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During EMC’s Quantum Leap launch, we announced 2016 as the Year of All-Flash for Primary Storage.


We are laser focused on helping customers build Modern Data Centers with EMC’s industry leading All Flash portfolio


This is truly an exciting time for EMC, our Partners, and our mutual customers as we work together to help transform businesses. It also sets us up to impact all areas of our customers’ and prospects’ businesses in a highly competitive way.

Why does this matter to you? It’s simple.


EMC helps enable your customers to “Modernize Without Compromise” with a broad portfolio of products and solutions that reach beyond traditional storage into real application transformation solutions, and that deliver customer friendly TCO at multiple levels.

But don’t take our word for it …


Partners say the two new all-flash solutions introduced by EMC on Monday, will help boost business with existing customers, start conversations with new customers and accelerate business after EMC merges with Dell. (Brown, Matt, "Partners See Big Enterprise Opportunity With New EMC All-Flash VMAX And DSSD," CRN, 2/29/16.)

The one-two punch of XtremIO and VMAX All Flash is going to be a winning combination to get our market share from where it is today - 39 percent - to well over 50 in the next few years. (Breeze, Hannah. "EMC: Flash to Hit Inflection Point in 2016," Channelnomics, 2/29/16.)

In the same article, EMC Partner and Computacenter's chief technologist, Bill McGloin was quoted from CRN UK, "We are still heading towards the all-flash datacenter … The announcements today are what we've been waiting for two years now. It has been a really competitive market, but the good thing for me as a partner is that we see EMC is maintaining its lead in the space.” (Breeze, Hannah. "EMC: Flash to Hit Inflection Point in 2016," Channelnomics, 2/29/16.)

Modernize without Compromise supports the pillars of the Modern Data Center

… And focuses on the key tenets of Agility, Speed, and Efficiency

Agility leads to:

  • 90% reduction in task provisioning
  • 10-100X reduction in planning & architecture

Speed allows for:

  • 10-20X improvement in application performance
  • 75% reduction in batch processing


Efficiency provides:

  • 83%+ (average) reduction in floor space
  • 71% (average) reduction in power and cooling
  • 2-10x reduction in physical storage capacity


To support this, EMC is making some significant changes to how we support our internal sales and Partner communities, including:


  • The consolidation of our primary storage Sales and Marketing teams (XtremIO, VMAX and VNX) to ensure consistency across these offerings
  • The development of a number of tools and positioning guides to help you understand where and when to best position each primary storage offering

I am honored to have been named Senior Vice President of EMC’s Primary Storage division, and look forward to working closely with you, our EMC Business Partner community.


And if that is not exciting enough, I am thrilled to announce the #EMCModernDataCenter contest. Create and submit showcasing your knowledge and understanding of EMC’s Modern Data Center pitch for a chance to win prizes from Brocade. Winners will be announced during Global Partner Summit (GPS), May 2-4, 2016. Click here for full details and rules.


Please join me—and the Modern Data Center conversation—at GPS 2016

Modernize without Compromise: Tap into the EMC All Flash Portfolio

GPS 2016 Breakout Session with Mike Wing

Tuesday, May 3rd | 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Palazzo E – 5th Floor


Throughout both EMC World 2016 and Global Partner Summit, you’ll learn so much about the Modern Data Center, and how EMC can help you transform your customers’ businesses and win more opportunities with EMC primary storage products and solutions.

There’s still time to register for GPS 2016—hope to see you there!

We know you have only one answer to that question... No customer can afford to miss strict protection service-level agreements (SLAs) on mission critical applications. Missed SLAs—including Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO, RTO)—can negatively affect application performance and even revenue. In this always-on age, the impact traditional backup has on application performance is unacceptable.


Show your customers how EMC ProtectPoint delivers 20x faster backup for critical workloads

EMC ProtectPoint provides your customers with a data protection solution that combines the simple recovery and cost-effective retention of traditional backup with the performance and ease of use of snapshots. ProtectPoint is a data protection solution that provides backup directly from EMC VMAX3 or EMC XtremIO to EMC Data Domain protection storage. As highlighted by eWeek, EMC ProtectPoint provides faster, more efficient backup for mission-critical applications while eliminating the impact of backup on application servers.


Customers normally classify databases into different categories in terms of size and criticality to the business. On the high end are large mission critical databases, generally over 10 TB (Terabytes), which cannot afford to be impacted by backup at all. Many customers are forced to use complex workarounds to avoid affecting production. These types of environments are ideal for ProtectPoint, as backup is fundamentally broken and a burden. These customers need a solution that will protect their mission critical data without compromise, and avoid your application or database all together. With ProtectPoint your customers can benefit from the following:


  • Eliminate backup impact on application and database servers
  • Gain up to 20x faster backup to meet stringent protection SLAs
  • Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating traditional backup


Here’s how ProtectPoint works directly with primary storage and Data Domain to backup and restore:


First … there’s a backup agent on the application server, which empowers application owners to control their own backup and recovery. To start a ProtectPoint backup, an application owner triggers a backup at an application-consistent checkpoint. Unlike a traditional backup, the data is then never pulled back through the host – which means there is no impact on the application server.

Then, leveraging change-block tracking technology, ProtectPoint tracks changes since the latest backup to send only unique data directly to EMC Data Domain. During this process, no host resources are used, virtually eliminating performance impact on the database application.


Finally, the Data Domain system ingests and stores those blocks, and uses them to create an independent full backup in native format.




ProtectPoint’s full recovery is just as simple:


To start, the application owner has to trigger the recovery. Then, the primary storage reads the backup image from the Data Domain system and then pulls the appropriate data back over the network. After, the primary storage will replace the appropriate production LUN  (Logical Unit Number) with the recovered copy.


Naturally, ProtectPoint also has the ability to carry out granular recoveries via instant access as well.







