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Today at SAPPHIRE Madrid, SAP announced new preferred 3-way collaboration with EMC and VMware to focus on delivering greater IT efficiency and business agility.   (See SAP press release at  So what does this mean to EMC customers, partners, and employees?   Several things I think which are quite compelling!


Times have changed.  After working at EMC for nine years focused largely on creating EMC's SAP Solutions offerings, I am strongly encouraged with the heightened awareness and resulting collaboration from SAP for leveraging information infrastructure technologies. In the early years of our efforts, EMC was perceived as primarily a storage company and therefore our partnership was good but not as close as it might have been.  As EMC grew organically and through acquisitions our solutions portfolio expanded to focus on the value stack which represents EMC's core businesses... virtualization, tiered /.unified storage, backup & recovery, business continuity, content management, security, and enhanced management of SAP cloning, data subsetting, and provisioning.  These solutions have found great acceptance by SAP customers (as evidenced by IDC's recent naming of EMC as #1 storage vendor for SAP)... and complement the great software that SAP provides and continues to innovate upon with new initiatives like HANA, mobility, and analytics.. Yet with this increased applications functionality often comes complexity and cost, and customers have demanded help from SAP and partners to better manage this.  EMC and VMware have been doing this with information infrastructure solutions for years, and with this new 3-way collaboration, we will be helping SAP customers achieve even lower TCO, increased automation and better management of SAP landscapes.


So how will this happen?  Here are a few thoughts on what I see.  For customers, you should expect increased integration of EMC and VMware solutions with SAP.  SAP LVM (Landscape Virtualization Manager) is a good example.  EMC and VMware are working with SAP to integrate VMware and EMC technologies with SAP's new LVM APIs, enabling future SAP cloning and provisioning solutions to be integrated and administered from within SAP.  Fewer interfaces, tighter integration, greater automation... are all good things.  HANA is another example. SAP has already shown compelling results for customers using HANA to date.  Today at SAPPHIRE Madrid, SAP announced extended HANA functionality for working with BI and data warehouses (called project ORANGE). Integration of advanced EMC and VMware technologies here will help further accelerate performance and adoption of this paradigm shift in computing infrastructure.  SAP's focus on the cloud is a third and overarching example.  VMware is already the leading virtualization software in use by SAP customers with roughly 80% market share. EMC and VMware have incorporated VMware capabilities into the VMAX and VNX storage platforms, enhanced VMware software management with IONIX software transfer and subsequent enhancements, and added new virtualization support with VPLEX technologies and others still to come like the future TOSCA-based virtual SAP appliances.  Lastly, SAP and VMware have announced they will provide tools and service capabilities such as configuration and health check to enhance customers’ management of virtual SAP systems.


Yes, times HAVE changed and it’s exciting.   For employees of EMC, this means greater collaboration with SAP and VMware on new solutions development and subsequent go to market initiatives.  For partners, it means new opportunities to expand your involvement and support within the EMC-SAP ecosystem,   And for customers, the journey to your private cloud with SAP, EMC and VMware just got turbocharged… get ready for a different world and greater solutions to come!!



Doug Emmons

Director, SAP Global Solutions

EMC Solutions Group




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