• avamar gen4s vs gen4t vs gen5

    Hello All,   Could you pleaselet m eknow the difference between avamar gen4s vs gen4t vs gen5.   Thanks
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  • avamar interview question and answers

    Hello Al,   can someone please provide the avamar interview question and answers.     Thanks Loveleen
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  • re-running Avamar Vmware backups

    Avamar 7.4 with Data Domain...   I run two vmware backup groups every night. Both groups backups around 300 VM's   If there are issues with some VM's, can avamar perform a re-run of a backup via CLI or is...
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  • AVE deployment in Hyper-V environment

    Hi,   For one of the customer i have to deploy 1 TB AVE on windows 2012 R2 hyper-v server. i checked the admin guide for the deployement and it says to uncompress the .7z file from support and download side. but...
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  • Seeding

    We have data located in another grid that replciation may not be an option.  Currenty we are shipping a USB drive back n forth, issue is the drive is so sloooooooow..  Any other hardware options ? I looked a...
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  • Installing the Avamar agent without starting the agent service?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to install the Avamar agent without the actual agent service starting?   Specific scenario is with AIX - customer needs to change the listenport for the Avamar agent so it does...
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  • Restore of VM does not include VM Tag

    Hello,   I am using Avamar 7.5 and recently realized that when I do a restore the associated tag from vcenter does not get included with the VM.   I use dynamic tagging for my backups so when I restore a V...
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  • Export All Avamar Groups Script

    Hello All,   I have been looking for a process to export all Avamar groups from one grid and import them into another. I am aware of the following commands listed below, but this only exports/imports one group a...
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  • Is there a special procedure to replacing a Hard drive on Utility node.

    On my Avamar Utility node I have a failed Hard drive - drive 0: From what i have read, the two drives on the utility node are hot swapable.  Is this correct?  Can i just replace the bad drive with a good d...
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  • Avamar agent and "Double Take" software - issues?

    I am working on a project and the customer is using a software product called "Double Take". Apparently this is "replication/mirroring" software that syncs up drives/volumes on one system with drives on another, and g...
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  • Restoring Mailbox Exchange 2013 Failed GLR Error

    Hello,   I am trying to restore user mailbox from avamar backup (stored on DataDomain). When I choose database it starts retriving contents of backup in this DB. After while I recive error:" Failed to mount data...
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  • trail version of avamar

    how to download trail version of avamar???
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  • An error occurred when building the list of proxies to service a job avamar

    Hello,   "An error occurred when building the list of proxies to service a job avamar" Help me please with this issue. I can't start a manual backup.. Avamar proxy was synchronized with success
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  • 2 Avamar's sharing the same DD. How to identify mtree's?

    Question - So I have one DD 9800 at Production site with two AV grids configured to send backup data to the same DD 9800. Basically two AV servers are writing to the one DD 9800.   When I log into DD and check ...
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  • VSS backup without BMR take a long time to complete

    I'm facing this issue on Windows 2012 R2 x64 machine. This is a Domain controller and I'm trying to take two set of backups. 1. FS and VSS with BMR 2. VSS without BMR Both these sets are scheduled at different time...
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  • VSS Backups not working after Windows 10 creators update 1709

    Hello everyone,   just wondering whether anyone else has experienced problems with Avamar VSS Backups of Windows 10 clients since the creators update (1709) was rolled out. I have a relatively new Win10 Client....
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  • Avamar replication over slow links

    Hello,   I have a situation where I need to to replicate a 1,2 TB file server over a 10 Mb/s link. This would take 11 days assuming 100% bandwitdh utilization and 24/7 replication windows, and maybe 30 days mor...
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    Dear all, i've a problem with registration Avamar server after update of the client.in output thi is the error.:  root@cbezed01clrp511@Zedelgem:(/etc)# /usr/local/avamar/bin/avregister  === Client Registrati...
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  • Can someone let me know what is mangement IP and internal IP in Avamar

    Can someone let me know what is management IP and internal IP in Avamar. And how do we check the Avamar NIC SPeed.
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  • Using mccli to discover where a file is, within Avamar

    Disclaimer:  I'm NOT an Avamar administrator, so assume I know very little (in case that's not obvious).    I'm actually a DBA, and we have process of performing periodic restores of database backups ...
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