• Avamar: "Unable to move the client because a client backup or replication job is still in progress"

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  • Avamar: Introducing the dump_root_hashes.rb script

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  • EMC ItemPoint Cannot Read Exchange 2016 CU5 Databases for GLR

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  • Avamar SQL backup fails with "SQL Server WMI provider is not available"

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  • Avamar: Exchange VSS Plugin - (Backup Resolution Path)

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  • Avamar SQL plugin failed to browse SQL instance in a mixed SQL environment

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  • Avamar VMware vcenter connection down due to incorrect vSphere credentials

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  • Fail to start MCS - error: Server already started on port: 7778

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  • How to show the product serial number

    Hello all   I know that the command omreport chassis frontpanel normally shows the product s/n on server the LCD line 1 on the front panel However what happens if the LCD line 1 it's just showing something else...
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  • NDMP backup of Unity file system is timed out after 24 hours of run

    Hi everyone,   I'm having the following issue with backing up EMC Unity 600 file system via NDMP.   Because of a file system being pretty large (~60TB), backup does not end within 24 hours which is fine f...
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  • Is it possible to upgrade Avamar clients to 7.5.1 prior to upgrading the server to get a head start?

    We are upgrading our Avamar server to 7.5.1 and would like to inquire about upgrading the client code before the server actually is upgraded.  Will this work?  Can we upgrade clients before the server to sav...
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  • Networker with Avamar integrated Backup Failure

    Hi Guys,   I have Networker with Avamar integrated. Both Networker server & windows client running NW 7.5.2. The OS on both is w2k3 SP2 (32bit)   I am getting a backup failure with the following error ...
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  • Avamar + DD Replication ports needed

    Dear all,   I try to replicate one Avamar + DD to another Avamar + DD. I have to open firewalls beetween all systems I have opened : - Avamar 1 <> Avamar 2 : 27500, 28001, 29000, 30001 and 30003 - DD 1 ...
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  • Avamar Oracle plugin backup failing

    Hi Friends, In our environment, Avamar oracle plugin backups failing with the below error, please let me know if anyone came accross the same issue..   My setup is: Avamar server on 7.2 Avamar client and ora...
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  • Avamar monitoring using SNMP traps

    Hi All,   We have several Avamar servers. I am planning to add all the Avamar servers to monitoring using SNMP traps. The admin guide has the steps to configure the SNMP. For version 7.2, these steps are on pag...
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  • Avamar Announcements and Events

    EMC Avamar Product Store Protect your data by deploying fast, efficient backup and recovery with EMC Avamar Announcing Data Protection Suite for VMware This article announces a new channel only data protection solu...
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  • Avamar Monthly Support Highlights - June 2018

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  • ADMe Staging Error - Invalid name character or name is too long

    Hello,   I'm experiencing staging errors with Exchange-VSS and Sharepoint-VSS plugins. It ends up with a staging error with the following error mesages:   1,22540,Invalid name character or name is too long...
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  • Avamar:Top Services Topics

    This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Avamar, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of June 2018: It is recommended that you also check for important information ...
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  • F013017EE Avamar Data Store Gen4s -SSD 1000 FCO

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