ProtectPoint offers application integration at two layers–either the native integration at the application layer or integration at the “file system” layer for applications that aren’t supported natively. ProtectPoint currently natively integrates with three major applications and databases: Oracle (via RMAN), SAP (via BR*Tools) and IBM DB2 (via Advanced Copy Services). A demo of ProtectPoint integration with Oracle can be found here: Link.





ProtectPoint brings together a trio of best-in-class EMC technology from our data protection and primary storage portfolio to provide storage integrated data protection including:


  • Application Agents – enable simple granular recovery by providing application-consistent backup and recovery via native application utilities within Oracle, SAP, and IBM DB2
  • Change Block Tracking Engine –minimizes impact on infrastructure by ensuring only unique data is sent directly from primary storage to Data Domain without impacting the application host
  • Protection Storage - Reduce storage requirements by 10x to 30x and ensure reliable recovery every time with the industry-leading protection storage technology of Data Domain


Don’t let data protection be a bottleneck for your customers’ mission critical workloads.


Show your customers how EMC ProtectPoint can help them meet strict protection SLAs with the performance of a snapshot and the functionality of a backup:

  1. Learn more about EMC ProtectPoint and how it can end your customers’ protection backup bottlenecks.
  2. Share the EMC ProtectPoint webpage and LightBoard video to help initiate successful customer conversations around protection backup.
  3. Access and use the tools and resources available to you within the EMC ProtectPoint Enablement Center on the Partner Portal.

2016 CRN Channel Chief Logo.png


This time of year, you can’t get away from awards season—you see it on TV with the Grammys and the Oscars, and you also see it across IT with a host of industry awards that kickoff as we get into late February.


Recently, CRN announced their 2016 Channel Chiefs, an annual list that honors outstanding executive leadership across the IT landscape, focusing on those who drive the channel agenda and evangelize the importance of channel partnerships. EMC is represented by Gregg Ambulos, SVP of Channel Sales and Operations, and Jay Snyder, SVP of Global Alliances on this year’s list. In addition, Gregg Ambulos was named one of The 50 Most Influential Channel Chiefs for 2016.


Over the past year, both Gregg and Jay have truly been champions for their respective partners. Gregg has successfully introduced the new EMC Business Partner Program, which has delivered a more simple, predictable, and profitable experience to EMC’s channel partners, while Jay has moved into his new role leading our alliance organization with great enthusiasm and has redefined how EMC will work with our alliances partners moving forward. 


This recognition is a great testament to the leadership that Gregg and Jay bring to their respective organizations, as well as to the Partner community. I have the privilege of working with their teams first-hand to see the impact that they are having within the industry. Please join me in congratulating Gregg and Jay on these well-deserved recognitions as they continue to work with our partners and customers across the EMC community to drive innovation and successful business outcomes.  

Earlier this month, while attending a conference, I had some great conversations with EMC channel partners about EMC XtremIO AFA and its application transformation capabilities. Throughout these discussions, multiple partners shared that they’ve seen competitive losses occur when a customer feels that “good enough” is good enough. I wish I could say that this conference marked the first time I heard this sentiment. Yet, during my years at EMC, I’ve spoken to many customers who solely equate value with “price per .. insert the customers metric..” rather than true overall value, the “good enough” scenario.


The struggle to view value beyond purchase price is common and customers often come to meetings with preconceived ideas around their needs or wants, many meetings are initiated to address resource needs around a specific project or initiative. And, while many customers cannot recognize the value of a product beyond the project at hand, this myopic vision can hurt the customer’s business in the long run.

It’s time for customers to look beyond the next project … And, instead, show your customers the long-term value that a product like EMC XtremIO can bring to their businesses.


Here is your bag of tools for the “good enough” is NOT good enough discussion:


Mixed workload consolidation is a key to beyond “good enough” flash storage

With EMC XtremIO a business can consolidate production, non-production workloads and mixed characteristic workloads onto a single platform that meet SLA requirements. This one platform can be utilized for everything from application testing to backup/recovery to upgrades with our unique integrated copy data management (iCDM).

  • Saves Customers time and money on capacity and capacity planning:  iCDM allows for zero-dollar copies, instantaneously and without disrupting production.
  • Reduces Time-to-Market:  iCDM allows businesses to move more quickly—whether through an internal application upgrade, new application implementation to improve processes, or even product development and testing.  EMC XtremIO’s iCDM capabilities have helped customers improve their application development process by 40%!  It’s important to note that the 40% process improvement is driven by the benefits of our 100% in-memory, data services and not the flash media.
  • Enables Self-Service: Coupled with the AppSync® iCDM Starter Bundle, we offer rich application workflow orchestration and automation which sets XtremIO (even further) apart from all other All-Flash-Array vendors in the market today.

One application owner at a large Telco told me he must submit a written request to the storage owner in order to have test copies created —which can take about a week to allocate and has costs associated with it ... Tell me:  How is this good enough?

Rich features and functionality come standard with EMC XtremIO

“Good enough” flash storage doesn’t come with fully-integrated services, creating additional purchase costs and management requirements. And, don’t forget about extra application integration and testing. Not so with XtremIO—it comes fully integrated with rich features and functionality built in, meaning that there are no extras to buy and the management is simple and can be automated. But more importantly, EMC XtremIO features are inline, all the time!  Many “good enough” arrays will offer some of these data services as “check-box” features, but when their array gets busy, they turn them off.  Disabling data services when you need them most does not sound “good enough”.  In addition, EMC has a full ecosystem surrounding EMC XtremIO and deep level of integration already complete with many of the applications your customer is using today. Yes, we’ve done it for you.  

It’s always been done this way – won’t work anymore

Your customer may provide capacity requirements, based on what they’ve experienced to be true. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how EMC XtremIO can greatly reduce a customer’s capacity requirements with its inline, all-the-time deduplication and compression … again, which are built-in, not extra. Show how the elimination of redundant data and reduction in storage requirements will provide room to grow today, tomorrow, and into the future.

