As we kick off the 2012 version of the EMC Solutions for VMware webcast series, it is my privilege to host our first webcast of the year.  This webcast, an updated-for-vSphere-5 version of the webcast we kicked off 2011 with, will address integration with VMware, what it means, and why it matters.


Way back in the day, storage vendors could differentiate themselves by merely offering support for VMware.  Today, with the VMware Hardware Compatibility Matrix being as thorough and extensive as it is, saying "we support VMware" is more or less equivalent to saying "we sell storage".


Today, organizations are building clouds (whether they're private, public, or a hybrid mix of the two).  They're looking to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS).  To achieve these goals, organizations are looking for their infrastructure to be as efficient, as invisible, and as "it-just-works" as possible.  Only in-depth integration with VMware vSphere can deliver this.


In this webcast, I'll show you how integration with VMware:

  • Simplifies the management of your environment
  • Allows for quick and easy protection of your data
  • Gives you superior information security
  • Improves performance and efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of your investment in your data center infrastructure


EMC has over 75 points of integration with VMware.  I won't be covering them all, but I will be demonstrating their value and showing you just some of the reasons why EMC is the preferred storage vendor for VMware environments.


I hope you'll be able to join me this Thursday.


You can register for the webcast by clicking here.