November 21, 2012 - On behalf of EMC and the Information Intelligence Group (IIG), we are very pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Documentum xCP 2.0. As announced at the Momentum Vienna 2012 user conference, Documentum xCP 2.0 is a comprehensive, powerful solution development platform that allows business and IT to rapidly compose and deploy custom, information-intensive, process-centric, and case management solutions with minimal custom code. This approach allows organizations to easily change the solution at any time should their business needs change. It features an industry leading development tool, cutting edge user interface, and integrations across the EMC Documentum product family.


Release Highlights


All new runtime and user experience

Documentum TaskSpace has been replaced with a cutting edge UI framework, allowing more flexibility, higher performance and Apple iPad support


Integration of xPlore and CIS

xCP applications now leverage more of the Documentum 7.0 platform, taking advantage of both xPlore and CIS


More powerful reporting and analytics

Business Activity Monitor (BAM) as been enhanced to allow for reporting on many more aspects of an application. Charts can be embedded anywhere in the application. Real-time and historical process analytics help you understand, predict, and improve business performance. Full-text and external content analytics help you gain deeper insight into your information including support for Big Data sources.


Documentum xCP 2.0.jpg

New zero-footprint viewers included

xCP User includes three viewers: xCP Content Viewer, zero-footprint viewer that is supported across all major browsers; xCP Desktop Plugin, an IE-only viewer that features client-side rendering; xCP Media viewer, for viewing video.


Unified design tool

The new xCP Designer is the single tool necessary for building an xCP application. It is a graphical, Eclipse-based tool that supports team development, true re-use, and an adherence to standards.



More Information

Customers can download the software today on Powerlink.


For more details on Documentum xCP 2.0, please view the announcement blog post.


For additional Documentum xCP information and data sheets, please visit our EDN community or EMC.com. Also, please check out the demo of xCP 2.0 and Captiva 7.0 in action from our recent Momentum Vienna 2012 user conference.