“good enough” can lead to higher OPEX costs

The basics—power, cooling, floor space—equate to increased spending. How about having this discussion with your customer… “Let me tell you how EMC XtremIO has efficiencies that reduce your OPEX and keep it low, and here is how”  ESG lab performed hands-on testing of EMC XtremIO.  The testing was designed to show how XtremIO can be used to help consolidate workloads and infrastructure as well as provide benefits that can help optimize the daily operation of the business. Among other findings which you can read about in the full article here, these are some highlights:

  • 6.0X Lower on Power and Cooling Costs – Consolidating with XtremIO requires far less hardware thanks to intelligent design and ultra-space efficiencies.  XtremIO requires fewer controllers, enclosures, and disks while providing far lower latency operations.
  • 2.2X Lower Support and Maintenance Fewer systems to keep hardware and software support and maintenance contracts on.
  • 5.8X Lower Administrative Costs –This included: 98% less time planning for growth and resource optimization, 68% less daily task system management time, 67% less time planning application deployment and optimization, 71% less time managing backups, 88% less time managing copies of data (iCDM)

Customers are also documenting their OPEX savings.  MOEN reduced their footprint by 70%. Callaway Golf reported a 75% reduction in floor space and roughly 35% savings per year for same amount of raw storage capacity. Read more about these and other customer profiles here.

The Xpect More 2.0 program is another antidote to the “good enough is good enough” way of thinking. This program delivers unprecedented value in the world of storage, and offers:

  • Lifetime Maintenance Price Protection
  • 3-Year Investment Protection / Warranty Coverage
  • Lifetime Flash Endurance Protection


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at, XtremIO Partner Enablement

A message to EMC Partners on the launch of the MyQuotes solution from Gregg Ambulos, EMC Senior Vice President of Global Channel Sales.

Gregg Ambulos Header.jpg

Welcome to 2016! To kick off the New Year, I’m happy to write to you about our new quoting solution, MyQuotes, which will go live on January 10th! 


In response to your feedback, with MyQuotes you’ll:


  • See big improvements in the quoting experience and overall ease of doing business with EMC
  • Work in the same quoting tool as your EMC Sales teams
  • Experience increased automation and faster approvals in a better looking and easier-to-use tool


Access these short, web-based trainings for a look at the new capabilities offered through MyQuotes. 


Thank you in advance for your adoption of this new system, which has been designed to deliver more seamless quoting experience. 


As you start to use MyQuotes, we know you will have questions. We have invested in our Partner Support Centers to ensure they are trained and ready to support you. I encourage you to reach out for help. 


Happy New Year.


The EMC partner community is among the best in the business, hands down. Together, we’ve pioneered the digital transformation, and help businesses realize tangible, positive outcomes.


Our partners play a critical role in EMC’s success. Without question, your partnership contributed to the industry recognition EMC received in 2015 for our partner leadership and programs. Here’s a snapshot of those awards: 



As the year draws to a close, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your partnership. We’ve accomplished a great deal in 2015, and we know there’s more opportunity around the corner. Here’s to an even stronger 2016!

MyQuotes Go Live.png

January 10th is just around the corner and I’m thrilled to be writing about this important initiative again as we start the countdown to MyQuotes Go Live. 


Earlier in the year, I detailed some of the great benefits this single quoting solution will bring to our Partner community.  EMC values our partnership and our ability to collaborate on important solutions for our customers.  This is why MyQuotes is so significant.  We have developed a solution designed to enable the close collaboration we have across our EMC Sales Teams and our Channel Partners. 


With MyQuotes, for the first time ever, EMC and our Partner community will be working in the same system. This is a game changer.  MyQuotes is easy to use, removes unnecessary steps from the quoting process, introduces automation for faster approvals and provides a single sign on experience, allowing you to get into the tool faster.


We’re really excited to have you get started at Go Live.  In the meantime, if you haven’t explored some of the new capabilities – short, modular web based training is available on the Partner Portal.  Training includes real system demonstrations so you will both learn what is changing and how it will work.  I encourage you to take your training today.

A few additional important things you need to know as we get ready for Go Live …


  • December 31st is your last day to submit a quote in Channel Xpress
  • Also on December 31st all Channel Xpress Quote approvals will expire and after this date any order submitted will need a new approval
  • From January 1st through 9th, there will be no quoting system available or automated order processing available


There is a lot of additional information available on the Partner Portal to help you get ready, including a list of common questions and answers. 


If you have any questions as we lead up to Go Live, contact your Partner Support Center representative.  These individuals have been highly engaged and are not only ready to answer your questions now, but will be your primary contact for support upon Go Live. 


Thank you for your time and engagement.  I’m looking forward to January 10th and I hope you are too.  

This message from David Goulden, Chief Executive Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure was first sent as a letter to partners on November 23, 2015.



Michael Dell, MSD Partners, and Silver Lake are leading a transaction to combine the EMC Federation of companies and Dell. This business combination will create the world¹s largest privately-controlled technology company. We expect the transaction to close in mid-2016.


Our combined product and technology portfolios are complementary, so partners can plan with confidence as we expect minimal disruption to existing product lines. In fact, the strength of our combination is generating positive feedback from customers and partners excited about what the future will bring.


EMC will continue to work closely with our partners to power customers’ IT transformation initiatives by:


  1. Remaining committed to our partner ecosystem and partner programs
  2. Continuing to enhance our partnerships and technology ecosystems, including enhancing existing products and roadmaps and our customary commitment to long term support for all current products (minimum of five years)
  3. Extending our technology leadership through investment in R&D
  4. Preserving our dedication to customer choice (free of lock-in)
  5. Listening to partner feedback and communicating updates to you clearly — and often.


Combined, EMC and Dell will be a leader in 22 Gartner Magic Quadrants, with an end-to-end product portfolio spanning the world’s greatest technology franchises in storage, servers, virtualization, PCs, including leadership positions in software-defined data center, hybrid cloud, converged infrastructure, mobile and security.


