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Here is a repost from my blog site:


I recently read a book written by a coworker, Steve Todd, Innovate with Influence.  The book tells the story of Steve’s career, the storage industry from RAID to XAM and gives some good lessons about influence and innovation.  Steve talks about how he has created innovative products through connecting adjacent areas of expertise and knowledge – what he calls Venn Diagram Innovation (and Venn diagrams are just the coolest).  This topic resonates strongly with me on how when you make connections both internally in a company (breaking out of the “silos of excellence”) and to external communities.


Inside a large corporation, it becomes very easy to always interact with the same people.  Connecting with people outside of your work area will not only expand your knowledge, but helps to bring you fresh perspectives.  In the online community, there is also the opportunity to span between different groups of people.  Whether you are talking about blogs, Facebook or Twitter, it can be very interesting when you span multiple interests.  My primary technology focus is storage and virtualization, but I learn a lot from the innovation and social media communities.  There are often unexpected overlaps between the various groups and lessons that can be learned from all of the groups that can be applied across the board.  While it’s true that if you want to be the “expert” in a certain field that staying focused on a specific topic can help build your brand, most people wear more than one hat and you shouldn’t be afraid to post and engage on more than one topic.  What I have also found, is that if you are really willing to engage, that it is still easy to converse with real thought leaders that are online.  If you become part of the 1% of the internet that is contributing on a certain area, you can become well known on the subject and get to know others who are driving thought leadership.


I’d recommend picking up a copy of Steve’s book (Disclaimer: Steve is a friend a colleague, but I bought my copy and was not asked to write this post).  For some background on other business books that I’ve enjoyed, see my post Read this or fail to communicate from last year.  I’m always interested in hearing of good business books, I like storytellers with some applicable lessons, please comment on anything that you’d recommend.

Hi and welcome to a preview of the Innovation and Research community on Labs!

As way of introduction, my name is Stuart Miniman and I am a Technologist in EMC's Office of the Chief Technology Officer. My primary focus is on storage networking and virtualization technologies.  I am also passionate about innovation and social media which ties into the efforts of this community.


Our CTO is Jeff Nick and to quote from the official bio:

Nick chairs EMC's CTO Council, which is the company's internal forum for technical collaboration on information infrastructure design initiatives. He also chairs EMC's external Industry Technical Advisory Council (ITAC), a select customer forum for tackling industry technology trends affecting EMC and its customers alike. In his role as CTO, Jeff drives EMC's internal Innovation Network, linking all of EMC's R&D efforts worldwide through the leveraging of Web 2.0 collaboration tools. He also oversees EMC's sponsorship of university research globally as well as EMC's involvement in industry standards bodies. The Office of the CTO also evaluates emerging industry trends and plays a major role in setting technical direction for EMC's M&A activities.

In Jeff's organization, Dr. Burt Kaliski (see his background on Wikipedia) is the Director of the EMC Innovation Network, the company’s global research program connecting its R&D centers with university collaborators around the world.   As part of the EMC Innovation Network, we are looking to share some of the research and innovation-related activities that EMC participates in.  On this blog, Burt, Mary Henderson (our community manager) and I will be providing updates.


The first materials that we have posted to the site are a collection of information from EMC's 3rd annual Innovation Conference in 2009 (I was the local host at the Franklin, MA location in 2009).  In the coming weeks and months, we expect to give the Labs homepage a facelift.  The site will be hosting research materials, presentations and videos directly from the researchers and innovators.  You will be able to communicate directly with the content creators.  There will be research lectures which we will be making available to readers of this site.  As we roll the updates out, we hope that you will let us know what you think.


In addition to this site, you can find me in the following places:


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