current Brocade switches configuration;     Model: Brocade 6520     Switches: &...
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  • 9513 to 9710 migration

    Current environment is two separate fabrics made up of 9513's running 5.2.8a. attached through ISL's are IBM Blade centers using Cisco 4GB switch modules running various versions of 5.2.8. Also IBM Blade centers using...
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  • Questions regarding Brocade FC-FC Routing

    Hi experts,   Can i ask several questions regarding Brocade FC-FC Routing ?   1. Can I implement FC-FC Routing between two NO Virtual Fabrics-capable switches ? Or between one Virtual Fabrics-capable switc...
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  • Fully Resilient FCIP Design CISCO MDS 9250i

    Hi i just have a question about VSAN configuration for fully resilient FCIP Design, because i am a little bit confuse for backup paths (Blue and Orange line), if you see the image i am going to connect VSAN 60, prof...
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  • Merge New Cisco MDS 9148S (ISL-PortChannel)

    Hi   could you help me please?   i am going to config (merge) 4 new switches cisco MDS 9148s in pairs by using ISL-Port Channel (cascade)   sw1-sw2 and sw3-sw4, but a am not sure how to set the s...
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  • Connectrix vdx-6740b - no console

    hi guys, I have a minicom linking to console port on vdx-6740b and when I power up the switch I see boot process goes seemingly fine, but when that completes I do not get prompt, no response. Switch goes silent when ...
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  • merge Cisco MDS 9148s

    How many minimum and maximum ports are needed to perform an ISL between Cisco Switch MDS 9148s?
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  • Recommendation for Positions of Members of a Port-Channel on the MDS 9148S

    Hi   does any one what is the recommendation for positions of members of a port channel on the MDS 9148?? and what is the best practice, i mean, how many ports per port channel is the recomendation??   Be...
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  • Same VE port FID on MP7800 and on DCX

    Hi,   I have a couple of MP7800 with VE ports configured and productive, and on one of those VE ports there's a FID that is the same of a DCX I want to connect to those MP7800. Can this be an issue?   TIA
  • Initiator logged out from the switch

    Hello, We came across an issue where an initiator (ESXi host)  logged out from the switch and logged back in after a few min. Investigation from the OS logs reveal that initiator has been forced to log out upon ...
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  • Is is possible to setup multiple EMC (ESRS) call-home destinations in CMCNE?

        We are setting up a connectrix manager that supports several sites for a customer.  Each site has its own esrs server but when we setup call home in connectrix manager it appears i can only hav...
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  • Connectrix vdx-6740b and new firmware (from Brocade) ?

    hi everyone, I have inherited a EMC vdx-6740b and I've started looking at, the firmware of course, checking if there is a newer version. Latest firmware I can find is Network OS 6.0.2e which seems quite behind what ...
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  • Updated our DCX8510-4B switches to 8.0.1 and Upgraded CMCNE to 14.0.1

    now we are seeing some odd alerts that we have not seen before:       Warning        false    Thu Dec 22 2016 23:58:02 EST    Mon...
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  • transaction key Convert

    Hello, I have a Emc ds-300b feature key. Now i want to upgrade the ports one of my SAN switches with its unique transaction key. but I couldn't find any place for converting it. i have used this address: https://lice...
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  • List of Alarms and Counters (if any) of

    Hello Community,   We are integrating EMC2 ds5000-b switches with a customer server processing alarm traps and counters (if any). Does anyone know if there's any product document describing and listing alarms an...
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  • DS-300B transaction key convert

    Hello, I have a Emc ds-300b feature key. Now i want to upgrade the ports one of my SAN switches with its unique transaction key. but I couldn't find any place for converting it. i have used this address: https://lice...
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  • Unable to logon using admin account on a cisco mds switch

    I have a cisco MDS 9710 switch with TACACS enabled. I am unable to logon using the admin account. Getting access denied. Tried resetting the password for the account but even then logon doesn't work.   Could som...
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  • Cisco MDS Refuses to Authenticate to RADIUS Server

    I have my switch configured to use a RADIUS server for remote authentication. If I log in with a local user, I can prove the authentication to RADIUS works with the aaa test command. If I try to log in via Device Mana...
    Daniel Jastredowski
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  • MDS device names

    under the MDS directors I can see several names like information for device ID xyz "Tuscany-fw" or Aakash or Tuscany-que what are the names stands for the models are MDS 9509 and 9506
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  • Replacing MDS 9513 with MDS 9396

    All,   We are planning to replace CISCO MDS 9513 switches with MDS 9396S on our two fabrics. These are the steps I have in mind.   1. Configure MDS 9396 and assign a domain id greater than the MDS 9513 2....
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