Plus, moving to a privately-controlled ownership model will provide more freedom to invest for the long-term, in R&D and innovation to keep delivering top-class products, services and support.


We very much look forward to bringing the power of this combination to you, and we thank you for your continued confidence in us as your trusted partner.




Disclosure Regarding Forward Looking Statements
This communication contains forward-looking information about EMC Corporation and the proposed transaction that is intended to be covered by the safe harbor for “forward-looking statements” provided by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of certain risk factors, including but not limited to: (i.) the failure to obtain the approval of EMC shareholders in connection with the proposed transaction; (ii) the failure to consummate or delay in consummating the proposed transaction for other reasons; (iii) the risk that a condition to closing of the proposed transaction may not be satisfied or that required financing for the proposed transaction may not be available or may be delayed; (iv) the risk that a regulatory approval that may be required for the proposed transaction is delayed, is not obtained, or is obtained subject to conditions that are not anticipated; (v) risk as to the trading price of Class V Common Stock to be issued by Denali Holding Inc. in the proposed transaction relative to the trading price of shares of VMware, Inc.’s common stock; (vi) the effect of the proposed transaction on VMware’s business and operating results and impact on the trading price of shares of Class V Common Stock of Denali Holding Inc. and shares of VMware common stock; (vii) the diversion of management time on transaction-related issues; (viii) adverse changes in general economic or market conditions; (ix) delays or reductions in information technology spending; (x.) the relative and varying rates of product price and component cost declines and the volume and mixture of product and services revenues; (xi) competitive factors, including but not limited to pricing pressures and new product introductions; (xii) component and product quality and availability; (xiii) fluctuations in VMware’s operating results and risks associated with trading of VMware common stock; (xiv) the transition to new products, the uncertainty of customer acceptance of new product offerings and rapid technological and market change; (xv) the ability to attract and retain highly qualified employees; (xvi) insufficient, excess or obsolete inventory; (xvii) fluctuating currency exchange rates; (xiii) threats and other disruptions to our secure data centers or networks; (xix) our ability to protect our proprietary technology; (xx) war or acts of terrorism; and (xxi) other one-time events and other important factors disclosed previously and from time to time in EMC’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). Except to the extent otherwise required by federal securities laws, EMC disclaims any obligation to update any such forward-looking statements after the date of this communication.


Additional Information and Where to Find It
This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or a solicitation of any vote or approval, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. No offering of securities shall be made except by means of a prospectus meeting the requirements of Section 10 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and otherwise in accordance with applicable law.  This communication is being made in respect of the proposed business combination transaction between EMC Corporation and Denali Holding Inc.  The proposed transaction will be submitted to the shareholders of EMC for their consideration. In connection with the issuance of Class V Common Stock of Denali Holding Inc. in the proposed transaction, Denali Holding Inc. will file with the SEC a Registration Statement on Form S-4 that will include a preliminary proxy statement/prospectus regarding the proposed transaction and each of Denali Holding Inc. and EMC Corporation plans to file with the SEC other documents regarding the proposed transaction.  After the registration statement has been declared effective by the SEC, a definitive proxy statement/prospectus will be mailed to each EMC shareholder entitled to vote at the special meeting in connection with the proposed transaction. INVESTORS ARE URGED TO READ THE PROXY STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS AND ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE TRANSACTION FILED WITH THE SEC CAREFULLY AND IN THEIR ENTIRETY IF AND WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROPOSED TRANSACTION.  Investors may obtain copies of the proxy statement/prospectus (when available) and all other documents filed with the SEC regarding the proposed transaction, free of charge, at the SEC's website ( Investors may also obtain these documents, free of charge, from EMC's website ( under the link "Investor Relations" and then under the tab "Financials" then "SEC Filings" or by directing a request to: EMC Corporation, 176 South Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Attn: Investor Relations, 866-362-6973.


Participants in the Solicitation
EMC Corporation and its directors, executive officers and other members of management and employees may be deemed to be “participants” in the solicitation of proxies from EMC shareholders in connection with the proposed transaction. Information regarding the persons who may, under the rules of the SEC, be deemed participants in the solicitation of EMC shareholders in connection with the proposed transaction and a description of their direct and indirect interest, by security holdings or otherwise, will be set forth in the proxy statement/prospectus filed with the SEC in connection with the proposed transaction.

You can find information about EMC's executive officers and directors in its definitive proxy statement filed with the SEC on March 2, 2015 and in its Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on February 27, 2015. You can also obtain free copies of these documents from EMC using the contact information above.

I think most of us try to make a difference in our customers’ businesses. And, when we understand our customers’ pain points, we are better able to provide solutions that address their needs and positively impact their organizations.


Help your customers solve their data sprawl issues with EMC XtremIO integrated copy
data management (iCDM)


Critical business processes require multiple copies of each database’s and application’s data for development, analytics, operations, and data protection. To improve organizational agility and competitiveness, more is better—more copies, more frequently, with more operational self-service across the process cycles.


Today, industry analysts, vendors, and customers alike consider copy data management (CDM) a true challenge …Typically there are 5-12 copies for each production database.. A $44billion challenge, according to IDC. In addition, IDC estimates that up to 60% of an organization’s IT storage hardware and infrastructure budget is consumed by copy data management—and copy data sprawl.[1] As a result, to many IT organizations, CDM represents an immense financial and operational burden.


EMC XtremIO pioneered the concept of integrated Copy Data Management, or iCDM. Simply put, iCDM is the ability to consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on the same scale-out all-flash array, and delivers an effective, scalable and space efficient option for integrated CDM.


