Data has moved leagues beyond spreadsheets.


The old standby block data, easily handled by said spreadsheets, is quickly being replaced by unstructured data. Driven by the growth of the 3rd platform (mobile, cloud, big data, and social) unstructured data has become a power to be reckoned with. We’re talking video and audio files, scanned images, and machine data of all kinds. In fact, there’s so much of this data floating around that close to 80 percent of all new IT storage is now devoted to managing unstructured data. And it’s doubling every two years.


Call it the Big Data Challenge.


It’s no wonder that businesses and organizations the world over are struggling with how to store, manage, and analyze unstructured data—it’s coming at them like a tsunami.


And this “Big Data Challenge” is further complicated for IT professionals by the continuing need to save money while simultaneously protecting massive amounts of unstructured data and creating an infrastructure they can easily manage and grow. 


That’s where EMC Business Partners come in.


You can help your customers get ready for the Big Data Challenge now and set them up to get value out of their data with analysis down the road. Ultimately, it’s the analysis that will help them move beyond just managing unstructured data, to actually putting it to work to provide new business insights and growth opportunities.


The first step in meeting the Big Data Challenge?  Build a Data Lake.


Building the Data Lake


Customers need to consolidate inefficient silos of traditional and next-gen workloads into a Data Lake to lower costs, ensure ease of management, improve storage utilization, provide enterprise grade security, and enable access by multiple applications—a daunting task made easier with EMC’s Isilon Data Lake Foundation data storage infrastructure.


Isilon—a recognized leader in bringing data, applications, and analytics together to help customers build Data Lakes—is simple, efficient,
and scalable, supporting just the right level of performance for a variety of customers. In fact, the latest Isilon platform increases data storage capacity by 2.5 times to more than 50 PB in a single cluster, resulting in 50 percent lower operating costs as a result of high density nodes that reduce floor space, power, and cooling costs.


Building a Data Lake foundation is the place to start—and you may find that constructing a storage infrastructure foundation may be as far as some customers want to go. But for those ready to take the next step and incorporate big data analysis into the picture, Isilon also provides simultaneous support for multiple versions of Hadoop and various Hadoop vendors such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and Pivotal.


Partner Benefits


For EMC Business Partners, the Isilon win is simple:


  • Capture a great opportunity to reinforce your role as a trusted strategic advisor
  • Help customers design a Big Data roadmap that positions them for growth
  • Allow customers to leverage their investment and quickly move to analysis of unstructured data when they’re ready


Efficient storage…massive scalability…operational flexibility and in-place data analytics...robust data protection and security. These are
the hallmarks of a premier data lake foundation. So whether your customers want to take on the Big Data Challenge one step at a time, or they want to dive right into the Data Lake and start analyzing unstructured data—you have the solution for them.


To start conversations with your customers, introduce this brief video, which outlines the many benefits of an EMC Data Lake Foundation.