If you’ve been around the technology industry for a while, you know that it is a steady stream of product launches.  Vendors use product launches as an opportunity to get attention in the market from press, analysts and our partners.  We like to use major events to launch products, and quite often, the hoopla is about incremental improvements to existing products rather than new products. 


In my nearly 11 years at EMC, I can’t claim that we are any different.  We organize our marketing calendar around major product launches, and we use our own shows like EMC World to make major product announcements.  As for the incremental improvements… well of course I’m biased on the significance of EMC’s product launches…


Don’t get me wrong – I love product launches. But I imagine that it is hard for our partners to keep up with all of the announcements from different vendors. 


So, in case you missed it, EMC introduced two new data protection products in Q3.  Both are differentiated from anything else in the market, which is good news for our partners.  Both are focused on enabling data protection for enterprise applications.  And the best part is that both are now available through ChannelExpress.

  • ProtectPoint:   This is a new product that provides direct integration between primary storage and protection storage – effectively offering the performance of snapshot and the functionality of a backup.   It provides application consistent backup and instant access for granular recovery.   This is another proof point in our direction to simplify the backup infrastructure, eliminating extra movements of the data and streamlining the management of backup and recovery for mission critical applications.
  • RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines:  This is the newest member of the RecoverPoint family focused on operational and disaster recovery in VMware environments.  It is a hypervisor-based software-only solution that provides either local or remote replication (either synchronously or asynchronously) over any distance.   And the great part is there no additional interface – it plugs into vCenter so it’s managed from the vSphere web interface.


Here are a couple of quick ways for our partners to build opportunities:

1.   The next time you’re doing a tech refresh for a VMAX customer, you can add ProtectPoint to the proposal for VMAX3.  Today ProtectPoint supports Oracle databases 11g and 12c, and it works with VMAX3 as well as the mid-range to high-end versions of Data Domain (DD4500 up to the DD990). This will differentiate the combined solution you can offer your customers from anything any other storage vendors can offer.  

2.  For customers that need continuous data protection of mission-critical applications in their VMware environment, the answer is RecoverPoint for VMs.  This product gives your customers any-point-in-time recovery.  Now you can offer granular recovery of single VMs, unlike what’s available with traditional LUN- based replication solutions.


Want to know more?  You can find a short recorded training we did for partners for ProtectPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs.  Also, visit emc.com page for ProtectPoint and RecoverPoint for VMs.  Both are available in ChannelExpress.