We're busy ramping up for VMware Partner Exchange.  You can read about the EMC Partner Bootcamp here.  This posting will focus on what we'll be showing in the Solutions Exchange.


This year, we have a slightly bigger booth than last year, giving us room for eight workstations that we'll be able to use to showcase our VMware solutions and tools.  We're Booth #500, and we should be easy to find as we'll be right next to the VMware booth.


In addition to the eight workstations, we'll have representatives from our Solutions and Global Services groups as "floaters" in the booth.  They'll be able to give demos or presentations directly from their iPads, and be available to assist in any conversations at the other workstations.


Solutions Exchange Hours

We'll have the booth fully-staffed and ready for you during the 3 days the Solutions Exchange is open.  The schedule is below, in local Las Vegas time:

  • Monday 13 February: 17:30 to 19:30
    (This is the PEX Welcome Reception)
  • Tuesday 14 February: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Wednesday 15 February: 11:00 to 18:00


Workstation Details

Here's an overview of our workstations and what you'll be able to see at them:


  1. Velocity Partner Program
    EMC has transformed our relationship with partners over the past year, setting up better programs, better incentives, and even releasing some channel-only products.  If you're an existing Velocity Partner, come here to meet your Velocity representatives and get details on the EMC Easy Street promotions.  If you're not yet an EMC Velocity Partner, come here to find out how to become one and why it's a win-win-win (a win for you, a win for EMC, and -- most of all -- a win for your customers).

  3. Simple and Efficient Storage
    EMC is the #1 choice in storage for VMware environments.  Come here to meet folks from our Unified Storage Division and Isilon to learn why.  They'll show you how easy it is to manage EMC storage in a VMware environment and features designed to enhance both performance and efficiency.

  5. Next-Generation Backup and Recovery
    EMC is also the #1 choice in backup and recovery for VMware environments.  Come here to meet folks from our Backup and Recovery Solutions division and learn how you can transform your customers' VMware backups.  See how we use features of the vSphere Storage API for Data Protection (VADP) to make backup and recovery blazingly fast, whether it's at the VM image level or for individual files within the Guest OS.

  7. vLab Hands-On Demos
    Come here to meet the EMC vSpecialists and, rather than simply take our word for it, take our products for a test drive yourself.  You'll not only get the opportunity to try out the demos, but you'll learn how you can use these same demos yourself during on-site meetings with your customers. You can get full details on the vLabs here.

  9. vLab Hands-On Demos
    The content and the opportunity presented by the vSpecialists and the Hands-On Demos was just so good, we're included it on two different workstations to maximize your access to them.

  11. Trust and Security
    Come here to meet folks from RSA, the Security division of EMC.  See how you can protect and monitor your customers' virtual data centers with products like enVision and the Archer governance and compliance solution.  You can also learn about the RSA Data Loss Prevention technology that's been incorporated into VMware vShield 5.

  13. Big Data Analytics and Cloud Management
    Big Data is big news, and there's no way you'd want to help your customers build a cloud without providing them the best possible tools for managing it.  Come here to meet folks from Greenplum to learn about how you can help your customers meet all of their Big Data needs for both structured and unstructured data, and to meet folks from our Infrastructure Management Group to learn all about EMC's complete suite of cloud management tools.

  15. Virtualize Mission-Critical Applications
    Your customers are looking to bring the benefits of virtualization to their high-performance mission critical applications (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc.).  Come here to meet folks from our Enterprise Storage Division and see how EMC solutions can help you help your customers do just that.  From the product side, this workstation will have an emphasis on VMAXe and VPLEX, so you'll also get to ask all your questions about vSphere Metro Stretched Clusters.

  17. EMC Proven Solutions (floating)
    Meet with folks from our Enterprise Solutions Group to learn how to use EMC Proven Solutions and reference architectures to best help your customers.

  19. Global Services (floating)
    Meet with folks from our Global Consulting Services group to learn how EMC can help you to help your customers transform their IT infrastructure, people, and processes.


Come on By!

Going to be there, but not sure what you want to see?  Come find me and I'll work with you to connect you to the right people to best serve what you're looking for.  I'll be easy to find -- you can ask for me by name, or I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be the best-looking bearded and pony-tailed EMC employee working in the booth.


Looking forward to meeting all our partners there.