By Fred Kohout, EMC Vice President Global Channel Marketing, @nkohouts



Whenever the fall season settles in, the team at EMC looks back on the year to review big trends to capture when planning for the next year. 2012 has been a big year for cloud computing, big data, backup and recovery, and IT security. As you already know, “the cloud” is no longer an industry term. It’s an everybody term. So far, I’ve come up with five major moves I feel will impact the industry in 2013:


  1. This year has been about refining the cloud. Let’s face it: cloud adoption is no longer a question. We are seeing it happen in almost every sector across the globe. Now that it is everywhere, this year has been about refining it in incredible ways to match the needs of businesses everywhere. Keeping the idea of cloud adaptation in mind will only become more important in 2013 as consumers and businesses are given an even broader choice of cloud solutions refined to meet their every need.
  2. Big data is big news. These are our industry’s buzz words of 2012. Big data is the place to look for innovation and rapid change. The days of using old analytical processes are behind us. With big data, the way businesses everywhere can leverage analytics is vast. EMC embarked on an innovative project measuring how big data analyzes human behavior in 2012 called Human Face of Big Data. Businesses are using big data to be more competitive, more efficient and more profitable; offering great opportunity for our Partners to help their customers. With a piece of our industry changing at a pace like this, we’ve seen almost daily news in 2012 about “big data” being leveraged in new and interesting ways.
  3. Everyone is talking about bringing your own device (BYOD). With more and more employers and employees considering BYOD policies, a smart cloud investment has become a no-brainer for securing files for employee access. News about BYOD in 2012 has run from advice on adopting the policy to exploring employee trust. What we’ve found most relevant here at EMC is the news of breaches and the reports released again and again that advise companies with BYOD policies to move to a secure cloud. BYOD is adding value to more businesses and to the cloud industry as a whole.
  4. Security is the new “old” frontier. The issue of data security never goes away. We saw it in the news when businesses stored data in-house. We continue to see it today with the cloud. RSA has released announcement after announcement this year of new and improved security options. A year full of security news is always a reminder that leveraging new and more powerful security solutions is never old news. Instead, it’s always welcome.
  5. The systems side matters more than ever now. The systems side of the cloud conversation is growing and gaining importance.  I see businesses looking to EMC and our Partners for thought leadership on how to do this well into 2013.


Our industry is growing and changing rapidly and we expect this list to do the same when we wrap up 2012. In the meantime, what am I missing that we can add to the list? What changes do you see impacting your business in 2013?