Today the vSphere plugin for EMC is officially out. Released with EMC ViPR the VSI plugin will support all storage managed by EMC ViPR today and future releases will feature the ability to communicate with EMC arrays directly. This plugin provides easy accessibility from the vSphere Web Client for the VMware administrator to provision and use VMFS and NFS datastores. Download the VSI 6.0 from



The VSI "Flex" Web Client is now available for download. The new Virtual Storage Integrator provides provisioning integration from VMware vCenter Webclient for ViPR Software-defined Storage.


From the ViPR Announcement:

VSI for vSphere Web Client

Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) allows you to easily provision and manage EMC ViPR software-defined storage for ESX/ESXi hosts. VSI is an architecture that enables the features and functionality of EMC ViPR™ software-defined storage. Tasks that you can perform with VSI include storage provisioning, storage mapping, and viewing information such as capacity utilization. VSI consists of a graphical user interface and the EMC Solutions Integration Service code (the programming interface within VSI that provides the communications to the storage systems). VSI interacts with:

    1. A web browser
    2. vSphere Web Client Server
    3. vCenter Server
    4. ESX/ESXi hosts
    5. EMC Solutions Integration Service
    6. EMC ViPR

The administrator uses the vCenter to manage and provision storage. VSI interfaces within the vCenter to access the ViPR storage.


The VSI Plugin now comes as a the EMC Integration Service virtual appliance. The appliance provides the interface for the Web Client to communicate with ViPR.


VSI 6.0

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