• changing maintenance window via a script

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to change the maintenance window via a script or a command. On the java gui you must : clic on "tools" menu clic on "manage schedules" clic on "maintenance window" tab change the ba...
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  • NDMP restore commands

    Hello Team,   I would like to restore netapp volume thru avamar CLI. Did anyone tried this using cli or scripts? Please suggest.   Thanks,
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  • Data Protection Central

    Is anyone using data protection central to monitor their backups?   I was reading up on it, and it does look like a direct replacement for BRM. One thing is not clear is if it does require a bunch of ports open ...
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  • mccli dynamic rule

    Anyone know the format mccli is looking for to create dynamic rules? I've got a few rules to create between two systems and would prefer to script it to minimize typos. The latest MCCLI guide I can find is 7.3 and doe...
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  • mccli rule add

    I am finding difficult to pass the details for the option --file-path=<String> on mccli rule add command   mccli rule add --domain=/Vcenter --name=Demo rule --file-path=/tmp/Vm_Tag_Rule   Content of ...
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  • re-package mac client ?

    Hi,   I'm new to this application, is there any documentation that shows a process of re-packaging the mac client installer to include the configuration?,, as we have a big client base and we want to automate t...
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  • Avamar, adding new interface for seperate VLAN

    Hello, I have added a new interface for Avamar VE to backup a new VLAN. I am trying to figure out how to update probe.xml with nodedb but a little confused and cant find any clear documentation   Currently: et...
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  • Backup is incomplete because file "/ddr_files.xml" is missing

    017-10-25 04:15:35 avtar Error <10542>: Data Domain server "cindd2001.us.chp.accenture.com" open failed DDR result code: 5037, desc: illegal operation (Log #1) 2017-10-25 04:15:35 avtar Error <10509>: Prob...
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  • Does Avamar overwrite previous backup with new data?

    Here's the scenario:   A user had a PC named "MyPcName".  PC was using EMC Avamar Client and it was running daily.   User's PC crashed and local tech support rebuilt the PC using the same pc name.&nbs...
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  • Change timeout on Avamar pre and post script processing

    Is there a way to change the length of time Avamar allows for the pre-execution and post-execution scripts to run?  I have a job running on a Linux server with the Avamar v6.0.101-65 client that backs up an Infor...
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  • Avamar 7.5.1 BMR restore error message

    We have recently upgraded our EMC Avamar envirornment to 7.5.1. We now have Data Domains that hold the avamar backups with virtual Avamar servers managing the backup/restores of virtual and physical machines.   ...
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  • System restore failed

    Hi,I'm in the process of evaluating the Avamar product for deployment with customers. I have an SBS2008 (essentially a x64 Win 2008 machine) which I have succesfull backupped several times. Included in the dataset are...
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  • Avamar-Backup delete

    A weekly backups was  set to infinite retention instead of 14 days we have changed it to the correct retention , but we understand this new retention policy will kick in only for new backups? Question is ca...
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  • Where does the Native Timezone get set in Avamar?

    Noticed that we have several different values in our schedules, but that field doesn't appear to be editable?   Where does that get set and how could it be different for different schedules?   For instance...
    Kate B
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  • Question regarding VMware Oracle RAC cluster and Avamar backup

    I am in the position of OS systems administrator and am setting up our first VMware based Oracle RAC cluster.  We are a fairly new Avamar user.  The Oracle data disks are VMDKs with multi-writer enabled.&nbs...
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  • Swapping a 10Gb base T io module with an optical fiber module

    Hello all,   We have a single node gen4t avamar server integrated with a data domain in production. In SLIC bay 0 we have an 10 base T module. Can this be replaced with an optical fiber module?.   Regards ...
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  • Avamar Vmware Windows Cluster backup Issue

    We use Avamar 7.5.1 to do image level backups on all our VMware virtual machines. We set up a  new 4 node Windows 2012 cluster with SQL2016 AAG across our 2 Vmware farms for mission critical databases. When we do...
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  • Error- Backup is completed with error - Avamar 7.4

    Hello EVERYONE,   Can somebody assist on this,Getting this error msg-  Backup is completed with error , Avamar 7.4 , Windows server 2012, file level back up   Logs-   2018-09-09 22:01:19 avtar Erro...
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  • Activity window entries disappear

    We recently upgraded from Avamar 7.4.1 to 7.5.1. Shortly prior to the upgrade, I ran into a situation where entries in the Avamar's activity window in the Administrator GUI would disappear. I was hoping this problem w...
    Stan Horwitz
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  • Avamar 18.1 experiences?

    Hey, Who has moved to version 18.1? Any experiences on the upgrade, or the product itself?
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