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Labs projects, on ECN, all have a finite life

Labs projects have clear business objectives and end points. A Labs project ends when its objectives are met. If, as a result of feedback from the project, a new set of objectives is defined, the project can be re-purposed or concluded and a new one initiated.  If a project does not achieve the required participation, it will also be concluded.

Then its time to say goodbye

Although Labs projects are designed to be short-lived, members can develop long lasting and productive relationships with other members.  A sunset notice (a notification that the project is completed), is provided, allowing members to make arrangements to stay in touch with their colleagues, and to let EMC know of interest in participating in future projects. As a policy, the EMC Community Network will be providing completion notification for all Labs projects at least 10 days prior to closure.

EMC values your input

The feedback and insights that you share with EMC drive change in products, services and strategy. We appreciate the time you invest to collaborate with us.  Thank you!

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