• Security Warning while accessing Webtop 6.6

    Dear Experts ,         Recently some customers are facing the attached security warning while they are trying to access webtop 6.6 in their laptops :- When I opened the webtop...
    saswata mandal
    created by saswata mandal
  • New batch on Barcode detection using Scan Plus

    Hi,   I have a batch of documents. The batch has multiple set of documents with each document set identified by document type barcode. Each document set has multiple document separator barcode. I am using Scan P...
    created by bhuvaneswari.ti
  • Captiva 7.6 Email ingestion using Standard Import

    Hi,   I'm having difficulty processing attachments using the Standard Import (email profile) module. Could you please help with the case I'm dealing with is 1 TIFF attachment (can be multiple pages) per email wi...
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  • How to migrate historical documents from centera to documentum

    Hi,   We have been using EMC Centera for document storage. We now want to migrate all historical documents from Centera to Documentum. Any suggestion on how this can be done ? We will have close to 100 million d...
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  • emcgrab_Linux_v4.7.11.tar

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  • EMCRPTS_X64_V57.zip

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  • Documentum Workflow looses its attachments

    Hello, I am observing an error "Operation cannot be performed on an attachment with status: DF_WF_ATTACHMENT_EMPTY " in documentum workflow where the workflow task loose its attached document Any thoughts upon why t...
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  • Change login email

    Hi all,   Do you know how to change login email of emc education (https://education.emc.com/).
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  • ESXi-Grab-1.3.8-release-windows-client-64.zip

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  • Captiva 7.6 Convert Process Developer Code

    Hi,   Have the below process developer code from Captiva 6.5. Need to convert this to Captiva 7.6 by eleminating VBA code. This code has a combination of modifying IA Values of a page and calling different proce...
    created by AxQueryData
  • Where to post Documentum Queries ?

    Hi Experts ,        Earlier I used to post my documentum queries in Documentum Support Form in EMC Communities. Now , I am posting my Workflow related queries in OpenText Site --> Home -...
    saswata mandal
    created by saswata mandal
  • CX4_120 SPA Won't Boot

    cx4-120 OE Version :   I have a CX4-120 that has SP-A not booting.  I captured this in the Hypertermal connection. DDBS: MDB read from both disks. DDBS: Chassis and disk wwn seed match....
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  • getting access restricted message

    Hi All,   I cannot see any discussion. I am getting a message saying:   Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake. Please contact your administrator or person who direct...
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  • My Profile Nick Name

    Hi Team;   I need to change my Nick Name of my profile because it is also my password and everyone can see it in this case. Can you please advise on this otherwise please delete my account and let me apply for a...
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  • RecoverPoint remove replication set and add to different CG

    Hello friends   Can we remove production replication set from one CG and add to another CG on the fly, or we have to remove that replication set from current CG and add that to new CG?
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    I am getting the below error while accessing any EMC Community sites.   Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed...
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  • Disable indexing of objects for specific saves

    Is there a way to disable indexing for objects for saves called from a specific script? We would like to update information in the Content Server without creating queue items that the Index Agent needs to process from...
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  • Descargar Avamar Trial para probarlo

    Hola   quisiera poder descargar el trial avamar para montar un piloto y probar su funcionamiento antes de avanzar en un proyecto Cloud que dispone de esta herramienta, he podido descargar el ovf Avamar Virtual E...
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  • Captiva Capture workflow

    Hello,   I am creating a new workflow for testing and use by our scanning staff.  I figured i was doing well until it came to the export options.  I need to use ODBC export to export files to our datab...
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  • DD160

    Alert ID:128  Name:VTLFCLinkOffline Message:VTL FC Link is Offline: Port 2a Severity:ALERT Class:Network Date:12/14/17 13:50:28 Object ID:Interface Index=0 Event ID:EVT-VTL-00001 Description:VTL FC Link is offlin...
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