• Weak OpenSSL ciphers on proxy clients?

    Has anyone ever tried to disable the weak ciphers in OpenSSL on an Avamar proxy? I have version 7.5.1-101, and the Company wants cipher suites with RC4 and 3DES and CBC somehow disallowed. Will a proxy client still wo...
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  • Avamar + DD Replication ports needed

    Dear all,   I try to replicate one Avamar + DD to another Avamar + DD. I have to open firewalls beetween all systems I have opened : - Avamar 1 <> Avamar 2 : 27500, 28001, 29000, 30001 and 30003 - DD 1 ...
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  • Email when someone logs in using MCUser, admin or root

    Does anyone in this group know how to create an email that notifies you immediately when someone logs in to the grid using the MCUser, admin or root users? We are running Avamar 7.4.1-58   We created LDAP integr...
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  • Max number of proxy per grid

    Hi   I'm working on scalling a AV + DD system for a project with VM's besides of DD stereamit max number of simultanious VM backup came to light.   using the proxy deployment manager is not an option bec...
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  • Avamar Domains

    I have noticed in the last few versions of Avamar, that when you move an Avamar Client to a new domain, or retire an Avamar Client the Avamar Domain that you are in changes to the new domain (the one the server moved ...
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  • Silent Install Avamar 7.5 Administrator Console in Windows 10?

    I need to deploy the console to administrators and I can't find silent installation commands documented. /? provides no help file.   I tried the command "AvamarConsoleMultiple-windows-x86-64-7.7.0-183-HF289693....
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  • Client migration between Avamar 7.2 and 7.4

    Hi , We have 2 environments ,one outdated ESOL 7.2 Gen4 that will be decomissioned and a new Avamar Rain running now 7.4. We want to move some of the clients, only production ones, to the supported Avamar, but seem...
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  • Python upgrade in Avamar

    Hi All,   Is it possible to install Python 3.x on Avamar 7.x ?   I am developing a MCCLI script to adjust retention based on parameters that the modify-snapups does not address.   Thanks,   Ken
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  • NDMP Backups - Unity NAS - Exclusions

    Can you configure NDMP jobs to exclude certain directories under a main NAS in order to slice up the backup jobs?  Also would this enable you do run multiple jobs at once?      The NAS is...
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  • Vcloud Director 9.0 integration

    Hi   With VMware spinning up the new VDC 9.x with the new HTML 5 UI i was wondering what was the status with the VDC pluging   The compatibility matrix stop at the 8.x version of VDC.   As we are loo...
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  • VCSA 6.7 compatibility

    Does anyone know what version of Avamar is compatible with VCSA 6.7? We're currently looking at upgrading to VCSA 6.7 and it looks like Avamar 7.5 is not compatible.
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  • Avamar managed file replication failing with error Replication failed: could not open connection to dest DDR

    avtar FATAL <10608>: Replication failed: could not open connection to dest DDR G3PPTS1004-mgmt.1dc.com, dest LSU: avamar-1479479996, handle: -1, DDR result code: 5037, desc: illegal operation (Log #2) 2017-03-28...
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  • Unable to re-register client

    We just migrated our Avamar to a new hardware and upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3. All seems working fine except for 3 clients suddenly become offline. I tried to re-register the client but it failed. Here is the error messa...
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  • FLR with VCenter 6.0 successfull but no data

    Hi Team;   We are just deploying new Avamar infra for backup. We face issue with FLR on VMware machine. The restoration runs fine but no file under destination directory. It same case for all VM (Linux and Wind...
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  • Documenation on avamar and data domain deployment in Vblock

    Hi,   Do we have any implement documentation for configuring avamar and data domain in Vblock appliance. for this customer on the avamar we have to configure dedicated management and replication as well.   ...
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  • Replace Avamar node

    Hello all, this is my "as-is": two sites, Avamar+DD on every site, cross replication from the 2 sites. The Avamar nodes will be replaced by newer (from Gen4S to Gen4T). there is a way to export metadata, dataset, ...
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  • vmware proxy, dhcp to static IP configuration

    hello everyone. I would like to put a static IP configuration to my avamar proxy before registering it on my vCenter. Do you know the command? I think that it exists a script. Thank you
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  • Is it possible to upgrade Avamar clients to 7.5.1 prior to upgrading the server to get a head start?

    We are upgrading our Avamar server to 7.5.1 and would like to inquire about upgrading the client code before the server actually is upgraded.  Will this work?  Can we upgrade clients before the server to sav...
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  • Strategy for cloud tier backup schedule

    We tier monthly and yearly backups from avamar/data domain to aws.  That means that at the beginning of a new month we can get hit with a large amount of data being pushed to the cloud as all the monthlies are se...
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  • Disabling ipv6 via sysctl on redhat 7 doesn't prevent avamar from listening on ipv6 addresses

    So if I try to disable ipv6 via sysctl method documented by redhat, the avamar agent still listens on ipv6 ports 30002 and 28002;   We are running Redhat 7.5 x64 with Avamar 7.4.1 server/client   This lead...
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