Just like we did at VMworld in Las Vegas, we'll be hosting Meetups in the EMC booth on the Solutions Exchange in Copenhagen.


What's a Meetup?  Definitions vary, depending on who you ask.  It's more casual than a meeting, but more formal than a chance run-in with folks with whom you share a common interest.  For VMworld, think of our Meetups as informal break-out sessions where you'll see exactly zero PowerPoint slides, and the focus will be on interaction between the host and the audience.



We'll have one Meetup each day of the show, at noon in the theater of the EMC booth (#92).  I'll be there for each and every one of them, and, if you're at VMworld, I hope to see you there, too.


If you're not at VMworld, once I'm on-site in Copenhagen, I'll be testing out options for live-streaming the Meetups from the show floor like I did for VMworld US.  The network and phone system's different in Denmark than in the US, so I can't promise anything yet, but once I've field-tested all my options (I'm an empirical guy), I'll update this post.


Tuesday 18 October

Host: Tom Hayes

Topic: VCE Simplifies and Speeds VMware Virtual Data Center Delivery with New Vblock Management Capabilities

(Yes, it's a long title, but it's worth it, trust me...)  Tom works in EMC's Infrastructure Management Group.  I'm not (yet) allowed to divulge too many details about this topic, so, for now,  suffice it to say that he'll be speaking about new ways to make deployment and management of the VCE Vblock even easier and faster than it already is today.


Wednesday 19 October

Host:Chad Sakac (@sakacc)

Topic: The New vSphere 5 Metro Stretched Cluster: What It Is, What Does It Mean, When Should You Use It?

Long-time members of our online community already know Chad, either from his quarterly "Chad's Choice" webcast, his Virtual Geek blog, or from episodes of Chad's World, so he needs no further introduction here.  Chad will be speaking about a brand-new category on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) -- the vSphere Metro Stretched Cluster.  These new fully-supported-by-VMware stretched cluster configurations are made possible by changes to the VMware vSphere 5 behavior of VMware High Availability (HA) and VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS).  Chad will talk you through what this all means as well as answer any questions about when a Metro Stretched Cluster might be an ideal solution and when it might not be the best fit.  You can get a preview of this meetup by reading Chad's blog post on this topic.


Thursday 20 October

Hosts:Simon Seagrave (@Kiwi_Si) and Chris Horn (@Horn_Chris)

Topic: Building a Successful Hands-on Lab Environment

Simon and Chris are both members of EMC"s vSpecialist Technical Enablement Team.  They'll use their real-world experience creating virtual environments for the Hands-on vLabs at EMC World, EMC's part of the VMware Hands-on Lab at VMworld US, and the EMC Interactive Demo Area at VMworld USto explain what's involved in the creation of successful labs from first having the idea to running the environment live on-site and everything in-between.  They'll answer any questions you have about how to create the total-immersion learning tool -- the Hands-on Lab.