• Avamar VM backup snapshot removal causing VM issues

    Has anyone run int a situation where Avamar VM backup snapshot removal is causing VM issues such as application hangs or "heartbeat timeouts"?   Working with a customer and implementing Avamar VM backups for set...
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  • Avamar GEN4T using dedicated replication ports

    Lets say we have Avamar on Backup IP 10.X ( port 1 and 2 ) Lets say replication IP on Avamar is set to 172.x . (port 3 and 4) This Avamar is integrated with DD on 10.x IP. We were able to add target avamar on source...
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  • Avamar Proxy Deployment Manager "verification" via logs?

    Weird question, but it's a weird circumstance.   Somehow, one of the proxies at the customer I am working with has 7.7TB of storage resources associated with it, and another one has 1.3TB of storage associated w...
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  • Exclude with Include Avamar for MAC server

    I have a MAC server with a LARGE Volume that I want to exclude from the backup /Vloumes/Big Guy/ but I want to include a sub dir /Volumes/Big Guy/Mystuff/want this/   but when the first job ran I keep seeing ...
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  • Avamar VM proxy specifications - where are they?

    Avamar VM proxy specifications - where are they? They're not in the Avamar VMware documentation.   I know that the Proxy Deployment Manager takes care of deploying the proxies - but many customers still would li...
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  • Limitation Avamar Proxy <-> one vCenter 6.5

    Hi,   we have 27 small avamar single nodes in 27 different locations. So we have 27 different VMWare Clusters but only one central vCenter 6.5 server. At this time we backup all VMs traditional by Client but we ...
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  • Avamar cannot browse Sharepoint farms after installation

    Working with a customer on a "simple" Sharepoint configuration (single front-end server with a database server) - we have installed the Avamar agent and the MOSS plugin on both systems, and we can see those "component...
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  • Can Avamar "process" complex passwords for applications?

    Working with a customer and we are having issues configuring Avamar to work with Sharepoint servers.   Customer configuration is one front-end server and one database server.   We have been able to install...
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  • Avamar config checker will not run

    Does anyone have any info about what prevents the Avamar Config Checker from running?   We have installed it on separate Windows 2008R2 and 2012 servers, and it does not run on any of them.   We get an unh...
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  • Question about Windows processes involved in Avamar backup

    Working with a customer on backups for a large Windows file server, and am trying to get an idea of performance, so I have the Windows Resource Monitor open and I'm looking at disk operations.   While I see the ...
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  • Script in Avamar

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  • Avamar Backups to DD with or without token authentication

    I have a strange problem with AV/DD. Avamar Version 7.4.1-58 How does Avamar decide whether a client connects to the DD using token authentication or with credentials? Some clients connect with token, but full backu...
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  • Avamar ADS Gen4 Media Access Node as SAN storage

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please help answer the question below. we have Avamar ADS Gen4 Media Access Node Server (100-580-622) with 24TB ship with SUSE Linux Enterprise OS our company cancel the proje...
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  • Avamar Backup Script

    Hello,     I am trying to disable some daily backups on the last day of the month so that the monthly backups can run and then enable the daily backups the next day. I do this manually but does anyone have a...
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  • Avamar Virtual Edition 7.3 - image backups fail with error <17821>: failed to download vm metadata

    Hi everyone,   Have been facing numerous Image backup fails with the same error: ---- avvcbimage Warning <15995>: HTTP fault detected, Problem with returning page from HTTP, Msg:'SOAP 1.1 fault: SOAP-EN...
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  • Windows service are being stopped during hfscheck

    Team,   Host OS: Esxi 6.5 VM OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (Datacenter) VCenter is also installed & taking backups through VDP.   Issue is when VDP integrity checks are running few of my application ser...
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  • Export All Avamar Groups Script

    Hello All,   I have been looking for a process to export all Avamar groups from one grid and import them into another. I am aware of the following commands listed below, but this only exports/imports one group a...
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  • Is it possible to forbid client initiated restore jobs?

    Hi,   Since is it possible to forbid some interactions from the client (like client initiated backup jobs) is it possible to forbid a client (from inside the machine) to initiate a restore job from the avamar ag...
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  • Replication process flow in avamar

    Can anyone please let me know the replication process flow in avamar 7.4 version.   Once we start replication,every time the replication will start in an order, please explain me what does MC,AVI,EM backups mean...
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  • Avamar v7.5 Exchange install issues - user config tool hangs, config checker does not run

    Working on a brand new implementation of Avamar v7.5 on a test Exchange server (Avamar client/plugin backups), and running into some challenges:     1) The Backup User config tool launched successfully when...
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