• vmware proxy, dhcp to static IP configuration

    hello everyone. I would like to put a static IP configuration to my avamar proxy before registering it on my vCenter. Do you know the command? I think that it exists a script. Thank you
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  • VM's backup from Unity

    Hi Guys,   I'm thinking about implementing EMC UnityVSA in remote office and replication to the central Hardware Unity. Can Avamar backup these VM off the Unity, I mean replicated remote offices VMs in the Hard...
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  • Avamar 7.5.1 proxy deployement fails, don't know where to look

    Avamar 7.5.1 proxy deployement fails, don't know where to look.... please help !!
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  • error in Avamar Instalation Manager - Local Downloader Service is either offline or not installed

    When trying to save my Online Support Account in the Configuration tab of the Avamar Installation Manager, I'm getting the error: "Local Downloader Servicer is either offline or not installed."   Anyone ?  
    created by TomLambrechts
  • Change Number of Streams Running Per Client

    I have a server that has between 15-20 million image files running on Windows 2008 R2. I have created 5 separate policies to back up different pieces of the server (each policy will back up between 3-6 million files)....
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  • Avamar Backups to DD with or without token authentication

    I have a strange problem with AV/DD. Avamar Version 7.4.1-58 How does Avamar decide whether a client connects to the DD using token authentication or with credentials? Some clients connect with token, but full backu...
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  • How can I remove all metadata from an AVAMAR VIRTUAL EDITION ?

    How can I remove all metadata from an AVAMAR VIRTUAL EDITION ?   We implemented AVE with DataDomain. Due to some dataset misconfiguration, data ended up filling the AVE appliance. Now support says we cannot cl...
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  • Avamar AER not showing server

    i log into the aer console and under configuration Avamar servers my server shows for a fraction of a second and then is gone.  I'm not sure what the probelm is.  Any advice?   
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  • /etc/hosts in avamar vmware proxy

    does any one have a clue why system entries are defaulted / rolled back to original config when we reboot an avamar vmware proxy?
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  • Avamar replication jobs not terminating "gracefully" at end of schedule window?

    Working with a customer and we are seeing some Avamar replication jobs that are not terminating "gracefully" at end of their schedule window, which results in a "Failed" status on the destination Avamar, but only a "T...
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  • How to do a reverse replica from an avamar grid to another?

    Hi all,   does anybody knows how can I take the replica content from an Avamar Grid Gen4 into another Avamar Grid Gen4s? or is it possible?   Nowadays, we have an Avamar GEN4S on production with backups an...
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  • Avamar f_cache2 size discrepancy between servers

    Working with a customer on a performance issue and we ran across something that I am not sure is related, but did cause me to wonder.   The customer has 2x servers - one is their "active" file server at their pr...
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  • Limitation Avamar Proxy <-> one vCenter 6.5

    Hi,   we have 27 small avamar single nodes in 27 different locations. So we have 27 different VMWare Clusters but only one central vCenter 6.5 server. At this time we backup all VMs traditional by Client but we ...
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  • Avamar GEN4T using dedicated replication ports

    Lets say we have Avamar on Backup IP 10.X ( port 1 and 2 ) Lets say replication IP on Avamar is set to 172.x . (port 3 and 4) This Avamar is integrated with DD on 10.x IP. We were able to add target avamar on source...
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  • Using Data Domain for multiple Avamar in different network

    Hi,   We have a Data Domain integrated with Avamar and everything is working ok. Now, we need to use this Data Domain for a different Avamar as well which is in a seperate network. So, basically we want to use ...
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  • Avamar Sharepoint plugin - where to find the Itempoint installer?

    For the Avamar Sharepoint plugin - where do I find the Itempoint installer?   Customer has installed the plugin with the GLR option - does the Itempoint installer get put in a directory? If so, which one.  ...
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  • Sanity check - does Avamar "unilaterally" retire VM clients?

    Looking for clarification on whether Avamar "unilaterally" retires VM clients.   Scenario - customer was backing up a VM using Avamar VM image backup, and had to restore it. Around the date of the restore, that ...
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  • Avamar Extended Retention tape drive usage

    Can AER uses multiple tape drive in the library at once. I have two tape drives in the library and created two jobs but all exports are going to one tape drive. How can split each job to each tape drive in same library?
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  • Avamar expire-snapups

    Hello, I was looking for some help on the expire-snapups script.   I successfully run the following command: expire-snapups --domain=/DOMAINPATH/ContainerClients --after='2016-05-01' --before='30 days ago' --da...
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  • Avamar ADS Gen4 Media Access Node as SAN storage

    Hello I was wondering if someone could please help answer the question below. we have Avamar ADS Gen4 Media Access Node Server (100-580-622) with 24TB ship with SUSE Linux Enterprise OS our company cancel the proje...
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