In its 12th year, our global EMC Forum technology conference series offers IT executives and professionals the opportunity to hear EMC’s message and experience just a small taste of our annual conference, EMC World.  In early July, we kicked off our 2014 series in SEOUL, KOREA to a packed audience! 

Seoul keynote.jpg


In over 50 cities worldwide, Forums offer a full day of interactive experiences, ranging from executive keynotes …

Seoul keynote 2.jpg


to breakout sessions …

Seoul breakout 1.jpg Seoul breakout 2.jpg


to vLab demos …

Seoul vLab.jpg


and Solutions Pavilions …

Seoul Solns Pav 1.jpg Seoul Solns Pav 2.jpg

… often delivered in local language and with cultural affinity.

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Our Seoul Forum attracted over 4500 attendees – a new record for them – as well as 71 CIOs, 85 partner CEOs, 26 sponsors, and 50 journalists.  While this is our largest and most marquee of Forums, each and every Forum stop (large or small) holds its own merit in driving local IT trend discussions and fostering active IT engagement in country.  There is still time to check our global schedule and join the Forum nearest you.  We look forward to meeting you!