This week's webcast is our ever-popular "Chad's Choice" webcast.  In this webcast, Chad Sakac (@sakacc) talks about the virtualization topic of his choice.  (This time around, he's even let us know what it'll be in advance, saving me from having to write a blog post making guesses...)


Chad's topic this time around is "3 Pieces of Bad News and a Deep Dive into All Paths Dead". Definitely a differenent approach than we've taken in the past.  Let me break it down for you.


The first part, "3 Pieces of Bad News", refers to three cases of -- let's call it less-than-perfect-behavior -- between VMware and three EMC products (in this case VMAX, VNX, and PowerPath/VE).  Chad will cover what the particular issues are, how they happen, and what we're doing about them.  As you can see, this is notgoing to be a typical marketing webcast.  Personally, I applaud the way EMC is embracing transparency.


The last part, "A Deep Dive into All Paths Dead", refers to a vSphere error condition.  All Paths Dead (or APD) is the error vSphere reports when it is unable to connect to the designated storage on any of the data paths it's aware of.  Chad will be talking about how vSphere's APD behavior has changed (and will continue to change), with an eye towards helping you design your vSphere environment for greater resiliency.


To read about this webcast in Chad's own words, read this posting on his Virtual Geek blog.  You can register for the webcast by clicking here.