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My name is Mark Adam Arakelian and I have recently have the pleasure to lead the software engineering effort for Performance Manager 6.x and the next generation Performance Management solution within the Ionix organization.  In the short time that I've had the privilege of working with the current version of the performance manager product, I have found it to be a very powerful product which provides quite a bit of extremely accurate and useful information to the end-user.  


However, In order to build an improved solution, it is critical for me to understand the short comings of the previous product, as well as fully understand how customers used the existing performance manager product.  More importantly, I would like to fully understand the workflow behind how our customers (you) troubleshoot performance problems.  It would be extremely beneficial to our next generation performance manager product if there are current performance manager customers who would like to work with the Ionix performance manager team to help provide us with some of this information.


A large focus for our next generation performance solution is quality, simplicity and integration.  Quality is a critical component for our performance management solution team, our intention is to deliver a high quality, fully functional solution.  Simplicity, does not mean that in anyway we will be limiting the number of metrics we provide, but providing mechanisms which facilitate ease of use throughout the performance manager solution.  Integration is extremely important to the performance management solution team.  Our goal is to strive for seamless integration with other EMC performance products to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution, rather than disparate products.


The above is a very brief insight highlighting some of our goals moving forward through 2010.  As we continue to make progress, I will post demonstrations of our progress to this website.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.




Adam Arakelian