Today EMC announced the start of the EMC Elect Program. This program is designed to recognize and reward people who give to the EMC community of users through being engaged and sharing their technical expertise.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager is honored to have been one of ten people selected as an EMC Elect Founding Member. You can read my blog post here about that.


Here, however, I want to use this space to make you all aware of this program because EMC is actively seeking more member to join the EMC Elect Community.  Nominations for recognition as EMC Elect are open from now until 15 December.  People can nominate themselves or other people.


You can find more information about the EMC Elect program on the newly-created EMC Elect Community.  You'll find the EMC Elect Charter and FAQ there.


Once you've had the chance to browse those documents, I urge to to take a moment and think about who in the EMC community-at-large has made a difference to you.  Who have you found helpful?  Who's been engaging?  Who has been informative?


Have someone in mind?  Take a minute and nominate them for the EMC Elect 2013 recognition.  For your convenience, I've embedded the official nomination form below: