I've said it here before -- and I'm sure this won't be the last time I say it -- but solid, reliable, easy, fast backup and recovery is essential for virtualized environments.


First, traditional backup solutions simply don't scale to meet the backup and recovery needs of the virtualized data centers.


Second, speedy, granular recovery is essential.  It's not enough to be able to recovery the entire volume that holds a group of virtual machines, or even an individual VM image -- users need recovery of individual files within the Guest OS running on the VM.


Lastly, no mission-critical application owner is going to agree to having their application virtualized until you've demonstrated that you can address the backup and recovery concerns above.


With the vStorage APIs for Data Protection introduced in vSphere, VMware opened up new ways to protect your virtual environment more effectively.  With vSphere 5, it only gets better.


Join Ed Walsh and Mike Zolla as they show you how to improve the reliability of your VMware backup and recovery, perform your backups more efficiently, and meet service level agreements.  They'll also show you easy ways to protect environments that were deployed with VMware vCloud Director.


You can get more information and register for the webcast here.