• Does Avamar overwrite previous backup with new data?

    Here's the scenario:   A user had a PC named "MyPcName".  PC was using EMC Avamar Client and it was running daily.   User's PC crashed and local tech support rebuilt the PC using the same pc name.&nbs...
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  • Backup is incomplete because file "/ddr_files.xml" is missing

    017-10-25 04:15:35 avtar Error <10542>: Data Domain server "cindd2001.us.chp.accenture.com" open failed DDR result code: 5037, desc: illegal operation (Log #1) 2017-10-25 04:15:35 avtar Error <10509>: Prob...
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  • Avamar 7.5.1 BMR restore error message

    We have recently upgraded our EMC Avamar envirornment to 7.5.1. We now have Data Domains that hold the avamar backups with virtual Avamar servers managing the backup/restores of virtual and physical machines.   ...
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  • System restore failed

    Hi,I'm in the process of evaluating the Avamar product for deployment with customers. I have an SBS2008 (essentially a x64 Win 2008 machine) which I have succesfull backupped several times. Included in the dataset are...
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  • Where does the Native Timezone get set in Avamar?

    Noticed that we have several different values in our schedules, but that field doesn't appear to be editable?   Where does that get set and how could it be different for different schedules?   For instance...
    Kate B
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  • Question regarding VMware Oracle RAC cluster and Avamar backup

    I am in the position of OS systems administrator and am setting up our first VMware based Oracle RAC cluster.  We are a fairly new Avamar user.  The Oracle data disks are VMDKs with multi-writer enabled.&nbs...
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  • Swapping a 10Gb base T io module with an optical fiber module

    Hello all,   We have a single node gen4t avamar server integrated with a data domain in production. In SLIC bay 0 we have an 10 base T module. Can this be replaced with an optical fiber module?.   Regards ...
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  • Avamar Vmware Windows Cluster backup Issue

    We use Avamar 7.5.1 to do image level backups on all our VMware virtual machines. We set up a  new 4 node Windows 2012 cluster with SQL2016 AAG across our 2 Vmware farms for mission critical databases. When we do...
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  • Error- Backup is completed with error - Avamar 7.4

    Hello EVERYONE,   Can somebody assist on this,Getting this error msg-  Backup is completed with error , Avamar 7.4 , Windows server 2012, file level back up   Logs-   2018-09-09 22:01:19 avtar Erro...
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  • Activity window entries disappear

    We recently upgraded from Avamar 7.4.1 to 7.5.1. Shortly prior to the upgrade, I ran into a situation where entries in the Avamar's activity window in the Administrator GUI would disappear. I was hoping this problem w...
    Stan Horwitz
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  • Avamar 18.1 experiences?

    Hey, Who has moved to version 18.1? Any experiences on the upgrade, or the product itself?
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  • Replication jobs fail to initiate due to proxy error

    Replication between our primary and DR Avamars has stopped with a peculiar error.  When trying to initiate a job, it fails with the message "Failed to initiate replication because no proxy was found to service th...
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  • VSS backup for windows 2008R2 server is running very slow in avamar while its FS backup completes normally. VSS backup stucks after 9GB. please tell me what could be possibilities behind this and how can we fix it.

    VSS backup for windows 2008R2 server is running very slow in avamar while its FS backup completes normally. VSS backup stucks after 9GB. please tell me what could be possibilities behind this and how can we fix it.
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  • Avamar HTML UI in 7.5.1 (https://avamar_server/aui)

    Hi Team,   My customer opened avamar Web user interface site for avamar for the version 7.5.1 with the user credential MCUser. Now he wants to access the same page https://avamar server/aui using any other user ...
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  • Avamar - backup exceptions for excluded volumes

    I am noticing that sometimes the Avamar backup job logs an exception for volumes that are excluded from backups. For example, by default we have the A:\ volume excluded from all backups, yet I occasionally receive exc...
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  • DPS for VM with Acropolis Nutanix

    Does the DPS for VM compatible with Acropolis Hyper-visor ?
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  • Why is the CertLog directory excluded?

    Hello,   I'm backing up a Windows Server that is part of a PKI.  Avamar is skipping an important directory that I want to have for possible future disaster recovery.   The directory is C:\Windows\Syst...
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  • Separate physical network for backup?

    This is a general question rather than a product-specific one, so I'm not really sure where to put it. I'd like to ask the question of the Avamar, Networker, and Data Domain communities.   To give you some conte...
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  • Mass VM restore

    I am trying to restore 20-30 VMs, but each VM backup had a different label number.   How can I use mccli backup restore command to restore last backup of 20-30 VMs in the same time?   Thanks.
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  • Obtain a copy of Avamar for Trial (windows version)

    Hello all.   I am a DataDomain user and looking to explore the possibility of hooking an Avamar product into the DD (very small environment, call it sub<50VMs if that.   I am at the stage where I JUST w...
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