Hello D2 Community –

We are thrilled to announce the General Availability of version 4.5 of Documentum D2 and Documentum D2 +Pack.  Our product management and engineering teams have been hard at work over the last year, looking at ways to solve some of the most significant challenges of today's global knowledge workers.42-21980920.jpg


About D2

Documentum D2 is the advanced, configurable content-centric client for Documentum ECM. D2 offers a highly intuitive and personalizable user experience that accommodates individual preferences and working needs of different users, departments or lines of business while ensuring compliance with organizational policies and standards. D2 ensures that knowledge workers are more productive; helps reduce training costs, and rapidly accelerates user adoption of ECM deployments.

There are several benefits seen with D2, our new generation user interface for the ‘Content Library” use case. 

  • Benefits For the End-User
    • A modern user experience available over the web - that combined with major productivity increases - makes the use of the content library an attractive proposition.
    • Workspaces that can be personalized by the user based on a library of widgets, and whatever makes the user more productive in their own work styles.
    • Significant productivity increases for finding and performing actions upon content.  The browse and search experience combines the use of applied metadata, taxonomies, document relationships and semantic rules to provide access to relevant content - faster than ever.
    • Greater levels of automation and exposure to underlying content functions (such as transformations), reducing repetitive steps that require more time from the user to complete.  Their interactions with platform are therefore targeted to specific content with a minimal degree of manual labor to perform their jobs.
  • For the Business
    • Secure, role-based workspaces that provide authorized users access to the most actionable content that support specific business needs.
    • Easily configurable and automated workflows that help to speed up and standardize the execution of processes, data collection, approvals and compliance.
    • Improved data quality that results in increased findability and confidence in the content, and the line of business service that surrounds it.
  • For IT
    • Highly configurable workspaces and widgets, which promote reuse of content and content management functions.
    • Significantly less custom coding necessary, as most functions are now the result of administrator configuration. Some customers have experienced an 85% reduction in custom code necessary to implement their solutions.
    • Access to a robust API layer, providing access to content management functions and content through alternate user interfaces, including those of mobile applications and product integrations.
    • The IT benefits above results in quicker time to value and lower cost of ownership in terms of upgrade conflicts.  In other words, because the amount of custom code correlates to upgrade complexity, there are significant decreases in complexity because configurations are regression tested and backward compatible.
    • Faster, more trustworthy, more effective IT offerings.


So, what’s new in D2 v4.5?

D2 4.5 brings something to everyone:  presenting a combination of major improvements to user experience, user and admin productivity, security, added features and performance improvements.  Probably the most significant improvement for many, will be the exposure of faceted search which dramatically reduces the time and effort required to find and collect content.  This feature allows a user to leverage more traditional full text and semantic searches, and then to further refine search results by selecting dimensions that are aligned established taxonomies.

D2 Facet.png


Let’s get into some detail about the most significant features of the D2 4.5 release:



Features & Benefits


Search, and Improved Document Findability

  • Easier content discovery and consumption via enhanced Search and Facets
  • Usage and related improvements to Document List, Search and Facet widgets
  • New xPlore Query Form Configuration with optional Facets



  • Refreshed UI Experience
  • Drag & Drop from D2 to desktop, desktop to D2, between multiple repositories
  • Improved annotation collaboration with Office Documents
  • Out of office delegation
  • Improved 508 compliance made for sections  “Web-based intranet and internet information and applications” (1194.22) and  “Functional Performance Criteria” (1194.31)


Approvals & Workflow

  • Faster Document Approvals with multi-document support in workflows.
  • View your workflow progress at a glance using the new Graphical Workflow Display widget.
  • Sending of multiple documents into a workflow
  • Attaching supporting documents to a running workflow
  • Out of Office delegation capability

Information Integrity

Advanced Content Management and Configuration

  • Deep Folder Import with options to convert whole folder structure to virtual document
  • Virtual Document Inheritance – Create new Virtual Document from an existing Virtual Document structure and inherit the original structure
  • Enhanced D2 intelligent URL capabilities



  • Seamless integration of D2 with enterprise Single Sign-On supporting RSA ClearTrust, CA SiteMinder and IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSeal.
  • Unlock the business value of content residing in multiple repositories.
  • Supporting the review and revise use case via the Syncplicity Connector for Documentum 1.1. support
  • Ability to copy and link files between D2 based repositories
  • Additional SSO providers supported
  • Multi-domain Kerberos


Faster Time to Value

  • Faster onboarding of users via default user configuration settings.
  • More easily report and provide technical specifications of D2 application configurations.
  • Quickly compare different D2 configurations to find discrepancies and validate the same configurations are being used.
  • Optional D2-Config Specifications Plug-in.


System Performance

  • Improved content transfer performance for local and remote users (via D2-BOCS)


Localization and Support

  • Localized versions of D2 4.5 available in Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Swedish and Russian.
  • Right-To-Left support
  • The localized version comes in the form of easy-to-use Language Packs and contains a localized user interface and user help for D2 Client. Customers no longer need to order Language Pack Model Numbers to access localized products. The customers will be entitled to the language packs by ordering the base “English” model numbers.

D2 4.5 Extension of support

New D2 4.5 Support Windows

  • Primary support extended to the April 30, 2019
  • Secondary support extended to April 30 of 2022

All currently paying maintenance on Documentum D2 are be entitled to this version of the software.  Much, much more information is available on the D2 support page.  In the coming weeks, we will provide further updates and links to more information.


I hope we’ll see you at EMCWord this year, where you’ll get the chance to learn more about the new release and experience some of the Hands-on-Labs!

Best, Patrick