• Is the New E20-568 Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Exam practice test available?

    Has anyone tried to take the new (As of March 02, 20018) E20-568 Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Exam practice test? When I try to access the link to it at https://secure.testcraft.com/emc/assess...
    created by Martia35
  • not able to access release notes/admin guides

    not able to access link https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-57447 It says "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed ...
    created by jai_gahlot
  • vProxy backup failed for VMs

    Hi   We have Networker and have just deployed a new environment with only virtual servers, so all vProxy based backups. Two of the servers seem to be continually failing with the error 'Unable to backup ...
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  • Avamar Group Backup Script

    Hello, I am trying to disable some daily backups on the last day of the month so that the monthly backups can run and then enable the daily backups the next day. I do this manually but does anyone have a script I can ...
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  • How to get access to community

    Hi,   Could any body let me know ,How do i get access Documentum developer/support community.   Regards Sridhar
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  • Help needed with adding an ECN Account to a User group

    Hello, I'm trying to add a user to our ECN user group, but I'm not finding their account in the directory. Alan Zenreich used to help us when we ran into this issue, but it looks like he is no longer with the company....
    created by batesm
  • EMC STPE15 VNS5100

    Hello.   I have STPE15 VNX5100 in my home lab. But all disks are wiped (with disks with firmware). How I can turn alive this array and install firmware? Thank You. Regards. Damian.
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  • Network Monitoring

    If it's hard for you to find best network monitoring system, then maybe I can help.
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  • Difference between checkpoint and docker export

    Hi all, What is the difference between checkpoint and docker export? I know that docker export result in a .tar containing the filesystem of the container. What about checkpoint? Any help is appreciated!..
    last modified by ellajohn
  • Captiva 7.6 Convert Process Developer Code

    Hi,   Have the below process developer code from Captiva 6.5. Need to convert this to Captiva 7.6 by eleminating VBA code. This code has a combination of modifying IA Values of a page and calling different proce...
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  • Getting access to this place or content is restriced.

    I'm trying to locate an EMC Knowledge Base article but when I search for it I get an error message stating "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake....". Surely KB articles aren'...
    last modified by NZMikey
  • Looking to expand storage pool

    I have VNX5200 with 2 enclosures.  I have 16 600GB Drives in a Raid 6 array all assigned to 1 storage pool.   I have 4 free drives I would like to add to the storgage pool, in perhaps a Raid 5 array.  ...
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  • Not sure why, but not all luns are being seen in M&R

    Any input  or feedback you can provide would be great. I am on version 2.1   Thank you! Admingirl
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  • can't view the forum

    Hi, My account is pretty old. When i tried to login a few days back, i had to reset my password. Once i was finally about to login, i found out that, i am not able to see any dicsussions or forums. How do i resolve t...
    last modified by tapendu.s
  • Why is my DELLEMC is half russian?

    Hi, I just registered with EMC website and half of my content is in Russian. Please help!   Thanks Dilshod
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  • what type of FC cable are supported to connect VTL?

    what type of FC cable are supported to connect VTL?
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  • LTO5 drive and LTO4 tapes

    Hi, Wanted to know the steps to configure Networker, so that a HP Ultirum LTO5 drive running on a HP MSL G3 Series library, could write data off the Data Domain, to an LTO4 tape media.   Recently, I upgr...
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  • Mitrend access has been changed

    It is disappointing that access to MITREND has now been restricted to DellEMC employee/ Partners. I understand that it was only a small number of us that was using it but .... Also as it was just a small number it w...
    last modified by SimonLMay
  • Urgent Help : EMC to OpenText Account

    Hi ,       My EMC account was created in 2007. Now after migration to OpenText , I see my details in OpenText :-     But , after signing in , the site asks for a username and does not ...
    saswata mandal
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  • Disable indexing of objects for specific saves

    Is there a way to disable indexing for objects for saves called from a specific script? We would like to update information in the Content Server without creating queue items that the Index Agent needs to process from...
    last modified by meshraghi