The Flash market is going to boom in 2014. IT research and advisory company Gartner estimates that in 2014, Flash will be a $1.7 billion market worldwide.


Flash technology has been around for quite some time. EMC has long recognized the power of Flash and the impact that it has, not only on storage, but ultimately, the future of the data center. Since 2005, our vision has been to deliver enterprise-class storage functionality across the entire I/O stack by leveraging Flash technologies for the right use cases and the right TCO models.


Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, states that “users need to think about a portfolio-approach to Flash—in the server, in the array, or as an all-Flash array—using intelligent software to leverage those assets. EMC has had this philosophy since it first entered the Flash game, and hasn't wavered.”


Now, with the cost of Flash driven down, organizations of all sizes can reap the performance rewards. I’ll steal a line from Chuck Hollis, Chief Strategist for VMware, and go as far to say that “it is becoming a Flash storage world.” (For more from Chuck on Flash, go here.)


It is surely time to get in on the $1.7B action.


EMC’s latest, hottest Flash offerings and promotions will help you get your piece of pie:


XtremIO is the only 100% Flash scale-out enterprise storage array.


Launching on November 14, XtremIO is a ‘game changer’ for customers deploying VDI projects of 1,000+ seats. It was purpose built for Virtual Servers, and provides blazing performance for database/OLTP environments. It’s also the only Enterprise-class all-Flash array to offer several ‘always-on’ data services – like in-line data de-duplication and thin provisioning. This means customers can count on consistently high IOPS and low latency, even over time, making it ideal for enterprises that hinge on high performance. In other words, XtremIO makes applications run blow-your-socks-off fast. You don’t want to miss this - join us on November 14 for the launch broadcast.


For now, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek:




All-flash VNX-F offers configurations as low as $5 per gigabyte.


According to a September 2013 report from IDC, EMC continues to maintain its leadership in the total open networked storage market with 34.1% revenue share. First-rate products like the VNX-F all-Flash array, based on the VNX Flash 1st design, help us lead this market by offering solutions to solve customers’ current and future business needs. Currently available to sell, VNX-F affords the speed and efficiency of Flash, in a highly cost-effective way.


Watch this video to learn more:




EMC server Flash accelerates applications at a very affordable “add-on” price point.


Server-based PCIe flash is thousands of times faster than traditional disk drives, offering customers greater speed, efficiency and performance. It is perfect for customers that require performance, but don’t have the IT budget to buy new hardware. XtremSF is a PCIe Flash card deployed in the server to dramatically improve application performance by reducing latency and accelerating throughput, while XtremCache is intelligent server Flash caching software that leverages XtremSF to deliver accelerated read performance with data protection.


We’re making it easy for you to add server Flash to your end-of-year sales with two incentives running through December 31: the Xtrem Performance Package promotion and rebates through the Target Products Rebate Program.


Happy Flash selling! As always, let me know if I can answer any of your questions via Twitter or leave me a comment below!