EMC’s acquisitions have resulted in a portfolio of industry leading data protection software, including Avamar and NetWorker.   Yet, over time as we developed the capabilities of both Avamar and NetWorker, the distinctions between the two have blurred.   This made it harder for our partners to determine what product fits what use case.


While it might sound confusing, in fact we should embrace the fact that we can thoroughly cover every use case with the combination of Avamar and NetWorker.  Instead of thinking about either Avamar or NetWorker, we need to talk about the combination of Avamar and NetWorker.


Enter the EMC Data Protection Suite.   There is a version of the suite for backup and archive, but here we will focus on the Data Protection Suite for Backup.


The Data Protection Suite for Backup eliminates the decisions tree of which is better suited, Avamar or NetWorker, by packaging them together into a single SKU.  The Data Protection Suite for Backup is licensed by front end capacity and includes everything your customers need for enterprise-wide backup of files, applications and databases in both physical and virtual environments. This means that you can license the full breadth of EMC’s backup capabilities with a single SKU, that includes Avamar, NetWorker, DD Boost for Enterprise Applications, and Data Protection Advisor.


If you aren’t familiar with the Data Protection Suite, we have a recorded Brainshark for our partners.  And if you have been selling the Data Protection Suite, we have a promotion for our partners in 1Q specifically for the backup package that includes a discounted list price and an added cash incentive for capacity sold between 1-50TB. This promotion runs through the end of March.  For more details, please reach out to your EMC partner manager.


With the shift towards IT as a service, it is the capabilities that matter, not necessarily the packaging.  And as a result, we need to make it as easy as possible to consume data protection capabilities without the complexity of selecting from multiple software titles. This is the power of consolidating capabilities to address all use cases in a single SKU.


More information on the EMC Data Protection Suite can be found on the EMC store.