EMC XtremIO iCDM is built from the following foundations:

·     Bullet-proof, consistent IOPS and latency, and the ability to scale out more performance as needed
·     Allows instant creation of high performance copies of any data set, using in-memory XtremIO Virtual Copy technology (XVC). XVC enables copies creation of nearly any quantity, space- efficient, with full data services with no impact on SLAs
·     Application integration and automation into rich application workflows using EMC AppSync.
·     Ability of application, database and development owners to self-serve manage the generation and provisioning of copies

icdm stack.jpg

Therefore EMC XtremIO iCDM enables copies that are:

·     Space efficient (Capacity and Metadata)
·     High performance
·     Instant to create, refresh, delete or recover
·     Nearly unlimited in quantity
·     Managed through a flexible, integrated application workflow


When built into primary storage, iCDM can eliminate up to 80% of copy data challenges and
is much more cost-effective than software-based approaches.

EMC XtremIO  iCDM enables accelerated development, productivity gains, reduced operational risk, better decision making, and faster recovery.


EMC XtremIO iCDM has caught the attention of industry experts and analysts. Here are just a few of the articles:


EMC XtremIO iCDM is a unique differentiator that only EMC offers. Use this “secret weapon” to combat your customers’ copy data management issues.

Here are three things you can do to positively impact your customers’ IT organizations—and your bottom line—with EMC XtremIO iCDM:


1.   Identify the right customer contacts—the application-focused people—who struggle with making multiple copies for testing, analytics, operations (like patches), upgrades, or tuning. Show them how EMC XtremIO iCDM can transform business processes and infrastructure.

2.   Demonstrate the transformational capabilities of EMC XtremIO.

3.   Ask customers how their organizations would benefit from the ability to:
  • Provide application teams separate lifecycle copies instantly—with no space or SLA impact?
  • Deliver real-time and on-demand decision-support extractions, and the resulting accelerated analytics workflows?
  • Deploy an all-flash infrastructure to achieve dramatically improved performance at LESS THAN HALF the cost of an existing infrastructure?
  • Reduce storage sprawl—while streamlining dev/ops, QA, BI/analytics and data protection—to create a transformed, more agile organization?


With EMC XtremIO iCDM, every single one of these abilities is within reach.


At the end of the day, our business is about making a difference. It’s about showing customers a better way to complete all necessary, daily tasks … easier, faster, and cheaper (Yes, I said cheaper!). It’s about not relying on separate environments that require significant budget and staff resources to manage, test, develop, and deliver a single solution. And, it’s about helping customers realize TCO and operational savings.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at , XtremIO Partner Enablement



There’s been a lot of talk around the massive growth of unstructured data and how the rise of the 3rd Platform (mobile, cloud, big data, and social) will only accelerate this expansion.


The EMC Data Lake Foundation has helped many organizations tackle this Big Data challenge. However, as more organizations use hybrid cloud to run their data centers and employ increasingly dispersed global workforces, your customers have a new challenge:


How can an organization successfully expand their data lakes to remote/branch offices and the cloud, while strengthening the data lake at the core data center?

Expand the data lake.jpg

The Solution? EMC Data Lake 2.0

EMC announced 3 new productsEMC IsilonSD Edge, Isilon CloudPools and Isilon OneFS.Next (the future version of the Isilon OneFS operating system)—that form an edge-to-core-cloud approach that lets your customers to harnesses the power of data lake 2.0 to increase efficiency, cut costs, improve data protection, and get more value from their data assets.

The new offerings also create interesting opportunities for you to help clients transform how they store and use data—whether at the core, the edge, or the cloud.


Enhance your Customers’ Data Lake at the Core with the Next-Gen Isilon OneFS Operating System

When your customers use EMC Isilon to consolidate file-based, unstructured data into a data lake, they can eliminate costly storage silos, simplify management, increase data protection, and acquire more value from their data assets.


And, with built-in multi-protocol capabilities, Isilon can support a wide range of traditional and next-gen applications on a single platform—including powerful Big Data analytics that provide your customers to gain better insight and identify new opportunities to accelerate their businesses.


The new Isilon OneFS.Next operating system extends these benefits with enterprise-grade, continuous data center service and non-disruptive upgrade capabilities. It also enables the new Data Lake 2.0 edge-to-core-cloud approach.


Your opportunities at the Core:

  • Demonstrate to existing Isilon customers how they can easily extend their Isilon data lake to edge locations and the cloud
  • Reach a broader range of customers in various industries that need to store and manage over 50 TB of file data in their data center


Help Customers Manage and Protect Data Networked at the Edge with EMC IsilonSD Edge


A recent ESG study1 noted that 68% of organizations now have more than 10 TB of data per branch office (or on the edge), compared to just 23% in 2011.


Data at edge locations (e.g., remote or branch offices) is growing. These edge locations are often inefficient islands of storage, running with limited IT resources and inconsistent data protection practices. And, data at the edge generally lives outside of the business data lake, making it difficult to incorporate into data analytics projects.

Isilon SD Edge.pngEMC IsilonSD Edge addresses these challenges. EMC IsilonSD is a new family of software-defined storage products that leverages the power of EMC Isilon scale-out NAS and the Isilon OneFS operating system. As the first offering of the IsilonSD family, IsilonSD Edge provides software-defined storage solutions for edge locations.


IsilonSD Edge will be offered in two versions—a ‘free and frictionless’ download for non-production use, and a licensed version for production use.

Designed to simplify data and storage management, IsilonSD Edge:

  • Scales to 36 TB of storage capacity in a single installation
  • Allows businesses to consolidate data to the core data center and thereby extend the data lake to include edge locations
  • Increases data protection at the edge by automatically replicating data to the core


Your opportunities at the Edge:

  • Show existing Isilon customers how IsilonSD Edge can extend the power and simplicity of Isilon to edge locations using commodity off-the-shelf hardware
  • Use the ‘free and frictionless’ download with new customers/potential prospects to introduce them to the advantages of Isilon scale-out NAS
  • Expand your business by considering new prospects with networks of branch locations (e.g., healthcare chains, financial services, professional services)


Help Customers Embrace the Cloud with Isilon CloudPools   isilon cloudpool.png


Nearly all businesses today want to leverage the cloud to cut costs, simplify IT management, and gain virtually limitless storage capacity. But the question for many is how to integrate their on premise storage infrastructure with the cloud.


