We spend a lot of time talking about IT transformation and the new digital era, but we want to know what it’s like for YOU, and what transformation you’ve experienced over the past year.


Have you redefined your IT team? Or processes? Or applications?

Or maybe you have redefined your lunch-break with the extra time you have since transforming your IT?


We want to know... what has technology helped you redefine?

Share your thoughts on what you have redefined using any or EMC-specific technology in the run up to EMC Forum!

The top entries will be displayed this year's EMC Forum events, as well as online here on the ECN and all over social media.

How to take part:

Share an example via social media of what you have redefined in your IT, business or for yourself using technology.


Send us your photos, videos, share blog posts --  The more creative, the better!! 

How about a Lego model, a stop-motion animation Vine, a selfie at your desk, etc.   

We'd love to see you submit whatever helps you best illustrate what you have redefined.


Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #iRedefine with #EMCForum,

or post your entry to the EMC Forum Facebook page.


  • #iRedefine cloud computing/hybrid cloud every day [Vine video] #EMCForum
  • #iRedefine my XtremIO with Lego [image]  #EMCForum
  • #iRedefine how we protect our data [video of superhero in your data center] #EMCForum


We can't wait to see your entries!! If you have any questions please tweet @emcforum or contact us on Facebook.


For inspiration, see our Vine video HERE

(Unfortunately, we can't embed a Vine in this document, but all social content will be displayed on a widget in this community!)




This is your chance to get creative! Send in your submissions before EMC Forum kicks off at the end of August.