Hello Documentum Community,



We’re very proud to announce the release of EMC Documentum 7.2, which is the result of work produced by five EMC product groups (Platform, CTS, Search, REST and xMS) from around the world.


The Documentum 7.2 release was developed along 3 major themes: Lowering cost of ownership, improving user experience, and major enhancements to trust and security to protect against ever-evolving threats. Over 30 new features have been added and over 2700 reported issues have been addressed in this release.


Major features of this release are:

  • New storage certifications: ViPR, WORM retention with Isilon & Data Domain
  • Stronger security options: AES-256 encryption, Lockbox, RKM & SHA-2 SSL certificates
  • Improved upgrade & migration: Significant improvements to incorporate best practices and to make upgrades/migrations easier to manage
  • Improved search processing performance and effectiveness:  Ability for cross-repository searches in query-based subscriptions.  New federated search adapter for InfoArchive
  • Expanded Documentum REST services: Search, Facets, Batch Transaction
  • Content Intelligence: updated with taxonomy exchange format (TEF)
  • Enhanced Transformation: Support for new formats and capabilities


This is a highly summarized list of new features.  For more information, it's worth reviewing the EMC Documentum 7.2 Release Notes from the EMC Documentum Support page.


Support: Please note - The Primary Support window for Documentum 7.2 is through 20 February 2019, after which Extended Support is available through 28 February 2022.


Existing customers current on maintenance can access the latest release of EMC Documentum by visiting our EMC Support Site at support.emc.com.  New customers should approach their account managers to generate a sales order to obtain the software.