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Hello again. This week, I want to share with you a video from VP of EMEA Channel, Philippe Fosse. Listen in as he talks about how we're entering a new era - the third platform era. Learn what the third platform is and how EMC's strategy is perfectly alligned to this revolution. As always, I appreciate your comments below. Let me know what you think about the third platform.



With flu season upon us, I thought it would be wise to do a little research to protect myself and stay healthy this fall and winter. So, I did what most of us do – I looked up information online. Now, I’ve been warned about self-diagnosis websites before…  You go to the site and next thing you know, you have every disease, condition, and syndrome known to man, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway. I needed to know what to expect.


I went to WebMD, narrowed down the millions of topics, and did some reading about the flu. I spent the next half hour browsing the dozen or so articles about it, and then it hit me. Why can’t IT be this simple? All I did was type in a topic and some symptoms and this website instantly gave me a diagnosis, background information and articles, treatment recommendations, and even doctor referrals. The user experience was great.


Well, now IT can be that simple with the Mid Market Opportunity Advisor tool. Think of it as the WebMD of technology. All you have to do is answer a couple of short diagnostic questions about your patients’ customers’ challenges, and that’s it! The behind-the-scenes algorithm goes to work to narrow down the entire EMC product portfolio and write a prescription recommendation for the case. You can then access videos and demos about your specific solution, and customize the reusable template to build your proposal. It’s really that simple! In fact, when I shared the beta-version with a partner during a meeting, he told me he’s “been waiting a long time for something like this. It’s idiot-proof!” and it’s only gotten better since then.




I know you’re going to love it too, but don’t just take my word for it – test it out for yourself. After you try it, leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. I’m interested to hear if your first instinct and the tool point you to the same solution, or if it recommended something you never thought of or perhaps never heard of! You may be pleasantly surprised.


Till next time,

Congratulations to Anna Dorcey, Amitabh Srivastava and Christopher Ratcliffe. In the September issue of the North American version of CRN Magazine, all three were named to CRN’s list “100 People You Don’t Know But Should.” As we all know, it’s the folks behind the scenes who push the envelope, take risks, collaborate, listen and strive for success day in and day out, which make the difference between something great...and something EPIC. Anna, Amitabh and Chris are just these type of people -- the ones you may not always hear about, but SHOULD, who just get it done – driving to make EMC’s Channel Program and product portfolio something special.




CRN’s list of “100 People You Don’t Know But Should” recognizes individual professionals within a vendor organization who are responsible for driving behind the scenes efforts in channel marketing, operations and sales. They are Directors, Vice Presidents and Officers who lead their channel program without fanfare, exhibiting the strength, determination and creativity required to support partners on a daily basis - the unsung heroes who drive all the work it takes to deliver a successful channel program for partners.


In 2012, Anna joined the team as the Senior Director of Americas Partner Marketing to support various types of partner marketing across all divisions and segments within the Americas region. Her twenty years of global marketing experience make her a huge asset to field marketing as a whole. Anna’s enthusiasm and hard work to put partners front and center as an essential and integral component to the EMC business model is driving steady success.  Follow Anna on Twitter to hear more about her work and what inspires her.


Amitabh is President of the Advanced Software Division (ASD).  Overseeing all aspects of ASD’s business including product development, finance, marketing, sales and product management, Amitabh’s organization is responsible for building innovative offerings that distinguish EMC products from other vendors, and expand EMC solutions into new markets.  In particular, Amitabh and his team are focused on software-defined storage and the release of ViPR.


As Vice President of Marketing in ASD, Chris and his team are vital in providing partners with a robust channel program that meets their needs.  He and his team are at the forefront of EMC ViPR technology, driving efforts to communicate the importance of the future of IT to both partners and end-users.  ViPR will continue to help the growth of the channel and bring more top of the line products to our partner community.  Follow Chris on Twitter.


EMC as a company never rests on its laurels and neither do Anna, Amitabh or Chris. Their daily hard work and vision is making the future of IT attainable, and we want to take this opportunity to recognize our “unsung heroes” and thank them for all they do.

Thanks CRN and congratulations again Anna, Amitabh and Chris!

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