The new Isilon CloudPools software—which allows your customers to select from a number of public cloud services or use a private cloud based on EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)—provides the policy-based, automated tiering that enables your customers to seamlessly integrate with the cloud as an additional storage tier from the Isilon cluster at their data center.


CloudPools lets your customers address rapid data growth and optimize data center storage resources by using the cloud as a highly economical storage tier with massive storage capacity for cold or frozen data that is rarely used or accessed. This enables more valuable on premise storage resources to be used for more active data and applications. To secure data that is archived in the cloud, CloudPools encrypts data that is transmitted from the Isilon cluster at the core data center to the cloud storage service. This data remains encrypted in the cloud until it is retrieved and returned to the Isilon cluster at the data center.


Your opportunity at the Cloud

  • Demonstrate to existing Isilon customers how they can easily embrace the cloud and seamlessly integrate their on premise Isilon storage with either public or private cloud services
  • Target new customers and prospects across a broad range of industries at are looking to leverage cloud storage services, and who are stressed by rapidly growing data storage requirements


Capture the Core to Expand to the Edge


EMC IsilonSD Edge, Isilon CloudPools, and Isilon OneFS.Next will all be available in early 2016.


Between now and then, become more familiar with these new products and learn more about the advantages that Data Lake 2.0 can provide your clients. In addition, leverage the Isilon Scale-Out NAS campaign to position your organization as industry thought-leaders that provide customers the products and services they need to accelerate their Big Data success. 


  [1] Source: ESG Research Report, Remote Office/Branch Office Technology Trends, May 2015.





These days global digital transformation is not only a hot topic—it’s THE topic— for businesses and organizations. And, as we head toward the third platform, the need for businesses to evolve and transform themselves becomes increasingly apparent and critical.

I recently sat down with Gregg Ambulos, EMC’s Senior Vice President of Global Channel Sales. He offered insight into this digital transformation, the significant market opportunities it presents across all market segments … and what this means for you, our valued EMC Business Partners.

Below, I’ve captured highlights from this discussion.


Q:     What are you hearing in meetings today with EMC Business Partner executives?

GA:   Cloud everything, and the whole digital transformation and experience. It’s all moving at the speed of light; and organizations need to transform with it, or they just won’t survive.

Organizations have to start placing bets. They’ve got to say:

Who are the players that will do more than just take advantage of market opportunities today? Who are the folks that I can place a bet with that are going to help me capture the opportunity in the 2nd and 3rd platforms?

And, they need to transform their businesses, their whole business models—and quickly—or they could be in trouble. This convergence is happening and executives know that if they are slow to react, then they’re placing their businesses in jeopardy.

Executives are looking to place a bet—and their money—where they’ll receive the greatest return. And, only EMC delivers a complete solution; and is positioned to help customers transform their businesses for the future.

Q:     Can you talk a little bit about the EMC portfolio? You recently referred to it as having “no gaps.”

GA:  That’s right. As that pertains to flash, we’re in a really good position because we have the industry’s broadest portfolio and have both all flash array (AFA) and hybrid flash array (HFA) offerings. We’ve got the VNX and VMAX lines, and we have XtremIO. EMC offers best-in-class flash solutions to meet all customer needs—regardless of size, budget, or IT requirements. Simply put, our portfolio leaves NO GAPS.

There’s an enormous total addressable market (TAM) for flash today. In fact, the HFA market is FOUR times the size of the AFA market. HFA presents an $18.9B market opportunity.

And, this is the way it’ll be over the next four to five years. The transformation is happening ... But, this is exactly why it is important for a company to offer a portfolio without gaps.

XtremIO is hands down, the industry’s best AFA. Yet, XtremIO doesn’t cover every use case—and VNX is a really solid offering, as is VNXe. And, depending upon the use case, we have to make sure we position the right offering—whether HFA or AFA—for that particular customer based upon their use, requirements, and the applications they are running.

Q:     Would you say that a use-case strategy will be an important focus in the near future?

GA:   Use cases are absolutely critical. And performance requirements. And price point. There are advantages to both [AFA and HFA] technologies based upon what the customer is looking for.

For example, it might clearly be an XtremIO opportunity … Maybe a tier-1 app, a big database. In this case, you’re going to be looking at potentially XtremIO as the answer. But, if the customer is running a tier-2 app, or an application that’s tied to high transactional rates, then you’re probably looking at VNX as the potential solution.

You’ve got to make the right call for the customer. And, that means you need to learn and understand customer/prospect requirements before initiating ANY customer or prospect discussion. This can make all the difference, particularly in the entry-level and midrange.

Q:     What are some of the things EMC is doing to make it easier for our partners to sell EMC flash offerings and to grab a piece of this huge market opportunity?

GA:   Right now, we’re providing training and enablement to help both EMC Field Sales and our EMC Business Partners take advantage of the significant market opportunity.

We’re particularly focused on making sure that channel partners are aligned to how EMC Field Sales is going to market All of our communications and training is in concert, and designed to help our partners build out their skills set and capabilities … And, to ultimately, be more successful.

Continue to invest in EMC, and we will continue to invest back.


EMC will help our business partners, and their customers, keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. Talk with your prospects and customers, understand their requirements, and then position the best EMC offering for their needs. The $18.9B HFA market opportunity is real. Grab your piece. emcturnupthevolume


Watch this brief video to hear more from Gregg Ambulos on EMC’s commitment to helping you win with the industry’s broadest portfolio.

CRN recently named Stacie Rodriguez, manager – channel marketing, EMC – to its list of “100 People You Don’t Know But Should.” The CRN editorial team, assessing feedback from solution providers and other industry executives, compiles this list to celebrate under-the-radar channel management from the industry's top vendors and distributors. According to the publication, “those selected have worked tirelessly to create, promote and manage programs and policies that support and drive the IT channel.”


