• Is it possible to copy a backup job in Avamar?

    Hi all,   As I understand, Avamar can only do backup and restore, as it only has Avamar nodes as the target storage medium. But now it support Data Domain too, so question is:   1. can we manually copy ol...
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  • proxycp.jar error running -selectalldatastore

    I am not exactly sure when or why this stopped working but the "selectdatastore" command is no longer working.  This is a command I use quite often as we are always adding datastores and moving VMs around.  ...
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  • Help with install client command via command line from Windows. (HELP!!!)

    I need to split up my back as 2 client running on one client server.   Client A: ca7000642 (installed and registered) Client B: ca7000642-2 (need to register to Avamar server via command line. I'm trying to get t...
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  • Avamar: How to Upgrade Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE)

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  • Avamar 7.2.1 aide needs some aid.

    Backstory: undergoing a security review and I need "Level 1" security hardening to be fully functional.   It appears on all our grids (7) of 7.2.1 and 7.4.1, the logging to /var/log/secure from the weekly aide c...
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  • Avamar rules - VMrules

    Community,   We started using rules to sort thru which VMs are going to be backed up, however if I add more then a few datastore related rules it seems that all of the rules are been ignored. I'm unable to find ...
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  • Connection to Avamar Administrator failed

    Hello,   I have an error message when trying to connect to Avamar Administrator : Failed to connect to Administrator Server.     When connecting to the server and typing "dpnctl status" : all seems...
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  • Avamar: How to prevent backups from going to Avamar server at GSAN level in v18.2

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  • Avamar: Asset management in Avamar 18.2 AUI

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  • Avamar : How to do Cloud DR TEST using Avamar UI

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  • Browse DAG fails

    When trying to expand and browse a DAG client, this message appear:     Client refused browse request. 6207 Message intended for Client (CID DAG) received incorrectly at agent on (Node name:IP Node(CID node...
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  • Install Avamar for DAG backup

    hi all , \ we are trying to install and configure the Avamar backup for DAG 2013 servers . when running the avamar windows Cluster Configuration we are receiving error on below points :     any idea h...
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  • Avamar Many to Many Replication

    Hello all   I have been struggling with this for a several days now and I am hopeful that one of you will be able to help out.   First here is our configuration:   Site 1 Avamar Node 1 (Physical) D...
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  • The VM backup is failing with the error code 10026

    The VM backup is failing with the error code 10026   The errors and exceptions in the Log are mentioned below.   2018-11-27 18:01:50 avvcbimage FATAL <5889>: Fatal signal 11 in pid 25856 (Log #2) 201...
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  • Avamar Monthly Support Highlights - November 2018.pdf

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  • Avamar 7.5.1 BMR restore error message

    We have recently upgraded our EMC Avamar envirornment to 7.5.1. We now have Data Domains that hold the avamar backups with virtual Avamar servers managing the backup/restores of virtual and physical machines.   ...
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  • Consolidate backups to one Datadomain / Replication to identical node

    Hi there, we´re currently having a setup of one Avamar-Node connected to three different Datadomain-Units and want to consolidate all that backup stuff to one new DD6800. The most easiest way of doing an mtree...
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  • mccli firewall ports

    Hi, Does anyone know what firewall ports need to be open between a server running MCCLI and an Avamar Utility node? Avamar version: 7.4.1-58   There isn't much in the security guide / MCCLI guide around this. ...
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  • move data from avamar to DataDomain

    Hello,   Avamar has reached 98% capacity usage. I have plenty of space available in DataDomain. Is it possible to move data from avamar storage to DataDomomain and it still stays restorable?
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  • Evaluation version Avamar and iDPA

    Hello is there an evaluation version for Avamar and iDPA?  Is there a link I can go to download the products and test them out?  Thanks.
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