• I need to request access to the Academic Alliance Faculty Community

    Hi - I am a faculty member at the University of Phoenix. How do I request access, and quickly to the Academic Alliance Faculty Community?
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  • New to Avamar

    Is there avtar guide? I'm trying to find the difference between an avtar "task" and an avtar "option".   I want to perform a full backup every Monday and incremental backups Tuesday through Saturday.   Wi...
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  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics by EMC education services - any PPTs available for educators?

    I am planning on using the above book in my under grad class. My question is - are there any PPTs or instructional material available that I can take a look?
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  • how to config scaleio is backend storage for openstack nova ?

    I want to store file disk of instances 's openstack in scaleio. But I can't config nova use backend scaleio. I can config cinder use scaleio but it only use for partion D and can't use for partion C ( OS) . Have docum...
  • Default username and password for DD160

    Can anyone please tell me the default username and password for DD160. i am trying to access this data domain by putting IP address in browser.
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  • Captiva Input Accel server & Scan Plus issue?

    HI,   Presently we are using captiva 6.5 version, Here we facing an issue with Input Accel Server & scan plus.   We are getting  below error in InputAccel Server,  Also we are unable to see t...
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  • Webpublisher 6.5.sp2 - When the normal and extended support was ended for this.

    Dear Team,   Could you please let me know when the normal / extended support was ended for Webpublisher 6.5 sp 2 .   Regards, Deepak Dash.
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  • vProxy backup failed for VMs

    Hi   We have Networker and have just deployed a new environment with only virtual servers, so all vProxy based backups. Two of the servers seem to be continually failing with the error 'Unable to backup ...
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  • LUN faulty, four dead powerpath devices

    The Storage team here have logged a call with EMC regarding a faulty LUN which is causing problems as the zone pool for the Oracle Database for which the LUN provides the data died on 28th October at 10:30am this is d...
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  • Query regarding Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) SDK Download

    Hi,   Could anyone please let me know what is the procedure to download DFS SDK? Can anyone please share a direct link if possible? Thanks. And also please let me know how to register with the Documentum commun...
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  • security hardening procedures for VMAx 3

    Hello,   I need to do a check list for security procedures  which controls to do mandotary jobs ,or is there any 3rd party sofware for this check-list?.
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  • How to migrate historical documents from centera to documentum

    Hi,   We have been using EMC Centera for document storage. We now want to migrate all historical documents from Centera to Documentum. Any suggestion on how this can be done ? We will have close to 100 million d...
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  • McAfee, Linux and Solutions Enabler

    Hi   We have a couple of Linux RHEL6 VMs running Solutions Enabler and there are plans to run AV (McAfee) on these Linux environments. Does anyone know of any issues, e.g performance, running with this combination?
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  • firmware update for a Win Server 2012 R2 - Hitachi HUC106030CSS600 SAS Hard Drive A440

    I need a firmware update for a Dell R710 Server - Win Server 2012 R2 - (8) Hitachi HUC106030CSS600 SAS Hard Drives - Version A440. The Dell install from the Driver Download page has a Win 2008 R2 firmware download......
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  • eRooms Plugin

    My company has been using eRooms for years and even though it has reached EOL we would like to keep our data in eRooms and be able to use with the latest plugin.   7.5? Does anyone have this available or kn...
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  • Uptime of DMX3

    hi , How can i get uptime of DMX 3 array.
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  • Domain Migration of NAS Server

    Hi, Can Anyone help for Domain migration activity.   1) We are planning migration of domain abc-de@xyz.com to abc_de@xyz.com. 2) We have two NAS server of existing domain abc-de@xyz.com, NAS server created from...
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  • What is the difference between Blogs and Discussions

    What is the difference between Blogs and Discussions
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  • JAVA high memory usage

    Hi,   We are using Dell EMC SC5020 storage.  Dell Storage Manager client, Dell Storage Manager Data Collector and Storage Center Update Utility are installed to Windows 2012 R2...
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  • Not a joke anymore

    I have a Dell 7567 and love it in every way except for one thing. Fan Noise! These fans get pretty loud for no reason since even at load my GPU has never gone beyond 58 degrees and CPU stays around 60-64. But it's j...
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