• Service method "Create" invocation failed.

    We have .net application in which we have integrated documentum code to upload files to documentum.When we are uploading  files greater than 10mb.We are getting following exception.Please let me know how can I re...
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  • Problem with retention

    Hi ,   I have problem with networker   When backup is taken , each saveset has it's own creation time , browse time & retention time according too the policies applied on it . So i noticed ...
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  • A checkpoint validation is overdue

    I have error with checkpoint. I've already created a new full checkpoint but error returns after 1-2 days. I don't have support.
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  • Captiva 7.6 Failed to read server serial number

    Hi all, I hope you are fine I installed  InputAccel Server for Captiva 7.6 in Windows Server 2012 STD R2(VM), when I got this error in the log   " Failed to read server serial number"   The licence d...
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  • unity300 performance issue

    Hello Every one   we are running oracle 10g RAC on HPUX 11iv3 connected with unity300 as storage. other systems are also connected with the same storage running windows 2012 and oracle linux, centos 7.   w...
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  • How to post  to a specific location on the main community page?

    Hello team, I need to revise/add new content under Product Documentation Index on the main VMAX community page:   https://community.emc.com/community/products/vmax         How do I do it?
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  • Getting access to this place or content is restriced.

    I'm trying to locate an EMC Knowledge Base article but when I search for it I get an error message stating "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake....". Surely KB articles aren'...
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  • uemcli download

    Hi, Does anyone knows where can I find the uemcli for download? I'm using vnx and clariion versions and all the uemcli download links found in the net so far do not work for me. I'm running centos ver 7 and windows...
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  • Find out Connection between Array and Switch

    Hi Everyone, Want to get the Connection details between "Array "and "Switch" means which Switch port is connected with which Array.I made 2 separate Rest calls. 1. Get Information about Array(metrics/properties/values...
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  • Unable to install VNX Client Demo

    Hi Can anyone guide me how to solve this problem? I have installed  Java 6 Update 26 but  there is still problem ! When the installation process is completed, the following message is displayed   j...
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  • not able to access release notes/admin guides

    not able to access link https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-57447 It says "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed ...
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  • Unable to find the page https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-57771

    Hi,   I am unable to find the page https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-57771 It is referred to in other pages and documents. Can you please help to get it back?   If there is a way to recreate it (with the...
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  • eRoom logging me out too soon. Why?

    I've been using eRoom for a number of years but recently it automatically logs me out within a few minutes.  I'm trying to copy a large amount of files to my laptop from eRoom but every time I try it logs me out ...
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  • Where is the ecs page?  Is it broken?

    Where is the ecs page?  Is it broken?
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  • dm_folder_r is is not registered or you do not have access to it

    I am a newbie to documentum and i am trying to run the following query: select distinct A.*,A.i_chronicle_id,A.r_full_content_size,B.r_folder_path,B.r_object_id as folder_id from dm_document A, dm_folder_r B where any...
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  • Is the New E20-568 Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Exam practice test available?

    Has anyone tried to take the new (As of March 02, 20018) E20-568 Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Exam practice test? When I try to access the link to it at https://secure.testcraft.com/emc/assess...
    created by Martia35
  • vProxy backup failed for VMs

    Hi   We have Networker and have just deployed a new environment with only virtual servers, so all vProxy based backups. Two of the servers seem to be continually failing with the error 'Unable to backup ...
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  • Avamar Group Backup Script

    Hello, I am trying to disable some daily backups on the last day of the month so that the monthly backups can run and then enable the daily backups the next day. I do this manually but does anyone have a script I can ...
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  • How to get access to community

    Hi,   Could any body let me know ,How do i get access Documentum developer/support community.   Regards Sridhar
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  • Help needed with adding an ECN Account to a User group

    Hello, I'm trying to add a user to our ECN user group, but I'm not finding their account in the directory. Alan Zenreich used to help us when we ran into this issue, but it looks like he is no longer with the company....
    created by batesm