I recently sat down with Stacie to find out what makes this EMC hero tick.





Question: Stacie, congratulations! You are certainly a star here at EMC, and this is a great recognition by CRN. Tell me a bit about your daily life and how you drive success for our partners.


Stacie Rodriguez (SR): Thanks Fred! I think there’s no such thing as a typical day, but every day I strive to ensure my team (myself included) think “Partner First.” What’s going on in our partners’ worlds? What do they need to succeed, and how can EMC best support them? Understanding a partner’s daily life, the challenges they face with multiple vendors to support, floods of emails, and just the fast-paced environments they so often work in, make their lives challenging. My job – and that of my team’s – is to help our partners to be successful by providing them the marketing content and information they need. I want everyone on my team to ask her/himself, “Am I enabling my partner’s success?” If the answer is no, then I challenge my team to create solutions that live up to the standards of EMC and our Business Partner Program (BPP).


Question: What do you find most rewarding about working with partners?


SR: Partners are critical to EMC’s success – more than 60% of EMC’s product sales go through the channel. Partners bring such a unique go-to-market model that truly compliments what EMC already does. I love building relationships with partners, understanding their different operating models, and how they use their creativity and industry knowledge to drive success. I’m always learning new things about and from our partners!


Question: What are you most proud of, professionally or personally?


SR: When I first came to EMC a little less than three years ago, there was no marketing enablement team established in the Americas. Today, we’re a top notch team making real impact. So I am personally proud of the work of this team and all we’ve accomplished in a short amount of time. We’ve launched several new enablement programs, developed best practices within EMC, supported 20+ major events, increased awareness around major programs like the BPP, and established internal and external training.  As EMC and the industry continue to evolve, I believe marketing enablement will become a growing need across all theaters within our organization and I’m most proud that we helped to blaze that trail.


Question: CRN’s list recognizes “unsung heroes.” Let’s go deeper on the unsung thing – what is your hidden talent?


SR: On the professional side, not many folks know that I started my career as a pre- and post-sales applications engineer, and spent about 60% of my time travelling with sales managers – so I literally have walked in the shoes of the field teams. I know what it’s like to be in front of customers trying to convey the value of a product and how that product can solve their needs. But in addition, throughout my career I have held various positions ranging from business development, product management, product marketing, inside sales, sales enablement, branding, communications, and operations. So I feel like my varying levels of experience provide me the ability to get into the technical aspects of projects to solve complex issues but I can also remove myself from the technical details to strategize on solutions to help our partners succeed for long-term growth.


And on a personal side, people may be surprised to learn I’m a billiards player. I am on a team of five but we play in a league of 80+
players. Being a part of the league helps me unwind but it also teaches me about working together for a common goal and competing with others in a healthy manner.


Question: What advice would you give to other channel executives?


SR: Treat your partners like true partners and not just another go-to-market channel. At EMC, our partners have the same goals as us: they want to succeed and grow their businesses. Every partner brings something to the table, so understanding their business, needs, and goals, and then collaborating on a success plan is critical. And although partners aren’t hard-lined employees, they are an extension of our work force and most definitely part of our team. They drive revenue and growth and most importantly, they represent our brand and everything it stands for. It’s a critical relationship that has huge potential for all involved.


2015 CRN 100 People You Dont Know Logo.jpg

When it comes to all flash array (AFA) selection, it can be easy to fall for the flashy (pun intended) presentation that contains seemingly clear advantages over the competition. It’s important look beyond the slick appearance to see if there’s substance to back up the claims, or if it’s purely a case of smoke and mirrors.


Understanding the whole story—without the hype—is critical ...Your reputation and customer relationships depend upon it. 


Deliver long-term value and no compromise to your customers with EMC XtremIO


XtremIO is the industry’s leading AFA with 34% market share according to Gartner’s revised market share numbers (August 2015).[1] And, even as the flash market continues to expand, we expect that XtremIO will continue to lead over #2 IBM and #3 Pure Storage.


Why? It’s simple – As EMC’s Josh Goldstein stated in his August 2015 blog post, From Zero to a Billion in 588 Days – XtremIO Enters the Enterprise Computing Record Books:


We’re gaining market share because XtremIO is more than just a fast array. It’s enabling new use cases for application teams like integrated copy data management for database development, rapid devops for software organizations and on-demand reporting and analytics for line-of-business owners. We’re gaining share because we’re enabling the IT application and storage opportunities for the next decade, not the last one.


When comparing “comparable” AFA products, consider whether it’s a true head-to-head comparison; or, if one product includes built-in differences designed to make it appear stronger than it actually is. Customers shouldn’t be forced to choose between options, sacrificing some features in favor of others. Customers should have the ability to choose all the features and functionality needed to enable all consolidated workloads and to achieve application transformation. 


While we have been named a pioneer in the evolution of flash, at EMC we understand that a product’s long-term value goes beyond technical specifications alone. 


When positioning XtremIO against other AFA products, encourage your customers and prospects to consider the following:


·      Does the product have transformational technologies that allow for No Excuses as discussed by Josh Goldstein of XtremIO.

XtremIO delivers on the promise of fast performance yes, but it is the unique data efficiency through always-on in-memory data services that allows for the transformations.


·      Does the vendor deliver and support industry-proven technologies that span converged, application self-service, orchestration, BC/DR and more?

Dedicated XtremIO engineers focus on both feature functionality and integration with best-in-class portfolio of products. Today, EMC XtremIO works with many other EMC and Partner portfolio products such as RecoverPoint, VPLEX, PowerPath, AppSync, VBlock for converged and—just announced—ProtectPoint as well as integration with Oracle, Microsoft, VMWare, and SAP for example. 


     Does the vendor demonstrate confidence in its product quality?


EMC confidently stands up for XtremIO with the XtremIO Xpect More Program. The XtremIO Xpect More Program includes: XtremIO Maintenance Price Protection, XtremIO Investment Protection, and XtremIO Flash Endurance Protection.


