Think for a moment about all the applications you have on your phone. Some of them contain valuable data that you will need when you move from one phone to another, such as your personal and professional contact information. Some of them have data you could get rid of without a second thought, like your high score on a certain candy game. And some of them have data that is precious, like pictures of your family that have dates, locations and other information that will need to transfer over to help you remember an important part of your life when you look at it again years later.


Now think how much more critical this scenario is when it comes to organizations that are moving away from an enterprise-wide application that is no longer needed, but the data contained in it still is. 70% of IT budgets are currently being used to maintain legacy systems because organizations don’t want to lose access to their data after applications are decommissioned. 



Think about the challenges that organizations need to overcome:

  • Accessing the data when needed (for insurers this could be 50 years or more!)
  • Understanding and transferring the value of the data that’s in the application
  • Keeping the data compliant and secure (healthcare, life sciences, financial services...)


But also consider the benefits that these organizations could experience, if the data was handled properly:

  • Access to data, not just for compliance or regulatory reasons, but to gain valuable insights that could impact the future of a business or industry (think Big Data)
  • Reduced costs associated with maintaining legacy and redundant systems
  • Reallocated budget toward innovation and next-generation applications, and away from legacy application maintenance


If you think that your customers would appreciate a solution that can help them achieve these things, you’re right! It’s a pretty easy value proposition for CIOs. And surprisingly, it’s very achievable with a product we call EMC InfoArchive. Partners just like you are already doing some amazing things with their customers by reselling and integrating this product, and I’d like to invite you and your customers to become one of our many success stories.


Together we can achieve our goals of growing our businesses and ensuring “No application data is left behind”.


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