• Add a customer site to my profile

    I'm trying to add a customer site to my company account, but I can not find option to do this. Can someone outline the process of adding a customer's site to "MySites"  list ?
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  • How to use ldap authentication with the EMC SMI Provider Tester?

    I am using the EMC SMI Provider Tester to connect VNX Clariion arrays with SolarWinds SRM.   The account we wish to use to connect and authenticate with all the arrays is managed by Active Directory. Thus, I am ...
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  • Service method “Execute” invocation failed

    I have integrated documentum with our .net application.In this application we are uploading a document which will be stored on documentum.But when I am trying to do this it is throwing following errors. 1)Service meth...
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  • Can the 4TB DD2200 be upgraded to its max 17.2TB without downtime?

    A customer is looking at purchasing 2 x DD2200 (4TB versions) they would like to know if it can be upgraded to the maximum 17.2TB without downtime? If so what is the process?
    David Bramley
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  • sancopy from VNX5300 to Nimble AF1000 possible?

    I am trying to check if sancopy push possible from VNX5300 to Nimble? I could not get to the correct support matrix with these 3rd party storages, can someone provide the doc or link ?
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  • EMC part number detail

    Hi Team member, Can I know where I can download or lookup the Part number is included what Item.   E.g. V31-DAE-N-15, is it including SAS cable? ....
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  • Vnxe 3200 FC module can have plug able SFP or fixed.

    hi,   one of my customer receive IO module without SFP, is this possible . if yes what is a part code for it.   Thanks in advance .   regards Paritosh Gaur
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  • Increasing Engagement with the EMC Federation

    We are continuing to strengthen our engagement with our EMC Federation partners, with a particular focus on unleashing the power of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (FEHC): To support the efforts of all of our...
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  • vSE Forum - Submit Questions Here

    BREAKING NEWS June 4, 2015: Chad will be moderating an all-star panel featuring: Laura Menicucci, Cloudera Vice President of World Wide Sales Engineering; Jamie Engesser, Hortonworks Vice President of Worldwide Soulti...
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  • VNX Unisphere Simulator on the VNX Enablement page

    What Java version works with the VNX Unisphere Simulator that is available on the VNX Enablement page under the "Quick Links" section?   It won't even install with the 1.8 version of Java, it will install with ...
    Mike Kutchik
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  • What do you see as the biggest challenges for growth in 2015

    With the launch of multiple cloud solutions by EMC, VMware etc in 2015, do you see that this will benefit the SP market?
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  • Looking for a partnership contact

    Hi,   I work for an application security services and solutions company. One of our key service offerings focuses on increasing security visibility throughout the organization by using dashboards to provide diff...
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  • How do find the part number details of the hardware in VNXe 3200

    Hi ,   Any link to find the part details of the components installed in EMC VNXe 3200 unified storage ?   The New VNXe 3200 box ordered was shipped with separate FC HBA card with part number : PN 110-183-0...
    created by Sibgath