·      Will the vendor continue to invest in its products?

EMC is committed to delivering the best solutions in the industry, and spends a significant amount—a cumulative investment of $20.7B since 2005—on research and development in order to keep our products best-in-class.


·     How responsive is the vendor to customer needs?


EMC is committed to helping both partners and customers succeed throughout their digital transformation. Our dedication to the total customer experience has been recognized with our highest recorded net promoter score in 2014, as well as by “awards for Innovation in Customer Commitment and Innovation in Enabling Customer Success from the Technology Services Industry Association.”[2] 


Whereas some competitors loudly tout their superiority while hoping customers don’t look to see what’s behind the hype, EMC XtremIO delivers real, long-term value.  Leverage the XtremIO competitive whiteboard videos and use cases found in the XtremIO FASTPASS to help you demonstrate XtremIO’s lasting and differentiated value.  Bring your application focused customers to the Unleash the Beast tour coming to a city near you.

[1] Gartner, Market Share Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2014, May 2015, revised August 2015.

[2] EMC Corporate Profile,


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at , XtremIO Partner Enablement

You’ve delivered added value to your customers through services, relationship building, and consulting. Yet, you may feel like David to the Goliath of “Big Public Cloud” service providers.


In the story, David bested Goliath with a single stone. And, you too have that one “stone” needed to win against your Goliath … It’s called personalized service.


No Big Cloud provider can bring all of the value that you passionately deliver to your customers.


Your customers depend on you, and you’ve proven time and time again that their companies’ life blood—data—is safe with you. But, until recently, the infrastructure you’ve supported them with hasn’t been able to compete with the public cloud.


I’ve heard many partners talk how they were able meet their customers’ traditional storage needs with no problem, but sacrificed the cloud piece of business to a large public provider because they felt that they either didn’t have the right equipment, expertise, or thought they couldn’t compete with the cost per GB offered by a Big Public Cloud provider.


This is a tragedy.


Why? Well, according to IDC, unstructured cloud workloads will make up 80% of storage by 2017[1]. Cloud storage continues to grow while traditional storage declines. As a result, partners who deliver cloud storage service will capture this exploding piece of the storage business.


Make sure you’re one of them.


Why you should compete against Big Public Cloud

...And, how partners like you leverage—and win with—EMC Elastic Cloud Storage


Becoming a Cloud Service Provider is profitable and sticky

It’s no secret that if you’re currently delivering good service to your customers, you will be the first one they call to host new workloads in the cloud. Be prepared to quote a solution that can deliver cloud scale economics with the “self-service” ease associated with certain Big Public Cloud providers.


As an EMC Partner, you have access to a tool that will empower you to offer competing cloud services:  ECS (Elastic Cloud Service) Appliance. ECS Appliance is a cloud scale object storage that allows you to offer “public cloud” services—but with increased availability and the value of on premise storage with a trusted partner.


Big Public Cloud simply can’t compete with that peace of mind. In fact, as the Big Public Cloud empire expands, many customers find that their status as “just a number” comes with major disadvantages. For example, check out AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse” from the September 20, 2015 edition of The Register.


Cloud Service Providers that deploy ECS see a boost in profitability because their cost per GB decreases as the amount of cloud storage sold to customers increases. You can profitably compete with Big Public Cloud and offer your customers a competitive price. In fact, ECS delivers more than 68% in cost saving over other Big Cloud service providers (2 Petabytes of storage, three site ECS installation).


What’s more … ECS Appliance solutions start at 144TB and scale to 2.9 Petabytes in a single rack. This enables you to start your cloud service business small, but have the ability to offer your customers unlimited cloud storage as their business needs dictate.


They’re your customers … Offer them services they need

Your customers know that they need to leverage the cloud to compete in today’s markets. Popular modern cloud workloads include:

  • Global content storage and distribution
  • Tiering and Cold Archive of data from more expensive NAS storage
  • Development of “Modern” born-in-the cloud applications
  • Large scale unstructured storage for IoT (Internet of Things) Applications
  • Analytics (e.g., Hadoop)


ECS also supports Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift, and requires no modification to the application.


Yes, your current storage talent can easily manage ECS

OK, so you’re interested in becoming a Cloud Service Provider, but can you do it with your current talent?




EMC ECS Appliance:

  • Deploys in a couple of days and is simple to manage
  • Is a robust multi-tenant environment that provides you with powerful tools and dashboards to manage your customers cloud storage
  • Requires no specialized skills or cloud/object storage expertise to manage.


What about open source options?

While many open source options exist, it’s important to understand know that you’ll be building the solution from a “LegoTM” kit.


  • Is a turnkey solution fully supported by EMC’s Global Service network enabling you to save time, money and headaches
  • Allows you to confidently compete with Big Public Cloud because you don’t have to play the role of an integrator
  • Enables you to focus on value added services, not troubleshooting open source compatibility with various hardware combinations


Get started with EMC ECS today!

  1. Learn more about EMC Elastic Cloud Storage – Arm yourself with the tools and information needed to compete with and win against Big Public Cloud.
  2. Download the free EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Software – Experience what ECS can do for your customers and check out the simple-to-use, fully-functional dashboards for management, chargeback and metering.
  3. Identify an anchor customer, market your cloud service for multiple workloads - ECS’s cloud scale economics are really significant in the Petabyte range. Many partners identify an existing customer that becomes an anchor tenant for their cloud service line of business—typically, a customer with cloud storage needs in excess of 1 Petabyte. As ECS storage increases, your costs decrease—once you have an anchor tenant, it’s easy to sign up smaller tenants and build critical mass.
  4. Visit the ECS Appliance Sales Enablement Center to access all the ECS sales resources available to help you win.


[1] Source: 2014 IDC Research “Structured Versus Unstructured Data: The Balance of Power Continues to Shift” by Ashish Nadkarni Natalya Yezhkova

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