ECMevolvedThumb.pngIn today's #ECMevolved announcement, we're proud to unveil Documentum D2 4.2, the new release of our flagship content management client.  If you're thinking "didn't they just release D2 4.1?", you'd be right - D2 4.1 was launched just last March. A second major release in less than a year is pretty good for enterprise software,  and we also launched D2 Advanced Publishing Services in July.


D2 4.2 continues to build on the product's strengths - advanced content management and search, the flexible UI that can be fine tuned to individual needs and preferences, powerful configuration of business rules and user interaction, and with a focus on enterprise requirements for deployment and repeatable solution development.


D2 4.2 Release Highlights


Advanced content management & search

  • Bulk import of content and metadata: Import content in batches with metadata specified in an accompanying XML file.  This feature will be useful when you need to migrate content from a legacy CMS or file system, or do routine import of documents from other applications.
  • Subscriptions – events and content: Get notified when a document or folder is modified, or when an event occurs.
  • Intelligent URLs:  Allow users to access content and invoke Documentum D2 actions from external applications. For example, a user can trigger a workflow or approve a document directly from a link embedded in an email message.  URLs to content can be created by simply dragging a link from the D2 client.

Video: Intelligent URLs


  • Email content as a link or attachment
  • Linked documents creation process: Configure the creation matrix with rules for linked documents; e.g. require a Change Request document when an SOP is updated.  The linked document can be required from the user at import time, or silently created from a template and populated by user entered metadata.
  • Bulk folder export: Export an entire folder tree including all documents.
  • Embedded PDF viewer: Display PDF renditions for any document in this new widget.


Embedded PDF Viewer

  • Virtual Document Snapshots: Capture and preserve the state and structure of a virtual document.



  • Dynamic workspace views & context sensitive widgets: Minimize UI clutter by selectively showing the information required for the task being performed. For example, the virtual document widget can be hidden until a virtual document is selected in the document list. Users can also easily personalize their workspaces by adding, removing, hiding, expanding/collapsing or moving widgets.


Content View


Workflow View


  • Recycle bin for deleted content: The recycle bin functionality has been enhanced with a new widget and administrative options.
  • Drag & drop emails from Microsoft Outlook with multiple attachments: Attachments are automatically imported and linked to the message as relations or within a virtual document structure.

EmailAttachment.PNGImport multiple email attachments

  • iPad support: Get mobile access to D2 from the Safari browser on Apple iPads.
  • Simplified content creation wizard: Configure more defaults to simplify the user experience when importing content.
  • Other usability enhancements: Logout button, search toolbar, search term highlighting, breadcrumbs, ‘group by’ for content, more drag & drop actions, more clipboard actions, option for 100% thin client (no applet).


Repeatable Solution Development

  • Configuration management: Get additional capabilities for managing and deploying your configurations, with granular scoping of exports, new packaging options for deploying applications, and ability to lock down base applications to prevent editing of a deployed solution.
  • Child configurations: Create a child context that inherits the properties of an existing context and maintains a reference to the parent.
  • Custom Branding of the UI: Configure the user interface to use your custom logos and icons for formats and types.  Icons can be selected dynamically based on content state (e.g. show a different icon for Approved items vs. Draft).


In the coming days watch for more information and more videos that demonstrate the new features in Documentum D2 4.2.  The D2 4.2 release will soon be available on Subscribenet, so sign up for product notifications on the D2 Support Page (click "Add Product Subscription").


To learn more about other product releases we're announcing, visit the #ECMevolved launch page.