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How OT & IT Converge on the Digital Transformation Journey

IoT Innovation between SAP, Dell EMC, & VMware

Author:  Gunther Manz


Operational Technology, or OT, is basically all the technology you use to really run your business - control your production line equipment, regulate a city's water flow, or maintain an automated HVAC system. Often with little IT involvement or valuable business insights. But now with the emergence of Industry 4.0, OT and IT can be unified to monitor every aspect of the value chain. The convergence of IT, OT, and the Internet of Things has been happening for a while but there isn’t a strict division between them in the real world. For example, manufacturing, which depends on the use of heavy machinery and other forms of OT, both departments will be closely aligned given the critical role technology plays in their business. In the midst of this massive digital transformation, companies not only have to analyze and monitor their OT together with IT to streamline their businesses, keep them secure and protect the data, they must now gain real-time and worthwhile information to drive down costs and stay competitive.


Dell EMC & SAP are working together to help companies bridge the OT & IT gap with new IoT solutions integrating VMware Pulse as well. SAP hosted Leonardo Live in Frankfurt in July giving us the opportunity to introduce a joint demo from our German partner, INTENSE AG. INTENSE specializes in digitizing their customers' business models through products and consulting.


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The collaborative showcase is based on INTENSE's Energy Efficiency Solution Architecture. This demo is as close to a real production scenario you will find on a trade show floor. It brings together: Sensors, connection to a Dell edge device, infrastructure management from VMware Pulse, data delivery via SAP Streaming Lite and data processing in SAP HANA.  The SAP HANA database and the S4/HANA system is supported by Dell EMC's Ready Bundles and Ready Systems...and POPCORNSmart popcorn!


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Benefits to the Customer

  1. Intelligent Edge for the Enterprise
    • Extend business data and processes from the SAP digital core to the edge to enrich IoT decision making with real-time business context
    • Provide real-time interaction with enterprise business systems at remote industrial sites even when cloud connectivity is not available
    • Edge processing capability for connectivity and protocol translation
  2. Real-time Monitoring and Response
    • Provides real-time data monitoring and actuation/control between intelligent sensors & IoT Gateway platforms
  3. Distributed Programming Model
    • Multi-tier distributed programming that allows processing service to be placed where it is optimal for a specific scenario.
  4. Managed, Secure and Scaleable
    • Life cycle management
    • Monitoring
    • Remote troubleshooting

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